Your Merciful Jesus

Dear children, when you pray, you say: “Do not abandon us in temptation.” How could I abandon you in the moment in which Satan is persecuting you? Temptation is the most dangerous trial and I, your Father, will never abandon you into the hands of Satan. It is for you to pray to me and, above all, to trust my heavenly help.

In these times, where many of you have ceded to the temptation of the devil, I pray you: offer me prayers and sufferings precisely for your brethren who are weakest in temptation. Know that Satan is playing his last cards; therefore, he tempts you where you are weakest.

Clothe yourselves again in prayer. Invoke Mary, your Mother, she who has been at the foot of my Cross. Call upon her in every situation where you feel most alone and She will save you from the clutches of the ancient serpent.

Draw close, more often, to the “Food that nourishes” and have no fear. My Mother will not abandon you if you know how to invite her into all your difficulties.

You know well that you are living through the last times. For this reason, I invite you to the divine banquet and you will be certain of not falling easily into temptation.

I am always near you. Come to the altar of my sacrifice and I will save you from eternal hell. Be charitable toward your brethren. Live in peace and in prayer and I will give you eternal joy.

I bless you and thank you.

Your Merciful Jesus

Jesus Crucified

My such beloved children: my Father, who is in heaven and who blesses you, be with you all. Always remember that if you are born on this earth it is because he has called you by name, one by one.

You have been and will always be his; seek to be reborn in heaven. Yes, dear children, it is now your turn to conquer that Fatherland, where the Father waits for you.

I am with you like I was with my disciples. I love you in the same way in which I loved them and will lead you, if you want, between His adorable arms, full of the Holy Spirit.

He, the author of life, has the power also to take it up again to Himself, but will do so only if you, full of love for Him, want it.

This is the eternal dwelling. I love my Father and I pray to Him so that he preserve you from the great offenses that Satan suggests to you in order to lead you into his kingdom of fire and eternal pain.

My dear children, pray and make others pray. Entrust yourselves to the maternal arms of my Mother and yours and you will have nothing to regret. These times in which you are living are the last, but that takes nothing away from the fact that they will be very difficult to live through for those who do not know how to ask for help with their prayers.

My Father has many places in store for you, but seek to merit eternal life. My Mother intercedes for you with copious tears, but it is up to you to merit eternal life. I love you. Seek me out and I will be with you for all eternity.

Jesus Crucified

Jesus, Ascended into Heaven

You have just celebrated my Ascension into heaven, now ask yourselves how your rise to heaven will be!

My such beloved children, many of you will have a rise into heaven. Others, instead, will live the end of time here, on your earth.

I will come to you. I will speak simply with you, like I am doing now with this sister of yours. You need not go through physical death to return to your Creator.

You will have all the time necessary for asking pardon for your sins. It will seem like your heart is in total darkness. You will suffer for the offenses caused Me, my Father, and my Most Holy Mother. It will seem like a long time, eternal, but after the request of your forgiveness, you will see the glory of God.

After this, you will be able to begin a new life made only of the love of God and of true and pure love among yourselves. You will have paradise on earth and will finally enjoy my presence.

Exult, my children, because these times are drawing near by leaps and bounds. My Father is Infinite Goodness and will rejoice, finally, with all his children who live only according to his Holy Will, enjoying true Love.

I bless you. Prepare to welcome infinite Love.

Make sure you are found ready.

Jesus, Ascended into Heaven

Jesus and Mary

My daughter, I ask this of you but, consequently, through you, of your brethren: do you believe in my second coming among you, on your planet Earth?

I am the Second Person of the Trinity and I can affirm, with certitude, that my second coming among you is drawing close. It will be soon and so many of you will recognize me; others, unfortunately instead, will remain in their errors.

Prepare, I tell you, to welcome Me and my Most Holy Mother as we merit, that is, with all the love and desire of knowing your most beloved Jesus and Mary personally.

Consider yourselves fortunate, because you will not pass through an earthly death.

