Mary, Help of Christians

Dear children, peace to you and to all my children of good will. Today we speak of that place where souls suffer eternally, above all because the presence of God is denied them. Where God is not, there is no life. That, my children, is true death.

Eternal suffering, place of punishment, like none of you can imagine. Speak, children, of this place. Do not be afraid and do not listen to those who deny the existence of hell.

I am your Mother and I would not speak to you about it if I were not worried for all my dear children who, not obeying the laws of God, will plunge into this place. Darkness will reign in eternity and no one will every be able to save those souls who, willingly, have renounced the Kingdom of God.

I implore you, beloved children, speak of hell and of the demons who inhabit it. After the disobedience of Lucifer, they no longer enjoy the goodness of God, and the only thing that makes them happy is to make all my children fall into sin, who often, without knowing it, fall without ever getting back up again.

I cannot bear that my children be damned, so I am speaking to you about this ultimate, eternal punishment. Satan is destroying all that most annoys him, the creatures loved by the Most Holy Trinity.

I pray for these souls, but I need your help. I will sustain you with the graces that my Son offers you. Let us search for all the ways of wresting, from the clutches of the unclean, my offspring.

Hell, however, is a place of eternal punishment, the worst that one can imagine. Let us unite in cenacles, let us pray together to the Father, so that he might yet have compassion on these disobedient children of mine and free them before the demon renders them slaves forever.

I bless you, my dear children. Let us remain always united in love, because love will save the world. Be faithful to the One True God and you will be inhabitants of his Kingdom.

Pray and your will obtain the necessary graces for you.

Mary, Help of Christians

Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Dear children, my Spirit is upon you. I want to enrich your hearts such that you be ready to accept all the graces that I have in store for you. It is not true that these times are negative, but that the hearts of my children are closed to my will.

If you do not understand that you are the ones to decide if the times ought to be good or not as good, nothing will change. You will continue to walk in a dark forest, not seeing where to put your feet and, above all, not seeing the graces that you are losing, because you do not accept what I am offering you with all my love.

Children of my Cross, you appreciate the futile things that the world offers you, and you are no longer able to enjoy the good that surrounds you.

I am always with you, but do you hear, listen to me calling you back? So much noise, so much confusion: how can you continue in this way? Lift your eyes, otherwise you will see nothing but darkness.

I am the Light that illumines your path, but if you draw far every day from my will, you will remain blind, without hope.

Watch, children, how many sufferings you are facing only because you decide everything without consulting me in the least. You ask only to live well, or better, that that which you believe be well for you.

You know how to decide for useless things and you do not decide to change your ugly habits, in daily acts of disobedience to my commandments, in giving you children bad example, in not teaching the young true values, in not respecting and loving your elders, in not accepting the life that I, in my infinite love, put in your womb.

See, now I have sought to remind you of what is better for you. If you accept my advice, smiles will once again shine upon your faces and your hearts will be reborn in peace.

Give witness to what I am telling you; only in this way will you be able to change the course of your destiny.

I bless you. My Spirit be upon you now and always.

Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Jesus, Your Redeemer

Dear children, peace to you. In the Garden of Olives I was not alone. For this reason I was able to endure the many pains that prepared me for the Crucifixion. I know that you are asking what this Lenten discourse has to do with anything.

Dear children, your Lent has also begun. Prepare yourselves, therefore, to overcome all the temptations and all the sufferings that you must face. You are not alone in your “garden” that is becoming ever harder to face.

If I tell you this it is because, ever more often you feel inert, not strong, unprepared before the events that you are forced to live through.

My Father heard my prayers in the moment of my Passion, and it is the same for you. I will never leave you. Count always on my help. Satan is strong and so do not underestimate him. Entrust yourselves to Me as true children, and have faith that all will happen according to the plans of my Father.

Perhaps you will have to cross this valley of tears, but whoever asks my help and comfort I, Jesus, will not let him go without it.

I am with you, my Spirit is upon you and will keep you from every danger and every catastrophe. You are my little remnant, and like the leaven serves to make bread, so you serve to glorify my Father by giving your witness.

Do not forget that my Mother and your Mother will accompany you in this difficult voyage, will keep you from every evil and will help you to find the road in the moments of confusion.

Fear not. You must never fear, but have the certitude that the Immaculate Heart of you Heavenly Mother will triumph and you, my elect, will triumph together with Her. Always have the courage to give witness to the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The rest are only useless idols.

My children, I bless you. Carry my blessing to your loved ones, above all to the indecisive and those poor in spirit. Peace – peace – peace.

Jesus, Your Redeemer

Jesus Christ, He Who Will Return

May the Holy Spirit descend upon you and your families.

You do not remain orphans; the Father would never have allowed it. My disciples had me with them, but you, my dear children, you have the Spirit that illumines your minds. It is important that you account for such a grace.

You seem like so many automatons who wander without a goal only because you do not see with me your eyes. But if you leave your spirit free, you will realize that you are not alone.

Seek me, speak with me, and listen to me. I speak to each of you without distinction. I do not play favorites, since that moment in which I offered my life for each of you. You cost me life and I cannot let any of you be damned.

I adjure you, only if you know how to open your hearts will you allow me to enter. You can never obtain the maximum far from my presence and my graces. The demon deceives you with thousands of his tricks, but right after he takes away from you every illusion, leaving you in solitude and darkness, without any more hope.

Only I know how to give you that which you need. Only I know your desires and that which is best for you. Be humble, recognize yourselves as needful of my graces and my love for you. You are losing so much, too much time chasing after material things without accounting anymore of that which you are losing. Your earth moans like a woman in labor pains, but soon justice will make way and then you will be ready to regain that which you have lost.

Justice will triumph, love will reign, and my Mother will finally crush the head of the ancient serpent. My Second Coming will see her as victor. Her Immaculate Heart will be triumph – grace – consolation.

I bless you dear children. Be ready, because I will come when you least expect it.

Jesus Christ, He Who Will Return