Jesus, Dead and Risen

If I said to you, “Prepare yourselves, because my times are near,” what would you do? I advise you to pray, fast, love!

Yes, my dearest children, I will return among you. Those who love me will follow me. Those who do not believe in my coming will be welcomed into the satanic place.

I have always been clear in my speaking, but so many of you do not want to understand. So many say, “If I do not see I do not believe!” but I have given you so many signs. Now we have come to the beginnings of a new heaven and a new earth.

I, Jesus, have spoken! I have always been good with each of you. I have allowed you to take [me] into your hearts – what else must I do so that you return to Me?

Your Mother has wept and still weeps for you. It’s over now – whoever is with Me will be saved and whoever is not with me, even against Me, will lose eternal joy because he merits the fires of hell.

Dear children, I have spoken clearly enough. You could not say, “But I did not know.” I have been good with each of you. I invite you to reflect and to ask forgiveness of me. I am here to forgive you.

Dear children, you who love me, pray for those who do not believe. I will still welcome your prayers for a little while longer. I want to return to you and embrace you one by one.

I bless you from the heights of my cross. I love you and will soon bring you with Me.

Jesus, Dead and Risen

Your True Mother

My such beloved children, today I am asking you to speak, above all to the young, about hell. They do not admit the pains of hell. They talk about it amongst themselves and laugh at those who inform them about this eternity full of sorrows.

Dear children, help me to make these young ones of mine understand that eternal pains are real, just like eternal joys are real, in which those children of mine who are obedient to the word of God will enjoy forever the love of their Creator.

I am sad, I suffer much for these dear children of mine. For this reason I ask you not to leave me alone in these last times.

Pray and have others pray above all for priests, that they take to heart this difficult duty. It belongs to them above all to bring all the young who are far from the Church to my Son and, therefore, to God.

The times are coming to completion for you. Your world will end by giving way to the spiritual part of the earth.

My dear children, I know that I can count on you, who follow my teachings. Be always coherent in your way of acting and wake up the consciences of those who are far from God.

Let holy Mass be always first in your life so that Jesus will act through you. I love you, my such beloved children. I am always with you and pray Jesus lead grant you all of his love.

I am giving you my great love.

Your True Mother

Mary, She Who Loves

Your Most Holy and Sorrowful Mother is here with you.

My dear children, when will you cease to offer me sorrows, weeping, worries? I confess that I am tired of weeping and of receiving only sorrows and worries from all of you, beginning from your priests.

Fortunately for you, there are still some blessed by God. The others are too busy with earthly things, even if they have to do with your churches.

Pray, my children, pray more for those who must give a good example with their prayers, words, and works. I always seek to guide them but they are too busy with that part of the church that has little to do with “catholic.”

My children, I implore you, pray for my sons, who must guide you to My Son. Let the Holy Mass be your daily bread. Only thus will you be able to feed on my Son and follow him with good works.

Jesus is with you every time you receive him in Holy Communion. Only in this way will he remain with you. My dear children, only the Holy Mass will nourish you in your spirit.

Draw near to the Holy Eucharist every day. You will feel more protected by He who Is and who will remain your Only God. Dear children, help me to gather my children, who go around losing themselves every day.

May God bless and protect you. I, your mother, love you.

Mary, She Who Loves

Jesus, Only Begotten Son

My such beloved children, continue with your prayers. Do not abandon me. I have given my life for you on the cross and, in these times, my sufferings are still so great. I must recommend you to be near me with your offerings and prayers of adoration.

Your Jesus suffers above all for my church, which no longer respects my commandments. Dear children, I desire from you prayers for my church that, unfortunately, is no longer catholic or roman apostolic.

Pray and fast so that my church returns like I want her to. Always make use of my Body, so that you keep yourselves obedient to my Church.

Dear children, your earthly times are about to end. For this reason, I tell you and repeat to you, feed on my Body and pray that My Father still have compassion on you. Your Mother weeps for you, but most of you are not able to console her.

My Father still has many places, but you, seek to merit them, otherwise the devil will make a haul of your souls.

I, Jesus, pray you: console my Mother, who is enduring all over again the sorrows of the time of my passion. You, my children, who listen to me, pray, give good example to all my children, who no longer believe in God.

Let my blessing descend upon you and upon your families.

Jesus, Only-Begotten Son