It will seem like a dream to you, then, very slowly, your heart will ask forgiveness for all the times it has taken part in the many sorrows caused us, Jesus and Mary, Mother of the Church.

Wake up, my children. Pray and make others pray if you want to be considered true, loving children.

Begin from now on to speak to your unbelieving friends about our second coming. Tell them that they no longer have much time to pray and prepare themselves for our coming, which will be, yes, a consolation for all of you but which will make you live through difficult moments, before all the forgiveness that you must ask, for your numerous sins and offenses caused to our most pure hearts.

I bless you in waiting for you, that this day come.

In the name of the Father, of My Name, and of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

Jesus and Mary

Jesus of Mercy

My daughter, so dear to my Heart, I am your Jesus of Mercy. Consider yourselves fortunate children, because you have God the Father and his Son, who let himself be crucified for your salvation.

I want to speak to you like I did with our first apostles. Dear children, I can say that in these times I have had few children who believe in Me, but today, my children who once believed in Me, they have shrugged their shoulders, and do you know why?

The things of the world, for them, have more importance than the Son of God, He who has given his own life for the salvation of his children.

Dearest children, I wish that your next prayers be addressed to my Father, precisely for the salvation of my children who are lost by preferring the useless things of the world.

I can tell them that you are at the end of these most brutal times, and then I and my Most Holy Mother will return to save from hell all our children who will make themselves known as true children of God.

I ask this of you because your hearts are open to love. I, dear children, need lovable children like you, who do not tire of recommending to me your children and all those who are far from God.

I thank you now, because I read your hearts, your affirmative responses. I want to find, in my next, second coming, all my children obedient to my Father.

Dear children, make yourselves apostles of peace and will embrace you at my second coming. I bless you with my promise of eternal salvation. I, Jesus, bless you in the name of the Father, in my Name, and that of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Jesus of Mercy

Jesus, Son of Most Holy Mary

My dearest daughter, in the person of my priest am I here present among you today. I protect you and guard you in these difficult times but, for you, my children, the difficulties will not exist.

I am always with you, be sure of it. Have no fear, because wherever my Mother is, there am I. I will never leave you alone. I will be near you in all the most difficult moments and will guide you until the end, when I will present you to my Father.

Pray and live always as if that day were the last, that is, in the grace of God. My Father will cure you and heal you and you, finally, will live in the glory of your Father.

My dear children, you know well that only prayer, surrounded by good works, will open the gate of Joy of my Father.

Do not let yourselves be found unprepared, but be always ready to enter with Me into the Kingdom of my Father. Your earth is stained with the blood of your brethren. It is up to you to cleanse it again from all the offenses and blasphemies against God.

You see how the earth has become still darker and more difficult for you. It is up to you to care for it with your prayers, to give it again a bit of healthy spiritual vigor.

I love you and will not allow Satan to do any more evil than necessary. Dear children, pray and have others pray and I, with my Most Holy Mother, will return among you in the glory of my Father. I bless you in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

Jesus, Son of Most Holy Mary

Jesus, Risen and Merciful

Your Jesus of Mercy has been killed and crucified, but now, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, he is in the highest of heavens.

My dearly beloved children, I love you so much. Unfortunately, you remain few who fulfill my will, but I entrust to you all your non-believing brethren. I desire to bring all my children into joy without end.

Those who do not believe signal, with their sins, their eternal life in darkness, in suffering, in the most incredible bitterness. Dear children, for a little while longer you have time to preserve from eternal death this poor brethren of yours.

The riches in which you live earthly life often open the gates of hell. I have given my life for your salvation and I tell you that, if it were possible, I would return to give my life for them.

I pray you, in these times, signaled by wickedness and wars, the only thing that you can do for the salvation of my perverse people is and remains only prayer, sacrifice, and penitence.

Dear children, you can never understand how great is the sorrow that my non-believing children cause me. They simply cannot lose true life, that which is eternal. Such children, in these last times, have many reasons for returning to Me. Wars must put [them] in their hearts, in addition to physical and even spiritual pain.

