Your Heavenly Mother

My dear children, just as a mother teaches her little one to make his first steps, so I, your Mother, invite you to give me your hand so that I can guide you.

Walking together, you will feel more secure in your steps. Only by entrusting yourselves to my care will you be able to sure of arriving at the right goal.

Do not do as so many brethren who, in these times, are dying of fear, at every step taken by total insecurity. You have Me. You are safe. My way is safe and leads you to the merciful heart of Jesus.

Only if he forgives you will you be able to cross the threshold that will open for you; indeed, the gates of Paradise will open wide for you. Walk calmly. Turn to Me in whatever uncertain situation and I will resolve it for you.

I know well the times through which you are passing. For this reason, no one more than Me can give you certitude. I love you and am happy to show you the right way.

Do not have any fear. Pray and make others pray, assuring your brethren that prayer is the medicine that heals every ill, be it physical or spiritual.

Do not let yourselves go without the daily Food, in the certainty that, with the Eucharist, you are feeding on Christ.

These times will pass away but the life that awaits you will never pass away. You believe in my words. Only my Son, the Paraclete, can heal all your wounds all your sorrows, all your worries.

I bless you, my dear children. Be calm and happy in this life, because soon you will be with us.

Your Heavenly Mother

Mary, Queen of All Peoples

My daughter, I pray you not lose your smile. Whoever believes in God does not lose hope. Believe me, I understand your sufferings, but I assure you they will not be eternal.

I am with you, your Mother, she who has suffered for your salvation and who still continues to ascend Calvary together with Jesus for the rebirth, in heaven, of all her children, sinners but so much loved.

Turn to us always in your difficulties and you will not be disappointed. Love, that which is true, never dies. It pardons offenses in order not to disperse her children.

Console each other, because soon all this suffering will end by giving way to the uncontainable joy that only Jesus can grant.

Continue to pray, above all for the Church and her consecrated ones. It is a hard time to live in but have the certitude that you will be rewarded only as Jesus can and knows how to do.

We will always be ready to encourage you and help you in all your needs, but you, do not ease off. Have trust. Continue to pray for your families and above all wherever the devil has the faculty to put to the test those who believe in his temptations.

Soon all this will end. We will return to you in joy and will enrich you with our beautiful presence. My love for you becomes all the greater. I embrace you, above all in the moments most difficult for you. Do not surrender to the devil.

I bless you and Jesus sustains you and liberates you from every danger if you entrust yourselves totally to Him. Love him and forgive each other. May Jesus be with you.

Mary, Queen of All Peoples

Mary, Sorrowful Mother

My such beloved children, hold tightly to Me, or the other one will take your souls. My protection is for all of you. I am your true and only mother. Do not draw far from me, not even for a moment. Only with me are you safe.

My children, you are carrying out massacres but, unfortunately, too many of your brethren do not understand and do not perceive the temptations. Pray, I tell you, because the time that remains is really small. I love you too much to leave you in his diabolical hands.

Be strong. Do not draw far from the Eucharist, the Only Food that keeps one alive. Speak clearly, either for God or for Satan. You will find no other choices.

My Son awaits you in his kingdom but you seem not to understand. Realize that the choices are only two. The devil is drawing you all toward him and you, poor children of mine, do not realize how enormous are his lies.

Do not draw far from Me. Ask me to intercede for you, for your families, for your priests.

Do not abandon the true Church. Prostrate yourselves at the feet of Jesus and pray him to shorten his times, otherwise there will be no more salvation for many of you.

It is your Mother, full of bitterness in his heart, who speaks to you. Help me, you who love to follow my counsels. I need you. Pray and fast, because these times are truly unsustainable. Pray. Pray. Pray.

I bless you. Hold tightly to me and I will support you. You will not fall into hell. I love you. I hold you tightly to my heart. I will not leave you in the hands of Satan.

Mary, Sorrowful Mother

Jesus, the Savior

My daughter, your Lent has passed. Perhaps it seemed longer than ever, but what do you want? Do you want to rejoice? Holy Easter has pass by for you but my Cross still remains before you, lest you forget my tribulation.

Perhaps you have not yet understood that my suffering for you has not yet passed. Rather, these times are a weight upon my shoulders greater than what I carried on the way to Calvary.

Dear children, continue to offer me your sufferings. I need them to save many souls from the fires of hell. Pray, keep doing penance, offer me prayers, so that I can show to the Father your good faith.

My Mother has not yet finished suffering for you. She, the Queen, has made herself small and poor to help me save many souls of yours from hell.

Perhaps you are not yet aware of the danger through which you are passing, not for your body, but for your spiritual life, your eternal life. Help me to save many brethren of yours who run the risk of spending eternity among the flames.

Believe me, I do not want to frighten you, but I want to lead you into my kingdom, which is a kingdom of peace, of love, and of eternal happiness. Dear children, be happy to be helpful to me; do not turn away from this.

Pray and make others pray, because this pandemic will not save many souls without your prayers. I believe in you; for this reason I invite you to help me in this moment. I bless you. Bring my blessing wherever you go. I will give you a hundredfold.

Peace to you.

Jesus, the Savior