Mary, She Who Will Win

My such beloved children, continue to ask me: Pray for us sinners! Never before, as in this time, have all of you needed my intercession.

Continue to pray, because only with my help will you be able to escape from this confusion that Satan is using to make you his prey. Only with my requests will the Father give you the time necessary for your conversion.

How is that you do not understand that the “Creator” is “The Only One”? Whatever you want to do, you must depend on the Only God. I never leave you; I think about and help each one of you according to your needs.

Pray, my dear children; perhaps many of you still are not able to change your ways. Remember that without praying to your Creator, you will never start out on the right way, the only way that will lead you to your Heavenly Homeland.

Pray with the heart. Address yourselves to Jesus, He who has wanted to give his life in exchange for your sins. My Son knows all your sufferings, especially those of the Spirit.

Be strong and never mind what they say who do not live in true faith. God will certainly concede to all of you the moment of conversion. I pray you, do not waste that time. Direct and give your heart, in that moment, to your Father, He who can save you from the pains of hell for all eternity.

I thank you for this time that you dedicate to me. Continue without growing tired. I bless you. Jesus is here and loves you for all eternity.

Mary, She Who Will Win

Mary, Mother of Mercy

Yes, I tell you – Be calm, because the Lord is with you. Dear children, listen to your Mother, who loves you and would never want your suffering. I tell you, rather, pray more and realize that your times are decisive for eternal life.

I always seek to console you in sadness and to encourage you when your spirit is lower in tone. If you truly believe, be cheerful; live in the love of God, think that, for you, there will certainly come true times, that is, times in which you will no longer remember the negativity of your world made only of poor humanity.

Be joyful, bring joy wherever you go. Show your brethren, above all those non believing, that whoever lives in the Light of God does not let sadness win.

Jesus is Life – the Truth and the Life – and you take part in eternal life. My dear children, the best way to live in joy is that which is perfect, the form of the way that leads to heaven.

Imitate your creator with your thoughts, words, and above all with works, and you will never have anything to envy in others.

Jesus cures your souls, protects them, and defends them from the evil one. It is not thus for those who live a sinful life and one far from the Creator. I love you so much and will not let my obedient children live in anguish and sadness.

Dear children, seek not to cross out of Catholic boundaries. Let my children live within the Word of God. Do not be deceived: outside of the Light there exists only darkness, that darkness that renders [all] blind and sad for you. I will continue to show you the true way.

Mary, Mother of Mercy

Mary, Health of Christians

My dearest children, I am with you and my angels form a crown around me. Let us pray that God the Almighty Father listen to the supplications of his little remnant. Now that the times are drawing closer every day, we need more voices raising Hosanna to our God.

Be sure that the heavens and the earth will give you what each of you deserve. I am often saddened by certain behaviors of yours. But, fortunately for you, you have a merciful Father who listens to you, even if your merits grow more and more thin.

Unfortunately, so many of my children no longer believe and think they do not need Us. Pray more for these brethren of your who are no longer aware of the fragility of this world of yours.

I am with you, otherwise the devil would make a raid upon my children. Jesus has not given his life to make you go straight into hell. He wants you with Him. He has thought you up from forever to make you happy and dwellers of his his Paradise.

Do not lose hope. Know that your angels do not leave you alone for an instant. Speak with them and ask their presence day and night.

Pray and make others pray. Only with prayer can you crown your greatest dream: eternal life lived in the greatest joy before infinite Love, your Father, who is most perfect.

Dear children, continue to bear witness to eternal life. Speak of hell, because it exists and will exist. I bless you. Your guardian angels rejoice with Me for you. Be always coherent.

Mary, Health of Christians

Mary, Mother of the Church

Today we can begin our encounter thus: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. There, my children; I want to meditate, together with you, on the beginning of the words of the Sign of the Cross.

Throughout the day, how many times do you sign yourself? And how many times do you think and meditate on these words? In the Name of the Father – do you realize this Father is your God? Stop a moment, then, and think about what you have done.

Yes, you are praying exactly in his Name, in the name of that God who has made, from nothing, all things and then has given them to you. Thank Him abundantly for all this.

“In the name of the Son”: of my Son and the Son of God. He has given his life to free you from sin, that sin that your parents committed, keeping you from true life. Jesus has suffered on that Cross with all love that only He can have shown you.

“Of the Holy Spirit”: in that name you can act within your soul, that true life that will be eternal and which in eternity will make you rejoice and enjoy the vision of the Father and of the Son for ever.

Dear children, from now on, think well and reflect on these divine words that you often recite without really realizing that you are making use of the Blessed Trinity. Are you aware of all this?

Stop a moment, then, to reflect on that, with which and with whom, in the name of whom you are asking with that Sign of the Cross. My dear children, from now on promise me that in the Name of the Trinity you will feel safe, in that certitude that in these Names you will certainly have what you are asking.

And I, now, want to bless you: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Be holy.

Mary, Mother of the Church

Mary, Help of Christians

Have no fear, because your Mother is here, with you. Let us together praise God the Father, who forgives all his children who are able to ask forgiveness. There is no need to draw far from Him, not even when you feel like traitors.

You know well that you have a Father always ready to forgive, provided your repentance is sincere. Let confession help you find again true joy through grace.

My dear children, you are in a state of total confusion, btu always remember to put in first place the Blessed Trinity. Jesus is suffering much for you. His Church leaves something to be desired. His priests need now, more than every, your prayers.

You know very well that the devil is playing his last hand and desires only to bring you to himself. My children, help my consecrated ones with prayer, such that they might find again, with clarity, the way that leads to Us.

Each of you needs to pray to the Father that his Church find again the way that has been lost. Offer the holy Rosary. Present your prayers with love and you will see that many situations grow clear.

I am with you. Never tire of giving witness with your life. I desire that you present to Jesus the names of your priests, one by one, and you will see there actions change, finding clarity in all their works.

My dear children, I bless you. Bring to them my maternal love. May Jesus be with all of you and accompany you in finding again peace on His way.

Mary, Help of Christians