The Father of Your Savior

My daughter, “I Am” and I am speaking to you, and many other children of mine, like you, are divulging my Word. Stop playing with fire, you can burn yourselves. These are times of total confusion and you do nothing to change these ways of life.

I am coming to you, I send you Mary and my Son but you continue to turn a deaf ear. I am the Good Father, but do not continue to provoke me, or I will be forced to act in all my justice.

You no longer fear your Father, but, acting thus you do nothing but make matters worse. My Church is demonstrating its failure and you, what are you doing to help my consecrated ones?

You do nothing but subject them to trial, but they need your help now more than ever. Have you not yet understood that Satan is playing all his cards? You are falling like dry leaves under his power.

Be more shrewd, candid like doves but cunning like serpents. This is the last moment to show Satan how strong your faith in God is. Do you not understand that he is intelligent and crafty and puts all his being into making you fall?

Dear children, gaze upon the one who lies helpless in that manger. Jesus has made himself small, humble, and poor for you, to give you his richness, his true love and, for eternity, his Kingdom. And you, how do you respond to his call?

Be more welcoming toward my Son. He, the Son of God, has willed to take upon himself your sins to free you from eternal shadows but you have not understood how great has been his sacrifice for you.

I implore you, see that these last times not be fruitless for your eternal salvation. I bless you.

The Father of your Savior

Mary, Mother Inviolate

My most dear children, Jesus is being born again for you. Open your hearts to him and repent of all your defects. Before that manger reflect long and think about how great has been the sacrifice of my Son for you.

You do not realize that you have been freed from sin in order to be able to recover the good that has been lost. Jesus is the one who has taken upon himself the weight of the Cross.

His cross has been so heavy precisely because in that moment there were present to him all his children. None excluded, all of you are redeemed and freed from the faults inherited from your first parents.

My children, keep reflecting on the fact that none of you would be capable of such love! A love like this is unique and unrepeatable. Recognize for all of this you merit with your good works at least a part of that which you have received on Calvary.

Look to educate your children in doing good for their neighbor and for themselves. You do not yet understand that you are destroying yourselves with your hands, the good has left its place in your hearts to evil, and you no longer fight to regain that which you have lost.

Love, my dear children, love or else all that your prophets have foreseen for you will be fulfilled to your total detriment. Realize that the good, once lost, you can never again be regained.

Recognize your sins, repent bitterly, recognizing fully the evil you have done. Offer sacrifices to God and He, in his infinite goodness, will pardon you of all your faults.

Regain quickly the good sense you have lost. Do not lose yourselves again in confusion and darkness. Seek the good and drive away evil.

Mary, Mother Inviolate

Mary Most Pure

Dear children, I am your Mother, and for exactly this reason I do not want to ask of you the impossible. Listen, though, to my words and put them into practice. I want to speak with you about a rare virtue, since the vast majority of you no longer consider it important.

My dear children, I want to remind you again how important it is for you to live in chastity. Chastity of thought, of the heart, and of the body. Above all, seek not to change your good thoughts into wicked thoughts.

It is evil for you to think negatively, but above all to transform thoughts into evil words and deeds at the expense of the one who loves you, who trusts in you, who needs good counsel from you. Be, therefore, prudent.

If, then, you draw into your hearts feelings that bother it and impoverish it, you will never be able to keep chastity within you. Be as transparent as glass. Do not dirty your soul with actions contrary to chastity. Be pure as children, keep your bodies as true holy temples of God.

Chastity brings one to truth and the truth loves chastity. Be sincere in your works. Whoever lives in sincerity will not have difficulty living chastity. Purity, truth, chastity make new creatures of you, children like the Creator, happy men and women, adorers of the Holy Spirit in all their splendor.

I love you, dear children, and if I ask clarity of you it is so that your brethren might see themselves in you and, through you, to recognize the filth that covers over within themselves their purity of heart, of the mind, and of the body.

Be chaste and your Father will show you his dwelling of light.

Mary Most Pure

Mary, Consoler

My dear children, some of you often ask yourselves how you can best give honor to God, but it is simple: by doing his Will. You say you are small, poor, and uneducated, but I tell you, it does no good to be great, proud, and intelligent. One needs instead humility, love, and great peace.

Peace with brethren, with the whole world, and above all with my Son: ask Him for it always. Peace is that which you need in these difficult times, full of hatred, wickedness, and wicked deeds.

I pray you, my children, begin now to give honor to God by loving your brethren, especially the poor, by loving your families, and above all, by praying more for the Church instituted by my Son.

Do not complain if the things in this world no longer satisfy you. It is your hatred, sown everywhere, which has changed the world. Place yourselves now on the path, remembering my counsels. Honor God by giving love, offering prayers, sufferings, and Christian charity, for you and for all those living on the earth.

I am with you, but if you put me in a corner I cannot make myself heard. Open your hearts to me so that I might always be your support. Love each other in earnest; only love can conquer hatred.

Never be arrogant. Do not put yourselves in first place. Let those who are near you take advantage of your help. God sees and provides, especially when you entrust the whole world to his Holy Will.

Be humble. Humility will make you great before God. I ask you again to give witness with your good works and to evangelize with the Word of God. I bless you and I assure you of my presence. It is your turn now to listen to my counsels.

I love you and I intercede for you.

Mary, Consoler