Jesus, Dead and Risen

My dear children, if my angels did not guard you day and night, you would be like reeds beaten by the wind. I remain outside the doors of your heart and you are at the mercy of the disobedient angel.

But how is it that you do not understand that without my protection are not even capable of walking? You always try to take my place, but in the end, you pay in person for the damages caused.

Seek conversion, do not waste any more time. The days pass and you remain in total darkness. Return to respecting and carrying out my ways. Recover lost time. Love each other by forgiving offenses received.

Let my passion teach you that only giving one’s life shows true love. I have loved you, but you do not want to understand that you can overcome all the sufferings you are facing by sacrificing your “I”.

Living for one’s neighbor means giving without expecting recompense. Give freely and with joy you will receive from Me your recompense. Loving is usually costly, but only in offering oneself does one receive.

Your times are not favorable. Each of you seeks to ignore the other because of fear of suffering for love. Dear children, I remind you often that true love does not expect its counterpart.

Be more generous and you will obtain all that you desire. Let this Lent bring you to consider that love is self-offering. Offer yourselves spontaneously and you will be repaid abundantly.

The resurrection is my offering to my children who have not skimped on their love toward their brethren. Bless and offer, and my Father will reward you.

Jesus, Dead and Risen

Mary, Help of Christians

Your Queen, Help of Christians, is in your midst. My dear children, let prayer every day become your help, your strength, your defense from every evil. I say it again, let it be your defense from every evil.

Satan is reaping souls like never before, and do you know why? Because you, my most beloved children, have chosen to enter through the wide door. He charms you with his flattery and you, poor creatures, fall into his trap like baby mice.

The armor that, up to now, has protected you has been made weak and you are at the mercies of the devil, who profits from you like never before. Dear children, prayer remains your only defense.

Your ancestors were more respectful of the Commandments of God, but do you know the counsels that your Father places at your disposition? No, I tell you, but you still have prayer, the last weapon in your hands.

Recite the Holy Rosary every day without making up excuses, because each of you is master of his own time. Put it first in the morning, as soon as you get up, and you will quickly realize that your days begin the best way possible.

My Son will instantly give you what you ask for with faith. The Holy Mass is your treasure, as yet unknown to most, but if you only knew what a great gift you are losing, you would weep with sorrow.

My Jesus gives himself to you in the Eucharist, but you pretend not to understand, lost in your foolish affairs. I counsel you as the Mother that I am, return to daily Mass, at least in this time of preparation for Easter. Help my Son, who offers himself to the Father for you.

I bless you. Speak to those dear to you, lead them to the prayer par excellence, the Holy Mass.

Mary, Help of Christians

Jesus, the Crucified Christ

My dear children, my blessing be upon you and your families.

Today, the beginning of Lent, I want to help you distinguish between simple prayers and offerings.

You can address prayers of request, of forgiveness, and of intercession to me all the time, and I hear them. During this period, in preparation for my resurrection, you can offer me prayers of intercession, in particular for eternal salvation.

Even I, in that sorrowful moment, asked my Father to take away from Me that terrible trial. Therefore, I understand you when you find yourselves before the cross. You know that you must confront it, but courage is often lacking.

My children, this Lenten period will show you the cross while assuring you of my help. Be strong; after the moment of confusion and of rejection, accept the trial with the certainty that I am with you precisely in order to support the weight together with you.

May this period, therefore, be favorable for you. Offer me your sufferings, your uncertainties, your torments, and I, from Gethsemane, will help you to welcome what my Father offers you for the remission of your sins and others’.

Your earth is suffering your very own sufferings. Pray that your Father take away, in his goodness, the venom that is destroying it. Pray and offer sacrifices in this fortunate time; you will be freed from all the sufferings on the physical and spiritual level.

I will console you. Bear your cross with love. The Easter that you are preparing will bring you eternal salvation. Be good imitators of your Christ if you want to have the eternal prize.

I, your Jesus, will be near you in the temptations that will not be lacking. I love you.

Jesus, the Crucified Christ

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Dear children, may Christ reign in your hearts. As you recite in the prayer of the Hail Mary, the Fruit of my womb is blessed; but so many of you, while reciting the prayer, think very little about that Fruit.

For me, very unripe, even I, a young woman, accepted that which the angel announced to me, with a heart tested one hundred percent. What would you be ready to answer to such an incredible request?

My children, that blessed Fruit was bitter for all the sufferings that we had to confront from the beginning. I, the Mother of God, how I understood which road I was taking, and with all the trials that were springing up before me day after day.

My daughters, I tell you this because we women have great responsibilities before God. Take example from Me, mother of the Only-Begotten.

Be good teachers with your children and remember that the more one loves, the more one suffers; we are invited to give our lives for our children. Even your children are blessed fruit. Continue to the end to keep them true blessed fruit. You will be asked, at the end of your days, how you were able to raise them in love.

They are gifts of God and to God you must give them back. Seek to educate them only by imitating Me. Be aware that your little ones will be the big ones of tomorrow, men rich in the fear of God, able to educate in the truth, in holiness, in love.

You do not need money to enrich your children, but the example of the love of God. The more they love God, the more they will enrich the lives of their own children and of their children’s children.

You are all part of the genealogy of Jesus; this must be your wealth. Children of God, brothers of Jesus, be blessed in their Name.

Mary, Mother of Jesus