Mary, Your Mother

How beautiful! My dear children, my cenacle burns with love for Me and for my Son this evening. Be always assiduous in prayer, now more than ever. You know that in these difficult times only prayer can help you.

I am near to you, always ready to listen to your voice. Ask for all those graces that you need to win eternal life. Do not lose your mind if you are not always fulfilled by the things of this world, but exult in all those graces that you have with respect to the infinite Kingdom of God.

Pray for all my young people who are losing themselves because of drugs, unbridled sexuality, drunkenness. My children, they no longer think about the needs of the spirit itself because they are taken in by the false joys of the world.

Never before as in this moment has Satan been making a pillage of my weakest children. Temptations do not leave you for even one moment. Be more attentive; seek not to follow the one who seems to be the most beautiful, since he incites you to accept his false offers.

The good comes only from God and if you are not attentive, you can easily err. Listen to the voice of my Son. He loves you and you are his. Open the doors of your hearts and all will appear clearer to you.

The days to come will be yet more trying. Be strong, help each other. In difficulties ask the advice of your priests and start again on the path that leads you to freedom of body and spirit.

Follow the Word of God and you cannot err. He is Light. Do not waste time in worldliness but dedicate to the Father each moment of your brief life.

I bless you, I protect you, and I defend you from every evil.

Mary, your Mother

Mary, Mother Inviolate

My children, do not judge, but love your brethren, above all those who are weak in temptation. I tell you that my weakest children have upon their shoulders loneliness, estrangement, and misunderstanding. This means that they have more need of your understanding.

Let us leave judgment to your Father who is in heaven and who knows well your hearts. Help each other. Be true imitators of my Son. Console, rather than judge. Seek always to go to meet the one who, in the eyes of others, seems different and callous.

I tell you that you will have to account for all the times that you have made an erroneous judgment. May the Word of God always help you in discernment. None of you is perfect; therefore, help each other to improve in your behavior, in your thoughts, and above all in your works.

None of you will cross the gates of paradise if you do not repent of evil done in good or bad faith. I love you, and for this reason I desire that you love each other. It is good if you reawaken each other when you are in error, but seek absolutely not to make snap judgments.

Do not punish a brother because he does not think like you. One is not always right, and all will be subject to final judgment. Love each other and understand each other, assume your responsibilities for each other, and you will see that the world will change thanks to your non-judgments.

I bless you, I cover your with my mantle and I defend you from every untimely judgment. Love each other more and you will be united in concord.

Mary, Mother Inviolate


Mary, Queen of Peace

My dear children, in these times when pride has become your master, let us speak of how one can extinguish this feeling with that little word and that great humility that is called “forgiveness.”

In your hearts there reign many negative feelings that take away peace, but today let us reflect a moment on forgiveness. You often say, “Not hatred, but that person must stay far from me and my family.” My dear children, how should we call this feeling except “hatred”?

Let us learn, then, that only in forgiving one’s brother does one find that peace that fills the heart with joy. Do not wait, do not procrastinate when there is a brother who needs your forgiveness.

Remember how many times Jesus tells you to forgive, seventy times seven, that is to say, be always ready to forgive, thinking that the greater good will return to you. One cannot live peacefully if one does not succeed in giving forgiveness.

Be meek, refuse pride, love with the goodness that comes from the heart and you will be blessed by God and thanked by men. A great heart is capable of forgiving. Living in peace with oneself is realized only in the moment of forgiveness.

You see, dear children, peace will not come to the world if there is no forgiveness among brethren first. This is the secret for obtaining peace on the worldly level. Listen to this advice that I am giving you today. You will quickly see that all the wickedness that has become your master will vanish like snow before the sun. Forgive, above all, to regain the peace of the spirit. Be rich in mercy to find peace, justice, and love again. My Son is always ready to forgive your faults; do the same in return.

I will be close to you when you give your hand to your enemy. I bless you and protect you from hatred.

Mary, Queen of Peace

Mary Immaculate, the Queen

My dear children, my little remnant is and will always remain faithful to the Word of my Son. Be at peace and always behave like children of God. In this time of total apostasy, to speak of the Creator has become blasphemy.

You, though, realize that my Son has let himself be crucified to lead you back to the Father’s dwelling, and now my most beloved children let themselves be misled by sin as if the sacrifice of my Son were not offered for eternal freedom.

My dear children, pray for my consecrated ones who let themselves be confused by the things of the world. I am in great suffering for the whole Church.  My children turn their backs on the Church of my Son, that is, to the Church Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman.

Dear children, bear witness that outside the church instituted by my Son, one places himself under Satan. The Gospel speaks clearly, with Christ or against him; there are no alternatives.

I desire that you, my most obedient children, bear witness to the truth in the Most Holy Trinity: the Father of heaven, the Only-Begotten, Crucified, and Risen Son, and the Holy Spirit, infinite Love. Remember that outside the truth, instituted by the Catholic Church, one remains in ignorance of the one faith, the faith as singular as God, the God of your fathers and your God, is Singular.

I will always sustain you and ask Jesus to place within your hearts his word, his truth, the faith. Be always coherent. Do not disown God, because you will find eternal damnation.

I am with you and I protect you. Be with Me. My victory is drawing closer every day. You are mine. I bless you. Keep praying for my consecrated ones and for the conversion of the world.

Mary Immaculate, the Queen

The Virgin Mary

Dear children, in this most great feast of All Saints, we will soon all celebrate together in heaven. People like yourselves, extraordinarily faithful to Jesus, to the Father, and to the Holy Spirit, are praying for your planet as never before.

Consider yourselves fortunate, because through their merits many of you will be saved even at the last moment. You cannot imagine with what conviction and love they pray for you. Jesus loves them very much. They are the ranks through whose continual workings they bring as many souls as possible to the Kingdom of God.

Pray also yourselves to the saints with fervor, above all to those whom you have had the grace to know on earth. Without their prayers, very many men would not merit eternal joy.

Love your saints. They work with Me for your liberation. My dear children, it is a great spiritual inheritance that they have left on the earth. It is your turn now to take advantage of this every day. They pray to God for you with unspeakable love, they who know well the temptations to which you have been submitted.

They are your guarantors. They work without rest since, with Me, they want to bring you to rejoicing with eternal joy. May my blessing open your hearts in such a way so as to prepare them for the encounter with my Son.

Celebrate this day, knowing that you have in Paradise more valid credentials. We love you and we will help you overcome the difficulties that you have in these times of atheism and unbelief.

Dear children, have faith, courage. Heaven is open for all who believe in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. All the saints are near to you. Take advantage of their help. Be always ready; we are waiting for you.

The Virgin Mary