The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

My Spirit is upon you, upon your families, upon all people for whom you are praying, and upon all my Church. Yes, my dear children, without my Love you would be as if dead. So many of your brethren are deluding themselves, that they can do everything by themselves.

Unfortunately, humanity has many limits and it would be a great thing to seek to “downsize.” My most dear children, I never leave you alone. Without your Creator to guide you, counsel you, enlighten you, you would be truly empty bodies.

My Spirit is life. Your heart knows this very well, but your intellect, at times, leads you far away, makes you dream, and in these moments, in which you feel like masters of the world and of yourselves, the evil one makes you his own and draws you far from Me.

Be docile, humble, respectful of each other. Be truly brothers, children of one Sole Father. My word is truth. Do not fear when you feel confused and helpless, because the ancient serpent discourages you precisely in those moments.

Do not be unprepared. Feed yourselves often with my Body and my Blood, and then there will return to you the security and the certainty that, respecting my laws, you will always be safe. My Church is in danger precisely because it wants to modernize my words, my commandments.

Ensure for yourselves that your path not deviate from my ways, that your thoughts not deviate from my thoughts and that your works be as I myself desire them to be. Remember that my Spirit is your support and rejoice in this, because your God is a God of infinite love.

My dear children, may my blessing descend abundantly upon you and on those who are dear to you.

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

Mary, Eternal Joy

My dear children, I come to inflame your hearts with the love of God, but I realize that the hearts of my children refuse true love in order to run after the one who is the exact contrary of love.

Open your ears well and, even more, your hearts to the Word of my Son, otherwise it could be too late. Dear children, playing with fire is never befitting. Remember that sooner or later, one burns himself.

I do not want to frighten you today, but I must remind you that there exists a kind of flame that burns the soul, and this is called eternal death. You always cry when you miss someone, but that which is more important is to understand why you mourn.

Pose yourselves this question: for a good Christian, to die to the world means being reborn to eternal life; see, then, that you miss the person who leaves you physically, but that for which you must cry over more must be the thought that the beloved person can lose life eternally.

I want to reflect together with you: the certainty of meriting the forgiveness of God, in the moment of transition, gives us the certainty that death is, in reality, the encounter with He who has given us life. But if we leave this world in grave sin and far from the love of God, then, unfortunately, death will be eternal death.

My dear children, let the Holy Spirit inflame your hearts and then death will cause you less fear. Hell is that which you must avoid. Following God and his law, you will have eternal life as the final prize.

From now on, then, think about death with less sorrow and pouring out fewer tears.

Mary, Eternal Joy

Mary, Celestial Mother

My daughter, your sadness is a small part of mine; do you want to share it a little while longer with me? I am sorrowful for what you all must confront in the times to come. Almost none of my children recognize that the times you are living through are times of trial.

Satan is furious with all my children, and tries them in every moment and in every occasion, but they no longer respond to such temptations. My dear children, I count so much on you, my little remnant.

Speak, evangelize and bless your brethren who are rebellious and deaf to the word of God. I need your help. Seek with all your heart to open their hearts, or else, refusing my word, they will fall ever deeper.

How will they rise up again without help? Do they not know that they are refusing the love of God? And with love they refuse liberation from eternal death. I am still seeking to hold back the hand of my Son, but I assure you that it is not easy. Your brethren do not want to understand how difficult their situation is.

If they lose eternal life, what will come of them? They do not want to renounce the things of this world. They do not know that losing eternity is the most terrible thing that could happen to them. I pray you, dear children, seek to convince with great love these children of mine. I cannot accept their refusals and lose them forever.

In just a little while, things on earth will change. All will turn against you. You will lack essentials and then, if you do not have faith in my Son, what will remain for you? Death, only death will have the last word. But you, do not fear, I will never leave you.

I bless you tenderly.

Mary, Celestial Mother

Mary, the Truthful One

My dear children, look upon my Jesus on that Cross, where he has taken upon Himself all your sins, as you yet can, living today so distractedly and with so many deceits and cleverness. My children, for good Christians, followers of Christ, it does not help being clever, deceitful, or falsely tolerant; no, I assure you, be sincere, merciful, good, and just, and then, yes, you will be able to profess yourselves Catholic Christians.

Today one no longer understands true love. Each child of mine tries to be clever enough to be the first across the finish line. Not in this way, not in this way, my children. Each of you, who are consoling me with your prayer, begin yourselves to live in truth and in true goodness.

There is no half-measure; one belongs either to Jesus or to Satan. Wake up; start walking on the right path. Repent of the evil done in the name of power and control. Repent without losing more time, since it could be too late. Be truthful and your brethren will believe in you.

Not the one who says, “Lord, Lord,” will enter into the Kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of God. God is Truth, therefore, be his worthy children. It is true that often the truth hurts, but false tolerance will bring you nowhere.

Your Lord still looks upon you from that Cross. Reciprocate his gaze of love and be sincere with yourselves and with others. I compel you to be coherent, strong, and bold in proving your good will.

Do not be ashamed of being truthful. Do not fear false judgments. My Son sees and provides for all those who bear witness to his truth.

I bless you. Arm yourselves with good and eternal truth.

Mary, the Truthful One