Jesus, Savior of the World

My children, it sorrows me to see such indifference for all that is sacred. You do not understand that the things of the world will pass away, and then you will find only the void around you and within you.

Begin to change, even if slowly, your ways of being. Put your spiritual part in first place because the corporal part will have no more importance.

Heaven will never pass away, I tell you. Prepare yourselves, because I will return when you least expect it. My Most Holy Mother is trembling with expectation, therefore, even for her love, my Father is speeding up the times.

Now I tell you, what will the thousand earthly things for which you have given yourselves over to do serve you? You cannot take even the smallest thing with you. You will need nothing of which you have set aside with such passion.

Begin to take part in the prayers that you have been taught so long ago and which you have forgotten, setting them aside without any kind of importance.

Pray, my children. This is the propitious hour, because Satan has taken all the power that you have given him freely. I am with you and keep you from every evil, but you, turn to Me like the most authoritative of fathers.

My dear children, I repeat: wake up from this satanic slumber. A good confession will free you from the snares of Satan and you will be newly free to choose what is good and right for you.

I bless you. I sign you with the sign of my cross.

Jesus, Savior of the World

Jesus, Eternal Welcome

I, Jesus, tell you: respect my church – one – holy – catholic – apostolic – and you will see the glory of God. What is true cannot be confused with what is mere shame.

I repeat to you: the church is One. I, with my passion and my resurrection, have brought unity for all my children. Remember always that Satan, in every time, has tempted my children, above all regarding this truth.

He will be just a little longer your enemy tempter, but you have my help and that of my Holy Mother. Entrust yourselves to our protection and we assure you that you will not be subject to any oppression.

Dear children, these are the times of which the Gospel has always spoken to you. Now, put into practice all that, until now, has remained only a good read.

I am firmly asking you to put into practice, firstly, all my teachings and to bear witness, if necessary, even with your life. True Christians will have to battle only to render testimony to the true Church.

My dear children, my human life was certainly not easy, but my Father sent me precisely to testify to you of how important Faith is. The Church – Catholic – Apostolic – Roman – is the only one that testify that God is One and Three.

I advise you to walk on this only way that I have first followed and then you will enjoy, with Me, eternal life.

Dear children, have courage, I tell you. I love you and am always with you. Entrust to me your lives. I bless you and protect you from every danger. Human life is brief, but with Me, you will live eternally.

Jesus, Eternal Welcome

The Immaculate Conception

My children, I am the Immaculate Conception and I am praying with you. So many of my children do not believe in my Immaculate Conception and do you know why? Because “sin” is much more convincing than “purity.”

You, my children, have the certitude that I, Mary, Mother of the Creator, am most pure in body and in spirit. Again, how could our Omnipotent Father not preserve from sin the Mother of his most precious Son?

Dear children, seek in every way to avoid sin, because Satan is able to destroy even your body after having destroyed your spiritual part. I love you so much and I am coming to you to make you decide to leave sin.

Confession, if well done, noticeably cleanses you on the spiritual level and even your body will enjoy this benefit. Seek to live far from sin and I assure you of my help even on a personal level.

Jesus preserves the family continuously and, within a believing family, one can find joy, peace, serenity, and true love. Do not confuse love with other poor sentiments. Remember that if you do not abandon sin, you will never know true love.

Let Jesus be your joy. Do not draw far from Him and you will be happy and joyful in living through the trials that life offers you continuously. I am with you. Come to seek joy and love under my protection.

I bless you lovingly. I embrace you.

The Immaculate Conception

Jesus, Victorious

My daughter, it is I, the Victorious Jesus. Let man not dare destroy what my Father and I, with such love, have given to the whole world.

I consider the things I have given you as precious. I allow you to discover what I have created from nothing, but man must not dare dissipate or demolish things and persons according to his own pleasure.

You have begun to destroy instead of building and this, soon, will lead you to your eternal end. My children, you, who are my little remnant, continue with prayer, above all for your brethren who offend God even without knowing it.

Pray for all sinners, so that they might allow me to enter into their hearts, in order to be able to heal the evils of the world. Pray for the children who are receiving only a wicked example, often even from their parents.

Pray for the youth, in whose heads buzz only wicked thoughts, and whose bodies serve to commit impure acts. My dear children, you would merit unbearable punishments but I will certainly not be the one to inflict them; you are destroying yourselves with your own hands.

My children, bear witness. Show with your actions that you are truly children of God, merciful love.

I am near you and I am leading you. Do not lose your way in this moment of hard trial, otherwise it could be too late for a complete conversion. I love you and my Mother is guiding you as only She knows how and is able to do.

I bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, Victorious