Pray, my beloved children, for those who do not know what they are doing! I thank you because your love grants me the joy has been taken away from me by Satan. I love you and bless you.

Jesus, Risen and Merciful

Jesus, Love and Savior

It is I, your Jesus. I want to listen to the prayer of my children, who continue to remember the love of their Jesus under the most heavy wood of the Cross.

My dear children, I thank you at this time of terrible storms. You remain few in number and I need you very much, you who, with courage, continue along the most difficult way that leads to salvation.

The world is making itself all the more incredulous toward Me, toward my Father, and my Mother, She who continues to intercede without rest before the Father so that He have compassion on his children poorest in Spirit.

My daughter, my cenacle continues to raise prayers without tiring and this gives me such joy. Pray for all my consecrated ones who no longer respect the promises made to me in their Consecration.

Satan is making a massacre of this most beloved sons of mine. He blinds them with false hopes and they fall into temptation. Dear children, offer me your prayers and sufferings for these who are dear to me but weak consecrated children.

It would be the end, this direction could even be your spiritual death, being no longer able to feed on the Eucharist, which keeps you alive and preserves you from every evil. My children, be always aware that without God there is no more life.

My return with my Mother is indispensable for your salvation. For this reason, the times of our return among you are drawing shorter in order to give the possibility of salvation to all our most beloved children, favorite and sovereign race.

I bless you, my beloved. Remain united in my name and soon you will be free from the chains of Satan.

Jesus, Love and Savior

Jesus, Risen from the Dead

My daughter, it is your Jesus and I come to you to give you strength and courage in these last times. I will certainly not cause you fear. I am He who loves all his children without distinction.

You have been created to return to He who has thought of you forever. Why does all this fear invade your heart? I am with you in particular when you are taken by fear. I pray you, think about the love that I have shown in Creation. I want the best for each of you.

Pray to the Father, so that He put an end to these difficult times and open the new world to all his children worthy of peace, joy, love, and sharing of what has marvelously existed for all eternity.

If you are coherent with your creed you will be safe. The certainty that there exists something more durable must take from your heart and your mind this fear that has taken possession of you and no longer lets you live in the freedom that I have given to each of you.

In prayer, only in prayer, will you find that strength that will not abandon you before every obstacle. The devil knows that these are the last times for him to tempt my beloved children and he inculcates fears and concerns in order to make you fall and lose eternal life.

I pray you, draw close to My Body and Blood. Feed on the Eucharist, which satisfies in every moment. I want you all with me and will not let you be tempted for much longer. I have given my life for you and will not allow you to be taken by tricks.

I love you, I console you if you ask me and I will save you from all diabolical traps.

I bless you in the Name of my Father and of the Trinity together.

Jesus, Risen from the Dead

Jesus, Savior of the World

My children, it sorrows me to see such indifference for all that is sacred. You do not understand that the things of the world will pass away, and then you will find only the void around you and within you.

Begin to change, even if slowly, your ways of being. Put your spiritual part in first place because the corporal part will have no more importance.

Heaven will never pass away, I tell you. Prepare yourselves, because I will return when you least expect it. My Most Holy Mother is trembling with expectation, therefore, even for her love, my Father is speeding up the times.

Now I tell you, what will the thousand earthly things for which you have given yourselves over to do serve you? You cannot take even the smallest thing with you. You will need nothing of which you have set aside with such passion.

Begin to take part in the prayers that you have been taught so long ago and which you have forgotten, setting them aside without any kind of importance.

Pray, my children. This is the propitious hour, because Satan has taken all the power that you have given him freely. I am with you and keep you from every evil, but you, turn to Me like the most authoritative of fathers.

My dear children, I repeat: wake up from this satanic slumber. A good confession will free you from the snares of Satan and you will be newly free to choose what is good and right for you.

I bless you. I sign you with the sign of my cross.

Jesus, Savior of the World