Jesus Made Man

My daughter, today we speak of forgiveness. You are waiting for me in a way that is hardly Christian, and you no longer share my birth as a gift of salvation. It is from that poor manger that the Son of God has chosen to come among you.

You do not yet understand the sacrifice, the sorrow, the resignation that must reign in your hearts.

I have given you example not with useless words, but I am born poor among the poor so as to share with all of you that by which one lives in the world and for the world. You cannot accuse me of anything. All that you are facing I have lived in my skin, firsthand.

My children are all good, this is a thing that you must recognize very well. All of you are born from the love of God, all of you are inheritors in the same way.

What I want you to understand today is precisely this: there do not exist wicked children, but there exist persons who have suffered more than others, or who are weaker in temptation.

Therefore, I tell you: keep these brethren before the eyes of your heart. If they kill, it is because they themselves have been killed in the spirit. They suffer so much in this way from not being able to forgive those who have caused them such sorrow. From the moment in which one does not succeed in pardoning offenses, satan takes possession of your soul, making you his prisoners.

I pray you, my dear children, pray for your brethren who, having experienced death in the spirit, cause physical death to those like them.

I beseech you: forgive, forgive, forgive, if you want to be forgiven and gain eternal life. Forgiveness brings peace to the heart and drives away the wars that lead to destruction among the peoples.

Listen to my words if you want to be worthy of approaching that crib containing the Child Jesus, Savior of the world.

I bless you. Do thus the same, wishing each other peace.

Jesus Made Man