Jesus, Your Consoler

I am your Jesus, that Jesus who is blasphemed, remains crucified, and who suffers more now than in ancient times. My children, how will you ever live without God? You do not understand that, for you, it is like dying every day.

You cannot go on much longer this way. My Father has already decided upon your return to life that is eternal and full of joy for all those who believe, and upon eternal punishment for all those who, while knowing the existence of God, avoid him like an intruder.

My dear children, I count so much on you. Help me, in these last times, because I do not want most of my earthly children to go and populate hell.

Pray much for these children of mine who do not believe, because I want all my children in the joy of Paradise. These times of yours are the furthest from the love of my Father and they show no particular hint of changing.

Dear children, give good example to those brethren of yours who do not believe, because the justice of my Father will show no preference to those who do not pray to him and do not call upon him.

Dear children, I love you. Be my children as skillful workers in the vineyard of the Lord. You will be greatly rewarded. I am always near you and will lead you to eternal joy. Pray, pray, and make others pray.

Jesus, Your Consoler

The Risen Jesus

I am the Father of each and all of you. My dear children, your world, full of useless things, is coming to an end.

Prepare yourselves on a spiritual level if you do not want to end in hell. I cannot go on any further. With all I have given you, most of my children live in sin and, therefore, I want to end these difficult times and full only of mortal sins committed by my sinful children.

I pray you, who have remained under my commandments: speak of hell to your neighbors. Many of you do not yet fear going to hell because you do not really know it.

The times that are coming will be terrible for those who are not ready to face them. Satan will no longer leave these children of mine and, then, their sufferings will be terrible. Until now, unfortunately, Satan has presented himself as just and good with certain “Christians” who are such only in name.

I, my dear children, will never leave you alone if you listen to my Word. Welcome all my teachings, which will become every passing day clearer and more important for your life on earth.

My dear children, you who follow and love my Word, be true teachers of the Word of God and you will be rewarded. I count so much on you, my dearest children, who listen to me. I bless you.

The Risen Jesus

Jesus, Infinite Love

My daughter, offer me all your sufferings, moral and physical, and I will give you all my blessings. I need your tribulations of these days in order to forgive the many brethren of yours who offend me in every way and in every moment.

You are in a moment of your life that is very, very difficult. Your unfaithful brethren cannot be counted. Your Mother and I are offended in every way. My children no longer live according to my commandments and for this reason they offend Me and all Creation.

My Father will not go very long before punishing these children.

I count so much on you, my dearest children, who obey my commandments. Continue in your prayers and your offerings and I assure you your eternal arrival in heaven with Me and with your and my Mother.

Pray and have others pray for all my children who are far from the laws of my Father. I suffer for them because I know already the punishments that these disobedient children of mine will bring into the depths of hell for all eternity.

My dearest children, I love you. Pray and console me for all the all the offenses that I am receiving. I love you so much and my Father will reward you the with eternal joy of Paradise. My daughter, I love you for all the sufferings that you are offering me.

Jesus, Infinite Love

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

Your Jesus is here with Me and with you. Pray, my dear children, that the times to come bring your non-believing brethren a bit of faith in Jesus and Mary.

I am with you, but I cannot convert my children if so many of you are not helping me heal the many wounded souls in the Spirit.

Pray that the times to come, together with the chastisements, bring many conversions. Most of my children have lost faith, but I want to convert all of you and bring you into eternal joy.

My dear children, believe in eternity and repent of all your faults, so that the Eternal Father can forgive all your sins.

It is I who, for so long, have been speaking with you about your earthly life precisely to convert your souls from evil to eternal good.

I want all my children to return to the Eternal Father and to enjoy the good of Eternity. I, your Mother, am coming to earth to convert many disobedient souls. My dear children, pray and fast, so that all my children return to the eternal joy of Paradise.

I bless you and thank you for your spiritual help. Be true children of God.

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

Jesus, Son of God

I am the Lord your God; you shall not have any God besides Me.

In this moment, so many things will happen that most of you will not understand. But whoever is aware of my plans will not fear for all will happen in the last times.

My dear children, no one will love you like God and your Jesus of Mercy love you. Do not believe those who could lead you on the way that would not lead to your Father. Only through his Will things will change.

You know well that you are near to the heavenly changes. No one could change even a comma from the purpose of my Father, who is in heaven.

No one, for the moment, knows my Father, but in the last times, those who love God above all else will come to know the plans of God for men.

My children, you who have always walked the road of God’s justice, continue to teach your brethren who live in ignorance, that the only Way to follow is that which leads to God.

I am always near you and will lead you to the only Way, that is, to my Father who is in heaven and who loves you above all things. I bless you, my dearest children. Continue to teach the truths of God.

Jesus, Son of God

Your Merciful Jesus

My dearest children, let my Ascension into Heaven make you desire Paradise. You know well that the times are drawing shorter on your earth and my Father will make of these days to come the beginning of the earthly end.

