Mary, Your Only Mother

Here I am, my dear children. I cannot leave you alone, otherwise you would fall into the temptation of leaving prayer aside. I am near you whether in solitude or when you are among others and you are not thinking about solitude. Always be coherent. Remember that in every moment you are without Us, you will not get very far.

My son Jesus receives more blasphemies than prayers every day and I do not know what to do to help you. Most of my children have no more faith. They think only about earthly things, not realizing that heaven, for them, is much closer than they think.

Dear children, is it possible that it is so difficult for you to think about the afterlife? And yet you see how many people each day close their eyes no more to open them? Do you ask yourselves where your dear ones are going without leaving you any trace of what they are going to do?

Dear children, convert, I tell you, before it is too late. The times in which you are living will be the last for many of you, and you will not be able to go back.

Every passing day, you draw nearer to the end of time. For this reason, I repeat, convert and believe in the Word of God. Love each other and confess your sins in the confessional often.

My sons, the priests, greatly need your prayers. Offer to your Father small prayers and He will come to meet his dear consecrated ones. Be strong and do not let yourselves be taken by the fear of death, which will be for you true life.

Mary, Your Only Mother

Mary, Infinite Love

Your Heavenly Mother is here with you. My dear children, I love you so much, above all when you make sacrifices to come find us in our House and receive Jesus into your hearts.

You know very well that the times in which you are living are very difficult because they are leading you toward your earthly life. I would like to console you by saying that you, unfortunately, are not aware that what awaits you is the beginning of true life in heaven.

You will have no more suffering. You will enjoy heavenly things. You will find again all your loved ones who, from the beginning of their life, have done the will of God.

You, my children who are led by hand by your guardian angels, have walked the way that leads to the Father. You have certainly faced obstacles in your path but your guardian angel has not allowed anyone, especially demons, to make you their subjects.

You are our obedient children and your obedience has made it that you walk on the way of heavenly truth. We guide you and allow you to make your own path, a path of true faith.

Continue to love your brethren. Lead them on the way that you, yourselves, are taking in the expectation of your rising to heaven.

We are waiting for you with joy. Pray to the Father, that he allows you to enjoy forever his immense love.

Mary, Infinite Love

Your Heavenly Mother

My dearest children, I want to assure you that you have another father who prays to Jesus for all of you, your Holy Father Benedict. He already knows each of you and intercedes especially for those in most need of supplications and prayers to Jesus.

We love our son Benedict and for this reason, pray to him, all of you, so that he intercede for each of you. You have a Father in Paradise, a father who loves, in the true sense of the word, all of you.

Soon, each of you, if you are worthy, will return to us and through Benedict you will have less time you need to purge your sins.

He prays so much to Jesus that my Son is freeing many souls from purgatory through the prayers of your most blessed Benedict.

Jesus loves his children who love so much that they offer their lives for their neediest brethren. Take example from our son and your brother Benedict. Pray to him, that he may free much humanity with his interventions before God.

My such dear children, I want each of my children to return to the Father, all the more now that the times are drawing to a close.

Your earth has been marred by the most terrible sins and God will still give a little time in order to be able to win back the souls of sinners. I recommend you pray for the young, the priests, and all our non-believing children.

I bless you and will listen to your requests.

I bless you.

Your Heavenly Mother

Mary, the Virgin of Consolation

My daughter, do not be afraid. I am always with you and with all you children who call upon me, because without my help you would not be able to live calmly enough in these most difficult times.

I will never leave you alone, not even for a moment, otherwise the “entity” cursed by God and by men would reduce you to ashes. Pray, my dearest children, that these terrible days pass quickly.

Receive my Son into your hearts, because, otherwise, you would not be protected. You have understood that in these last years the devil has sought to plunder so many of my weakest children.

The spiritual part of you is tired of being offended. Most of you do not pray to Jesus, but blaspheme him above all when things do not go as you would have wanted.

My children, that is, those who follow my counsels even in the most difficult moments, you have the certitude of overcoming every obstacle that Satan puts in your difficult path. Only those who live in Jesus will succeed in overcoming the most tiring moments.

I love you, and for this reason I will not draw far from you, not even for a moment. With this certitude, continue to live in daily obedience to Jesus, your Savior. Every day that passes, you draw closer to your eternal liberation from the evil one.

I love you and will never leave you alone. Call upon me. I am there to help you. My children, be strong and courageous. Pray and fast and soon you will be freed from every evil.

Mary, the Virgin of Consolation