Mary, Mother of Love

My such beloved children, do you still believe those who do not love God but Satan? For so long have I been telling you in advance about terrible times, but most of you continue to stay far from the house of God and waste time watching all that leads far from the House of the Eternal Father.

Dear children, I no longer know what to say to you, who have been burning up all that your Creator has given you. I am still with you because a mother would never leave her children who are found in suffering.

I, your Most Holy Mother, am suffering with you in seeing the slaughter my children are carrying out.

Do you now understand that without God you will go nowhere? If you want to return to everyday life, you must pray and fast. In this way, by offering your sufferings, you can still hope for normal times.

Wars will become ever darker if your behavior toward God continues to offend the Creator with all his Court. I am your Mother, but how many children turn to Me with prayers and supplications for the return of peace on earth?

With your behaviors, without love for God, wars will become ever crueler and devastating. Poor children of mine: pray, pray, pray. Only with prayer and penitence can you return to that God who will give you peace anew.

Mary, Mother of Love

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