Jesus, Crucified and Risen

My dear children, why are you worried about the dead? Do you not know that you must think about living well, in holiness? For your dead you can only pray, but you, my children, how are you reacting to all this?

Do you not know that trials should be confronted with great courage? Pray, then, and have others pray more. Help your brethren in difficulty. Love those yet unable to love.

The trials are just beginning for you. Be courageous. Act always in truth and in the Name of your Creator. This is the moment of your bearing witness. I have been asking this of your for some time, but now, more than ever, must you demonstrate your faith.

Trials are never in vain, let this be clear. They give you a way of demonstrating your true identity and remember that not those who say “Lord, Lord,” will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of God.

Dear children, this is the moment of making his Will known. It is the hour to worry yourselves with the things of God, with sincerity and strength of spirit. Now, finally, will be fulfilled the plans of God.

For you who follow my Word, your duty is this: bring more brethren into the true dwelling, that where there will be no more crying or lament. Be calm, I tell you: where two or more are gathered in my Name, I am there.

You have been created not to suffer, but to enjoy, with all the saints, Paradise. I tell you, rejoice, because your liberation is near. Pray with much certitude, do not doubt. The goodness of God is greater, superior, to the wickedness of Satan.

I love you, dear children. I follow you step by step. You cannot trip up.

Jesus, Crucified and Risen

Mary, Your Mother

Yes, my children, “Maranatha.” Pray – pray – pray and my Son will not make himself wait for much longer. Your sins have putrefied the earth and you, what do you still think you can do? When will your conversion come?

Dear children, without God you will never go far. You have discovered so many things in this time but you have not yet understood that you will never be able to create anything.

One alone is Creator and sooner or later you will have to submit yourselves to his will if you want to take action on all that you are destroying. The proofs that only God can create, you have had many of them. But you are so full of pride that you will never admit all your defeats.

Repent. You still have time to repair what you have destroyed with your hands. Decide to ask pardon for all your sins and Jesus will intercede before his Father for you all.

I still want to believe in you. Bend your knees before Jesus in the Sacrament and ask pardon from the bottom of your hearts.

You know well that divine justice will act in its totality and for those who will not admit their faults and will not ask pardon with their hearts, it will be the end. The devil is playing with his last possibilities; for this reason he is decimating you.

I promise you, if your prayers are more from what you lack, we will take from Satan all his power. Pray, my dear children. Heal your sins with confession and you will be able to come to enjoyment with us.

May Jesus bless you in the Name of the Trinity.

Mary, Your Mother

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Thanks to my obedient children! Your faith will save you. Be always united. Pray, pray, pray in the certitude that I am always with you and you will be saved from every impurity.

The world in this moment is in confusion and the the devil plays with my children like a dog with its master. But he, unfortunately, does not love like animals do. He amuses himself only to bring my children into ignorance, into the depths of hell.

I pray you, my most beloved children, continue, with prayer, to obey my Son Jesus. They are putting him on the cross for the umpteenth time, but now he suffers much, much more for his children.

Theirs is a hate very different than that of the times of the Passion. In those times there was much more ignorance because, Jesus being unknown, they struggled to see the Second Person of the Trinity in that man rich only in humility.

My children, today you can touch with your hands the love of God. Jesus does nothing else than love his children with miracles of every kind. I assure you that if Jesus did not love you so immensely, you would all be in a thousand difficulties.

Certainly, you do not merit all this love of his, but you can enjoy it only through his immense generosity. The goodness of God has no measure, but human wickedness has reached the maximum. If there is no sincere repentance in your hearts, you can forget eternal life.

Dear children, love without measure and you will merit all the love that my Son has promised you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Help of Sinners

My dear children, for so long have I been instructing you! Now the moment has come to put into practice what I have been repeating to you for all this time. I repeat it to you: be calm, because what must happen will happen.

Your Father has made his decision and his Kingdom will come. My dear children, you must make all my children who live in the most total ignorance aware of all that I have told you.

I count on you who have been putting all my teachings into practice already for some time. Behold, the times of your Father are on their way, a way getting shorter, and all the must happen will happen. You are in the “times.”

So many of my children will convert thanks precisely to your witness. I guide you; what is important is that you do not get distracted. Pray and make others pray, so that God, your Father, get you back as only He knows how.

Convert and believe in the Gospel and all will seem more bearable for you. Trials will come all the closer, one after the other, but you will have time to live through them in the most complete justice.

Open wide your eyes because I ask you, more than ever, to help me. Be always sincere in speaking. Recommend obedience, because only by obeying the Word of God will you have salvation.

Educate your young ones, above all in drawing close to confession. Only by asking for pardon sincerely will you be pardoned. I am with you. Ask my help. I am your Mother and will never abandon you.

I bless you and protect you.

Mary, Help of Sinners