Mary, All Pure

My dearest sons and daughters, I pray you be pure. I know, this word on your planet is not in style, but I implore you, be pure and chaste. I, your Mother, have given you the example and my most chaste spouse is the example for all your young people.

I want to speak about precisely this today. My young people no longer recognize the meaning of purity. The commandments are no longer in vogue, but remember that the sixth speaks clearly even today: do not commit impure acts! And I implore you, if you recover the great gift of purity, my Son will be forced to come meet all his children with graces and miracles.

I trusted in the words of Gabriel, my dear children. I was young, but I quickly understood that that offer would be my salvation and that my example would make many young people fall in love with living in purity and chastity.

The spiritual life brings one close to God, so it is worth leaving the things of the world and putting above all things that which wins for us eternal life.

My chaste Joseph has been an exemplary father and most chaste spouse. I say to young men to follow his example and you will find happiness on earth and the love of God in heaven.

I am always close to you, my daughters. Listen to me. Consecrate to me your children, because in this moment of great difficulty, only with my maternal help can they overcome the difficulties of each day.

Seek to put into practice my suggestions and you will realize that your life will change. Joy will fill your hearts, the family will return to being the beating heart of society, and you will regain love, joy, and unity.

I bless you in the hope that my young people open their hearts.

Mary, All Pure

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth

Yes, my daughter, I want it! Perhaps this is the first time I dare affirm my will, but certainly my Son will allow it. I want, my dearly beloved children, I want that you all be saved.

You will have many trials, but if I will not have you with love, I will consider you for exhaustion [unclear]. You mothers understand me; in well-being, one nearly finds only sin. I will not hold back for much longer the arm of Jesus, and He, with his Father, will act. They will respond to you as you want. Love seems not to touch you, but touching your pockets, perhaps you will respond to the attack. Everything has been given to you – mercy, well-being – but your response is always the same: to take the place of God.

Your humility has lost, in its departure, its power and your “I” has taken over. It seems to have completely won and for precisely this reason, now you will demonstrate just how little your humanity is worth without respect for and trust in God.

You are poor creatures at the mercy of satan. All that he has given you in deception he is taking back, and how do you respond? See why I, today, affirm that “I want.” I want to save the life of all my children. I want that satan be destroyed with all his evils. I want that all of you, after various and well-earned sufferings, recover yourselves and the love of God. Nature is revolting against you. It is giving back the poisons that it has endured up to this point, but time is short, and the whole firmament will once again shine like on its first day. The hands of God will remodel the whole universe.

I will bless you every moment of the day and night. Trust in your Most Holy Mother. Entrust to me your families, your parishes. Pray incessantly for the Holy Father and for the whole Church. Even sufferings will pass and my Heart will finally triumph.

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth

Jesus, Most Perfect

Your guardian angels are close to you. Be aware of your guardians, pray to them from the morning on, because they are your mediators between heaven and earth. Let them guide you above all in these times of confusion.

They guide you from your birth and they know every little desire of yours, every sorrow, every joy. Call upon them and then listen to their suggestions.

I have given them to you as your own true help. They intercede before Me and before the Father for every one of your needs, and they are happy when, in your behalf, they can offer us prayers, sacrifices, and requests than can improve your way of life.

Your angels are close to you and accompany you as true friends and protectors. They are grateful to the Father because each one of you has the certainty of not being alone for even one minute. My dear children, I will not abandon you to yourselves, above all before the difficulties that you must face every day.

They are your loyal friends. Walk securely next to them. Call more often during the day upon these assiduous companions of yours and you will see your days hued with optimism and goodness toward He who has given them to you from the beginning until your last breath.

They are your advocates and they plead your cause in sincerity and truth. I love you, and my Mother calls upon them to help you overcome whatever problem you may have, in particular in your spiritual insecurities.

Be generous with your guardian angels, give them offerings and prayers so that they can joyfully call upon the Father with full hands, overflowing with your gratitude.

Be glad, my dearest children, and from now on you will not feel alone anymore. I have thought of you perfectly. Only my angels can intercede for you together with my Mother. I bless you.

Jesus, Most Perfect

Mary, Mother of God

Mary, the Mother of God, is with you. In this Christmastime, where one remembers, in addition to the birth of my Son, even my Divine Maternity, I want to be close to each one of you, my dear, adored, obedient children.

Your prayers are my strength. Only with your offerings can I present myself to the Father and ask supplications for my children who are the furthest from the love of God.

My dear children, perhaps you are not yet aware of how much your spiritual helps are indispensable. My distant children can shorten the time of their conversion thanks only to you, who fill my hands with fragrant offerings to place into the hands of God.

Be always more generous in the certainty that that which you are offering now will return to you full in that blessed day in which you can see Jesus in all his splendor. Be ever closer to me; without your Mother you will be poor orphans.

I love you and I place in your hands good works. My love will spur you on to work always in the best ways. If in these days, you have tasted, together with joys, many sufferings, it is certainly not by accident.

You know how many young people lose themselves behind false truths? Do not hope to see this, but thanks to your sufferings, some of them can return to their origin of hope, of love, of faith only in God.

Poor young ones, they hand themselves over to satan more today than ever. Almost none of them are concerned with their sins against the Holy Spirit.

Their parents are almost always absent. They think only of filling their pockets with money that serves to provide them with drugs, with smoke, and not rarely, to have sex for payment. These things, however, are the amusements of your children.

Thanks to your offerings, I alone see clearly all these. Give back to me, hand over to me your children, or their eternal loss will be the worst punishment. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of God