Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

Have I not perhaps promised you that I will be with you until the end of time? A true mother, how could she leave her own children in the fears and uncertainties of this brief human life?

Do not draw far from Me. Only I can give you all that you need in these last and uncertain earthly times. Dear children, how can you think that your life begins on this earth and ends here?

You have certainly had little imagination, but your heads and your sensations rightly begin and end in a great hurry. Life on earth is brief, but what awaits you will have no more end.

I implore you, seek to merit, with your good works, eternal life. On earth you have been able to know things only briefly but soon you will taste the goodness and eternity of the Creator, He who has given himself totally for his most beloved creatures.

Seek to take each other’s hand often. You need certainties and together you can obtain them more easily.

Pray that your Father have mercy on you, because the other one will do all he can to destroy the last days that remain for him totally to terminate the freedom that you have placed in his terrible, scorching claws.

Pray, love, offer, and suffer for the good of your non-believing brethren. I want you with Me and I do not tire of inculcating in you love, mercy, and forgiveness.

I bless you, reminding you that the days are quickly drawing to a close. Then you will see and enjoy True Light.

Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

Mary, Sorrowful Mother

My daughter, you will soon be better but do not seek healing, because we still need your suffering. You know well my sufferings and yet I continue to help my Son because I want most of my children soon to be able to rejoice in the glory of the return of Jesus on your shaky planet.

Only He can bring to your planet peace, joy, truth, brotherhood, true love. My daughter, continue to offer your sufferings and soon you will rejoice in your offerings.

Your earth has up to now become a satanic land with your sin, with your acts of disobedience, with your hatred for the true Church. You have scourged the body and spirit of my Son for the umpteenth time.

All will soon be fulfilled, unfortunately. Will your faith have the strength necessary that it needs for salvation?

Dear children, I can still count on you, my little remnant. Do not disappoint me. Accept with love the hard trials that you must face and together we can praise and give thanks to God for the gift of eternal life.

Now you are aware that human life will never be able to give you that perfect joy that you will experience by the unique love of God, Creator and Lord of all things. I love you so much. Pray and keep offering your indispensable sufferings so that the plan of God be realized in full.

I bless you, my beloved children. Continue to wipe away my tears. I love you.

Mary, Sorrowful Mother

The Mother of the Absolute Lord of All the Universe

My daughter, I know well that you are not in the best situation for receiving my message, but take courage and I will be brief. I cannot leave you without my word in the moment in which you need it most.

I am with you and will never leave you. I am your Sorrowful Mother and for this reason I have all the more need of your help. Continue to pray and you, my daughter, offer all your sufferings without asking for a reduction. You will have likewise merits in the terrible times that you are going to face.

You are a mother and, never before as in these moments of atrocious suffering even for you—you know well to what I am referring—can you help me bring to Jesus sorrows for his brethren.

Continue to offer your sufferings and Jesus will give your brethren moments of true repentance for their sins, in order to merit eternal Light and Peace.

A little while longer, my daughter, and all will come to a close like God will grant in his great and merciful pardon.

Pray, my daughter. The night is becoming darker every day but then there will rise for all obedient children the Sun of Life.

Be alert. Do not let yourselves fall asleep, but wake up and make ready to ask forgiveness and mercy for your many sins and failings.

I bless you and forgive you in expectation of the coming of He who can do all.

The Mother of the Absolute Lord of All the Universe

Mary, Woman Clothed with the Sun

My daughter, I come to you as the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. You understand very well, the Mother of God.

My Son, that Son who until now is offended in every manner, in every occasion, in every way, with the mouth, with inhuman words, with blasphemies, that Son of Mine so dear, remember, unworthy children, that Son is God!

That God who will count up all your gratuitous offenses, all the offensive words that you use to offend my Name and that of the Created Universe.

Unworthy children, soon you will be called to account for all your evil actions and then I bid you recognize all your mistakes and ask forgiveness of your Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ungrateful children, get on your knees before the Crucified Jesus for all your sins and decide to ask forgiveness, from the depths, accompanying with tears of penitence your apologies.

As Jesus forgave those who did evil to him, thus will he have compassion on you, poor humans, and will forgive your guilt.

Dear children, I still intercede for you. I cannot lose you. Satan cannot take away from me my beloved and adored children, but you, help me with your good works and with your truthful prayers and feelings from the depths of your hearts.

Time is drawing tight. Do not get lost in the sinful wanderings of your earthly world. Turn your gaze to heaven, where God will give you the reward you deserve.

I love you, my children. Do not disappoint my expectations. I want you all with me.

I bless you and hold you tight under my mantle. May Jesus hear your supplications.

Mary, Woman Clothed with the Sun