The Virgin Mother Mary

My daughters, I direct to you first my greetings. I thank you because with your sufferings, you have supported me during the ascent to the mount of Calvary.

You understand how strong my suffering has been, my Only Son dead on the cross, the most terrible of deaths. How much bitterness and sorrow in my heart! For this I thank you; your sharing has been for me help and consolation.

The times to come will put your faith to a hard test, but do not fear, because you have been a support to Me. I will be close to you and will console you.

Whoever belongs to God cannot and must not fear. You know very well that this time has had to come. So many times have I made you aware of these events. Now it is your turn to live them out like I myself have announced them to you.

Be the living gospel, my children of light, the new and last apostles of peace. I am with you, now more than ever. Call upon me. I am always here, near each one of you. I will suggest to you how to act when you find yourselves before various obstacles.

My Son loves you; for this reason, he has entrusted you to his Mother. Before trials, one grows in faith or turns back, depending on your choices. Pray, because many of my consecrated ones are turning back.

I count on you, be strong, do not be scandalized in seeing so many of your brothers hide out of fear of suffering. Unfortunately, not all of my children love me like you love me.

I support you, in the certitude that you will not fall into sin and will not turn back when you must be the support for the brethren with the witness of your lives. I bless you from the descent from Calvary.

The Virgin Mother Mary

Jesus, Crucified

My dear children, I will have compassion on you who continue to follow the counsels of my Mother. I pray you to accompany me in the remembrance of my Passion, lived out by me for your one good.

I consecrate you to my pierced Heart and I promise you that I will listen to all your laments precisely in remembrance of my Passion.

Dear children, you will be persecuted like me, derided, dragged through the mud with every kind of accusation, but I tell you: blessed are you if you face all trials as I have taught you, that is, with all possible love.

My Mother has suffered together with Me for you. Call upon her in your moment of need and I assure you that you will not feel alone. Offer me the bitterness of your hearts. In these times you will not rejoice, but you can live them out in function of your freedom from the slavery of the devil.

He knows that, for him, these are the last days and he will take for himself all the time that you, perhaps unwittingly, will give him. Dear children, be my last apostles of peace. Call upon Mary when you are living through difficult moment. She will be close to you in the same way that she was for Me, her Son.

I will preserve from the evil one all those who choose truth and love of God. Never lose hope. Know that my Church will not perish, but unfortunately it must face very hard trials.

I love you. Live this week, in which you remember my Passion, in a simple but coherent way, in prayer and in silence. You know well that after the passion comes the resurrection.

Entrust yourselves to my great love. Do not doubt even when all seems lost because, precisely in those moments you will be freed from evil and will live in true joy. I bless you. Become saints.

Jesus, Crucified

Your Father, Who Is in Heaven

Why, my children, do you doubt? Do you not know that only the Trinitarian God is your creator? How many doubts, how many uncertainties are in your hearts; is it so hard to believe in a Creator God?

Dear children, faith is not made up. I have filled your minds and your hearts with my Holy Spirit. Then, it is up to you to multiply love or to disobey the laws of God and frustrate my plans.

Only in love can you realize your belonging to God. My blessings accompany you, my hand guides you, my Spirit fills your life with every joy.

Why is there so much suffering and disobedience in your hearts? You will find no response if you close your heart and your mind to Him who has given you life. The things of the world will never satisfy you if first you do not ask with faith.

Prayer can do more than every other thing. There is no money that can buy your true happiness. Do not be deluded: if you remain far from my laws, you will fail in everything.

Repent of your sins, of your acts of disobedience, and then you can call up and ask for what you need and to have it in abundance, from food to health, joy, true friends, and love.

I invite you once again to do my will. If you continue on the path of disobedience, you will lose all that you need to live in my Word. I love you, but my justice is drawing ever closer. Too many of my children are suffering from the gratuitous evils of their brethren.

Convert and believe in the Gospel; time is pressing. Draw near to the sacrament of reconciliation. Put peace in your hearts and in those of all the human race.

I will employ all my mercy, but all will be accomplished in my justice.

As a good Father, I bless you and forgive you.

Your Father, Who Is in Heaven

Mary, Mother of Love

Never forget what I tell you: My Son has given his life for you! There, if you do not forget these words, your life will change whether you want it to or not.

If, for love, one gives all kinds of things that are good, beautiful, and appropriate, all the more does giving one’s life demonstrate a greater love.

Dear children, love is the feeling that must not be lacking in each of you. If things are changing in this period of time, it is because man has forgotten love.

Every passionate feeling today is given in place of love. Dear children, you need to call everything by its right name. True love is that which Jesus has shown you from the wood of the Cross. There is not greater love than to offer one’s own life.

Do not believe the one who says he loves you but is not capable of giving himself. I have suffered for you and can affirm that I love you from the bottom of my heart.

My children, I no longer see in your hearts that pure sentiment that needs no goods in exchange. Remember that love is “gift.”

I ask you to open your hearts first of all to your brethren who have nothing to thank you for. You must feel joy in giving, not in having an even exchange. Your times have become so difficult precisely because of a lack of love.

Pray that, in your hearts, my Son place true love. I pray you to put all of yourselves at the disposal of your brethren; I assure you that you will be compensated not with material goods, but it will be your spirit that benefits with great joy.

Love, love, love, and you will no longer need to run right and left to taste true joy. I am with you; I urge you to be generous and great in love and you will be totally compensated.

Be cheerful; give yourselves to each other.

Mary, Mother of Love