Mary, She Who is “Visit”

My dear children, may the peace that comes from heaven be with all of you.

The Mother of Jesus and your Mother reminds you that fraternal charity is that which makes every work great. May my visit to cousin Elizabeth be an example for you. My Son manifested himself to her from my womb. The sterile woman will have a son. Age is no longer the important thing, but the gift of maternity that comes from God, that God who visits those who believe in Him. And, by means of my visit, through the charity that I had, after having completed a long and tiring journey, the Son of God fulfilled his miracle.

My dear children, faith united with charity works miracles. Place yourselves at the disposition of your brethren and you will be able to revive the miracles of another time. Jesus and John are the creation of love, of charity, of faith. Our God cares for all his creatures just like he has done from the beginning, but now it is your turn to understand, to feel, how great this mystery is. Recover faith, join it to charity, and you will be able to revive, like Elizabeth, the miracle of life.

My dear children, unfortunately, if you do not touch with your hand you will not believe, and this has become the greatest problem for you. Pray the God of love so that he make you understand that charity must always go alongside faith, or you will never have fulfillment in your interior life.

I am always ready to set out on a voyage for you, just like I did for Elizabeth, but you must have faith and love for all, not thinking about human needs. Make the Spirit live in you, pray that he illuminate you, so that you may be able to obey with a loving voice the God of life, of mercy, of charity. Call upon me and I will be with you. Amen.

Mary, She Who is “Visit”

Jesus, He Who Conquers the World

Peace to you! I am bringing you my Mother in a special day. Celebrate Her and give Her praise for the love that she nourishes for you, her children, who in this period are giving her sorrows of every kind.

I have given her to you through my John, but so many of your brethren are disappointing her every day. My Mother is the woman clothed with the sun. It is She who brings you her Only Son, whom you have crucified.

My dear children, she has given you the weapon that kills satan. Only She, the Most Pure, the Immaculate, can combat with satan, knowing full well that the final victory will be hers.

I, Jesus, the Son whom the Father has willed to give to all humanity, invite you to imitate how She has acted with the Holy Family. The Son of God has obeyed in every way, has loved in every way the Woman who is Co-Redemptrix, Mediator, she who in primis has known to give her “yes” to the Word of God.

Here I am, therefore, to remind you that the one “without stain” wants you to be worthy of her Son. She defends you in temptations, helps you to overcome them, but you must be faithful and obedient children if you want to follow through, along with her, the way that leads to my Kingdom.

She is the Woman most beloved – but also most feared by he who is your bitter enemy. Be strong in temptations, in the certainty that my Mother will win on every front. Do not fear he who can do you evil on the human level, since you are already victors over the world if you obey her teachings.

I am giving her to you for yet a little while longer, then all will be fulfilled in glory. My children, the weapon of the rosary is the only weapon that knows how to defend you from every attack.

I bless you. In the maternal embrace of my Mother you are safe. Do not draw far from Her.

Jesus, He Who Conquers the World

Mary, Mother of the Living

May my joy be with you all. My dear children, you are my joy. You understand that prayer is joy and life, and without prayer you will never arrive at rejoicing fully. It is Jesus who gives joy, it is He who has given his life for love, it is love that gives true joy.

Dear children, you belong to my Son, and it is for this reason that in you is born peace, and peace brings joy. My children, never forget prayer. Only enriched with prayer can you confront life in joy. Be kind with each other, but also with all those brethren who need your smile to be encouraged to go forward in this life, which is offering you only sacrifices and sorrow.

Your enemy is seeking at all costs to take joy away from you. He is tempting you in every way, even to take away the smile from your lips, but you, do not be afraid. While you feed yourselves with prayer, you will feel content, and nothing and no one will be able to cause you pain with false worries, false news, false truths.

If you still have the strength to abandon all the negativity and to put in first place, in your life, the Son of God, you will have nothing to fear. Be happy, my children, even in the trials of everyday life. In trials one grows on the spiritual level and has the chance to offer to God that which will be of help to your non-believing brethren, or those little dedicated to prayer.

Continue to pray and joy will never abandon you and your families. I bless you and multiply intercessions to my Son for all of you, for all your brethren for whom you are praying, in particular for my children who are consecrated and often little joyful, because they are overtaken by many earthly duties.

I love you very much.

Mary, Mother of the Living

The Mother of Love

Peace to you. I am here with you to pray the Our Father. I speak to you with a broken heart. How much pain is my Jesus feeling, how many of his children will go to eternal perdition only because they do not trust in their Creator!

Dear children, God has made everything from nothing and has no need of your help, but you need Him. You are unaware of so many things that you will never be even able to discover, since your arrogance does not leave room for a holy humility.

My dear children, so beloved, we must preach the Gospel as did the first apostles in the times of Jesus. It is useless to want to do everything both right away and even more without asking the intervention of the Lord of the world!

I pray you, make known the greatness of God to your brethren, in particular to those who abuse the power entrusted to them. Pray for them, so that they open their hearts of stone to He who can do all things, who gives all things. There are, perhaps, too many of my children who do not want to hear one speak of God, but it is urgent that they reflect and decide that without trust in the Lord of the universe, they will have only disappointments. Let us pray so that the representatives of the earth take on their responsibilities. Let us make them understand that they must render an account of their errors before the Justice of God.

I love you. Bring my love wherever only hate reigns. Recover the dignity of being true children of God. Cry out, if possible, that Jesus is the Son of God man man to give you eternal salvation, lost because of the sin of your ancestors. I still believe in you; help me to recover the many sheep who have fled from the Holy flock.

May Jesus protect you and defend you from every evil. Be more attentive when you want to demonstrate you belonging to Jesus Crucified.

The Mother of Love

Mary, She Who “Counsels”

Peace to you! “Here I am”: this has been my response to the request of my Father. Do thus also yourselves if you want to live your life in light.

My dear children, do you see how in the world only bad news follows upon itself? Do you not ask why? I will tell you why! Your responses to God are never of obedience to his commandments! A blind person can never lead another blind person! Return to your Father if you want things to change.

Prayer rises to heaven, but always weaker and more insecure. My children, where has your faith ended? Have faith and I assure you that whatever you ask for will be given to you. You no longer know how to pray and therefore do not know how to ask. I exhort you, give more space to prayer of the heart. Give it all your attention. Ask with sincerity. Be loyal to God and to your neighbor, then you will be heard. The things that you desire almost never correspond to the will of your Father. Learn to trust in the immense love of God, which desires for you only good things for his children.

Entrust yourselves to his will, I repeat. You will be repaid much more than you think. Humanity does not know the plan of its Creator, and for this reason it must trust and entrust itself to Him. If you who are not good desire good things for your children, how much more reason will God, who has created you, have to give you all of his love, all that is better than you can desire.

I suggest to you that which is best for you, but often I am not understood. Close your eyes when you pray and you will see the glory of God. It is not possible to enjoy heaven if one only wants the poor things of the earth. Pray, therefore, with the heart, thinking that waiting for you in heaven is “all,” “more,” “infinite good.” Desire the best!

Mary, She Who “Counsels”