I pray you, do not lose any more time in this rotten world, but begin to think consciously about the end of this poor world. My Father had given it to you for your well-being but you have done nothing but destroy it.

I no longer know how to tell you: CONVERT! if you do not want to spend the rest of your life in eternal hell, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth. Look around you and you will see only devastation!

What have you done with all the earthly goods that my Father has given you!

You have destroyed every good, every good thing, and have gone through every smile on your mouths. Repent, so that you be on time. Ask forgiveness among yourselves and, above all, from the bottom of your hearts, pray to my Father and your Father for forgiveness for all your sins.

I am always with you, but there will come times in which it will no longer be enough to ask forgiveness. I am with you, but you entrust your hearts to me full of mortal sins!

I bless you.

Your Merciful Jesus

Jesus, Your Savior

I am the Lord your God. You shall not have any God besides Me.

In these last times, there will be much confusion on your earth. But do you not understand that I have, from the beginning, suggested to you not to have any God apart from Me?

One God in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Father is, all along, He who has made all things from nothing. The Son has given his life for your salvation. The Holy Spirit is with each of you, always.

Your earthly times are going to drawer ever shorter and the Father, who is in Heaven, will bring to a close your earthly life in order to give to each of you what he merits, the prize or eternal pain.

Convert, my children, before it is too late. My churches are emptying out and my sons, the priests, pray and suffer for all of it, thinking they wrong in speaking to my children about God, One and Three.

My dearest children, repent of your unjust behaviors and ask forgiveness from my Father, while you can. My Mother is always with you and guards you, being the best of all mothers.

Jesus, Your Savior

Jesus, Your Redeemer

My dearest children, ask yourselves this question: why is the climate turning against us? The answer is simple: have you respected nature? No, you believe you have become masters of this world and nature is making itself felt by responding with the climate—above all, with these disasters.

Now you understand that what you want to change with your hands will never give you what you set out to take. Nature is rebelling against you and you, before these catastrophes, no longer know how to respond.

My dearest children, say “Through my fault, my most grievous fault.” Your heart will give you more just responses if, in your hearts, you enter into my will.

I am your Good Father. I know what you need for living your life comfortably and in mutual accord. If you let Satan enter your hearts, you will quickly realize that the good you need will flee far from you.

My dear children, return to praying to your Good Shepherd. Ask with love and you be answered with love and, above all, with justice. You have lost everything only because you have placed your “I” in the place of God.

Convert, my children, otherwise my Father will respond to your requests in the same way in which you ask them. If you return to Him with a true conversion, everything good and just will return to earth.

I will pray to the Father to obtain the conversion of all your hearts.

Jesus, Your Redeemer

Jesus, Your Redeemer

My daughter, I am your Jesus and I come again to you to encourage you to go forward, especially with prayer. Without prayer you are like sheep without a shepherd. You see how your life is becoming all the more difficult. I can only urge you to go forward with prayer.

Your existence on earth will never become the same as it was. You have forgotten prayer and, with prayer, even the Holy Mass.

How many of my children no longer turn to Me for their needs! They even make use of fortune tellers and, in this way, make their existence worse. The world has not been created by people but by God, He Who Is Creator and Lord of heaven and earth.

I implore you, my children, you who listen to my Word, strive to give the good example. Speak of your Lord Jesus Christ. Remember that he has let himself be crucified for your good.

I love you and know your needs well. I am always ready to help you. I pray you, turn to Me in every circumstance and I will always be ready to help you.

Pray, pray, pray. Come often to find me in the tabernacles of your churches and I will not disappoint you. May my blessing be always upon you and your families. Love even your enemies and I will preserve you from their acts of malevolence.

Jesus, Your Redeemer

Jesus, Crucified and Risen

My daughter, you are in my hands. Always remember that the negative voices, just as they are born, will come to an end. As for you, continue to obey your Creator and continue to live in peace and love.

These times of yours are like storms and this is the most turbulent part. These last times are hard for all of you, but whoever is under my protection must never fear.

Am I not the Son of God? And you, those so dear to my heart, you are protected spiritually. Let my children furthest from me and your Father live like they want—but then, they will have to render an account to God, however, for all their actions.

My favorite children, continue to live in prayer and obedience to your Father and at the end of your live you will be able to live in joy and happiness, where there will be no more struggle and sorrow.

I love you so much. I listen to your prayers. Continue to feed on my Body and leave fears to those who live far from eternal Light and Peace. I love you, dear children. Continue to bear witness to the Son of God and nothing will be able to do you any harm.

I love you. I am always with you. In difficult moments, entrust yourselves to Me and to your heavenly Mother, and nothing and no one will be able to do you harm.

I bless you. Remain united under my blessing.

Jesus, Crucified and Risen