Mary, Lovable Mother

My dear children, peace to you and to the whole world. I am here to lead you to my Son, but it depends on your response. If you respond “yes” then I will teach you.

The days pass by and you do not decide to change your habits. I understand that you are going through a period, to say the least, tempestuous, and it is not easy to understand what you should or should not do, but it is precisely for this reason that I, your Mother, am always present to give you good advice.

Dear children, I suggest to you from the bottom of my sorrowful heart, do not judge. Judgment does not belong to you, but I suggest that you be merciful with all. Help your brethren who are in darkness, but help them delicately, with love, with much patience, otherwise your words will be in vain.

Love is that which builds every human relationship. Draw close with gentleness to my most unhappy children and then you will see good fruit. Jesus teaches from the height of his Cross. Be aware that without his help, without his guidance, without taking advantage of his example, you will never succeed in your purposes.

Pray more. From the morning turn your gaze toward heaven and begin your day with the Sign of the Cross. It is not easy to confront all the evil which surrounds you, but precisely for this reason, armor yourselves and arm yourselves with the only weapon that will conquer the world.

Console the many afflicted who suffer because they are misunderstood and hurt. Bring peace to every corner of your country. Help your priests who are yet more weak in temptations and teach your children, from their youth, to pray, to make little sacrifices, to love their less fortunate companions, because their families are broken and separated because of family misunderstandings.

Seek to unite. The other one incites you to separate ever more. Be strong in love and you will win. May the love and peace of my Son guide you toward eternal joy.

I love you, dear children. Be obedient.

Mary, Lovable Mother

Mary, Queen of Angels

My dear children, peace be with you. Each one of your guardian angels rejoices around you. Pray to your angels. Never as in these times do you need their help. They never tire of giving you counsel and direction as to how and where to go to lead you in the Christian way.

It is they who suggest to you how to praise, love, listen to the Word of the Gospel. Pay attention during prayer not to distract yourselves.

I remember you always, as the prayer of the heart is always the most profitable. Only from the heart does love come. Only from the heart are born feelings. Only from the heart are born the true acts of charity.

Ask the help of your angels when you lose concentration in prayer. They love to adore my Son and do not know distraction.

The way that leads to Jesus is sown with the discord that the demon tosses to makes you fall in temptation, but do not worry about the falls. Your angels are with you to sustain you and help you get back up.

I, your Mother, am with you. Your guardians make for me a crown in heaven as on earth. It is true that the rebel angels are numerous and wily, but if you call upon your guardian angels, they can do nothing against you.

Be shrewd. Speak and seek counsel before acting. You will realize that all your worries will vanish in giving way to peace of heart. Often my children forget the presence of the guardian angels by their side. For today I am here, to remind you of their presence.

Entrust to them your thoughts, your doubts, your uncertainties. You will realize that you can always count on their help.

I bless you, my children. Treasure this advice of mine and you will be more secure and serene in carrying out your tasks. My blessing be with you and with your loved ones.

Mary, Queen of Angels

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Dear children, I bring you my Son. Do not be afraid of all that is coming to your ears, but fear that which comes to your hearts. Never allow what is underhanded enter into your thoughts, your interior, in your life.

I bring you my Son and I give him to you through the priest. Draw close to the Eucharistic Table. Nourish yourselves with the Body of Jesus living and true. Abandon all that is human and enrich your spirit with the Bread that will feed forever.

You know well that if in you the soul stays fasting, you will die. Yes, dear children, there is no life without Christ, He whom the Father has sent to save all humanity.

The head of the ancient serpent will soon be crushed by my Immaculateness. I am the woman that he fears absolutely and for this reason you must never fear all that is said in these times.

I am your Mother and if you love my Son more than yourselves, I will sustain you and defend you in every step of yours. The Eucharist will never be lacking in your days and you will be full of every true joy, that which not even satan, with his temptations, can take away from you.

If you evangelize your brethren, first with the “word” and then leading them to the Sacred Table, your will be blessed by God. Listen to my counsel. No one more than me can give you just and more appropriate advice.

Be close to your priests with daily prayer. Ask for them the true respect of their vocation. With the consecrated you will be safe from such uncertainties and confusion. I am never missing from their celebrations. Do like Me, participate always in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

Through the Eucharist may you be blessed.

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Mary, Mother Most Tender

May the light that the stars of my crown spread illuminate your hearts.

Dear children, you very much need the light that comes from on high. You are living in a world of shadows and your spirit is in tremendous suffering.

Lift your eyes to heaven and, with hearts full of love, praise God that he not decide, too soon, to visit his justice upon your whole planet. You are blind guides to other blind persons; you can only walk gropingly. Ask help from heaven on high if you want to recover your sight.

You are not aware that time is passing inexorably. No one can decide his own life. My Son offered himself for you. Benefit from his goodness – convert to his Word, open your hearts and let there enter the true Light, that which shines in the darkness.

I love you. I would like to make you soldiers of Christ. Resolve to combat the constant enemy. Sharpen your weapon, use it as often as possible with the certitude that it will carry you to final victory.

May each of you be an example with your own brother, remembering that actions counts more than a thousand words. Be bringers of peace, forgetting the evil actions received, and you will be victors on all fronts.

The days to come depend on you. They can be favorable or less so, according to the strength that you know how to put into prayer and intercession before the Most High.

Man, taking the place that does not belong to him, is destroying his future and that of his brethren. I adjure you, make sure your politicians and all those who guide your countries let their hearts be shaped in order to lead in the name of the true Lord of heaven and earth.

I bless you, little flock. Obey only the voice of the True Shepherd.

Mary, Mother Most Tender