From Valeria Copponi:

To those who read these messages, I would suggest they open their hearts with humility to Jesus, so that He might do the rest. I often repeat that that which makes me write is not my property, but that I must share “His Word” with all my brothers and sisters, especially with those who have the most need of his Love. In counsel with my spiritual father, he has suggested that I divulge these messages through the Internet in such a way as to break down the distances and reach and share this gift with as many hearers as possible. Whoever reads the “message” must feel it as his own, in the sense that Jesus in this precise moment speaks personally to “you.”

I am an instrument of which Jesus makes use to make us, in our time, taste his Word. While I am not worthy of this, I accept with great fear and responsibility this great gift, handing myself over totally to his Divine Will. This extraordinary charism is called “locution.” This involves interior words, coming not from the mind in the form of thoughts, but from the heart as if a voice “suggested” them from within.

When I begin to write (let us say, under dictation), I am not aware of the sense of the whole; only at the end, rereading, do I understand the meaning of the all of these words “dictated” to me more or less quickly, in a theological language that I do not understand. The thing at which I marvel the most at the beginning, is this “clean” writing without deletions or corrections, more perfect and more exact than an ordinary dictation, without any fatigue on my part; all comes out smoothly. But we know that the Spirit blows where and when he wills, and so with great humility and, ackowledging that without Him we can do nothing, we dispose ourselves to listen to his Word, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.