Mary, Your Lovable Mother

My daughter, I want to console and thank you because you have been close to me with your suffering. Now I want to say to all of you, dear children, that I need all of you. You have understood that the times in which you are living are the last, and for this reason I yet need more of your help.

Pray with the heart and complete your prayer with some offering, so that I can intercede for you before God. One cannot ask with empty hands. It would be like pretending. In your requests, then, do not let prayer and suffering be lacking.

I am always ready to welcome your requests but you, ask me, in particular, for the graces necessary for your dear ones to enter into eternal dwellings. Do not bask in your false joys, but seek only eternal salvation.

Your earth has been offended and destroyed. It will no longer give what you need. Unite, then, your prayers in asking from your Father eternal salvation.

You need to find again the divine Spirit; that which is of the world will no longer be able to suffice for you. You will find consolation for your hearts only by turning to your Father, who desires to fill your hearts with his grace.

You are walking in a dark valley, but I assure you that, soon, Divine justice will triumph. I love you and want you all with Me. Strive to live in the Word of God and you will see that all will turn into true joy.

I share this prayer of yours. I bless you one by one, in the name of the Father, of My Son, and in the Holy Spirit. Live in Love and you will be consoled.

Mary, Your Lovable Mother

Your Little Jesus

Dear children, my Mother can teach you what obedience means. Without having known man, she immediately obeyed the angel that was bringing to her the message from my Father.

Her suffering was great, but immediately she trusted the word that came from God. My children, in your days one respects only the word of men. You say, “Lord,” but you no longer realize what, in reality, such a word means.

If, from your mouths, there no longer issues holy words it is because you are very far from holiness. Those dear to you have spoken, in their times, of what should be the most important thing in your life, but, unfortunately, the riches of the world have taken the upper hand in your spirituality. You have believed all the more only in what you see.

My children, you can also see the hand of God, but this would require too much time to think and then live out what your heart is making you experience.

Pray, seek for yourselves a silent place, invoke the Holy Spirit and entrust your life and that of those dear to you to your Creator and Savior. You will be saved only by filling your existence with my Spirit.

I love you, dear children. Return to Me and all that you have lost in all this time will return to you. Let love be the principle of every action of yours. Without love the enemy will gain the upper hand over God and men.

Return to true prayer. Repent of evils done and ask pardon. My Father will reopen to you that door that you have closed with sin. Let my birth be also your rebirth.

Your Little Jesus

Your Crucified Jesus

Your Crucified Jesus is here with you. Pray, dear children, that the justice of my Father come closer to the whole world by leaps and bounds. My two thieves must teach you something.

Pay attention. Repent so that you be in time, otherwise, everything will, for you, turn into eternal suffering. I am suffering so much. My Mother is more sorrowful than ever but my angels never tire of being close to each of you, to guide you on the right way.

My dear children, how is it that you do not understand that you are committing grave sins against the Trinity and against your Most Holy Mother? I can do nothing but suggest to you a loyal repentance that comes from a heart full of sorrow for all the sins you have committed.

The greatest majority of you humans offends the Creator for having, with greatest ease, all the comforts that the world offers.

You have not yet understood that soon all will finish and that earth that you have offended will swallow and cast into hell all my children who have not wanted to recognize me as their “All.”

To suffer forever the pains of hell will be their punishment. Pray for those brethren of yours who need repentance to be able to ask pardon. We invite you to offer some sacrifice in their favor.

I thank you and will give you the strength to resist that which will bring you sorrows and tears. I bless you from my Cross.

Your Crucified Jesus

Your Consoled Mother

My daughter, I am with you. Your sorrows are also mine. Help me, because, even for Me, every day becomes more unbearable. How many of my children are doing me wrong! You can understand me: they are destroying me, but I also have children like you who share my terrible unease.

Pray, dear daughter, and then have others pray. These days are terrible. My Son is suffering more than when he was hung from the cross.

You cannot understand how much Satan is harvesting victims. He gives them what they desire, but before they can enjoy these goods, he destroys them by making them his own.

Pray, because time is drawing to a close and I do not see many conversions. My daughter, now, more than ever, do I need you. Offer me all your unease. I will bring it to Jesus and He himself will give you the strength to overcome even the most sorrowful trials.

You have known already for some time what must happen, but now that you have lost your liberty, you must recognize that what we have been anticipating is coming to completion.

Do not let up. Be strong, because Jesus does not leave you alone, not even for a moment. Pray and fast. Only thus will you be able to help so many of your brethren who are falling into the abyss.

I implore you, continue to offer me all your sorrows and I will bring them to Jesus, who will offer them to his Father to count against all the sins that are committed daily on earth.

Be certain that your victory will arrive when you least expect it. Let us pray, let us praise the Holy Spirit who protects you in every moment of the day. I embrace you and bless you.

Your Consoled Mother

Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted

My dearest children, so beloved, I see your hearts so tried, but I tell you: fear not, because the ancient serpent can do no evil to my children who are obedient to their Eternal Father. Continue to live and go forward like you have always done.

Times can change, but the love and the attention that your Father has for you will never change. I am with you and am always ready to protect you from evil.

You see how so many of your brethren, who live far from Divine grace, how they worry, but you have Me. The devil can do nothing against you when you have my name on your lips.

Always remember, in your darkest moments, to repeat the name of Jesus and mine. You will see, as if magically, peace and joy return to your hearts. Let prayer always be on your lips; you will never have a better medicine.

Always carry my weapon with you. Use it in moments of need with the certitude that you will be heard and protected from every evil. The devil can do nothing before your faith in God.

Be always certain that from every good work there can issue only love and forgiveness for the most miserable of human creatures.

Not one of you is perfect. For this reason, you must pray incessantly to your Father, the Only Perfect Being. Preserve yourselves always in purity of thought, so that all your works issue forth valuably and give one hundred percent.

I bless you, my children. Always ask, in your prayers, the faith that will lead you always on the way that leads to Jesus. Fear not; we are always with you.

Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted