Mary, the Virgin of Consolation

My daughter, do not be afraid. I am always with you and with all you children who call upon me, because without my help you would not be able to live calmly enough in these most difficult times.

I will never leave you alone, not even for a moment, otherwise the “entity” cursed by God and by men would reduce you to ashes. Pray, my dearest children, that these terrible days pass quickly.

Receive my Son into your hearts, because, otherwise, you would not be protected. You have understood that in these last years the devil has sought to plunder so many of my weakest children.

The spiritual part of you is tired of being offended. Most of you do not pray to Jesus, but blaspheme him above all when things do not go as you would have wanted.

My children, that is, those who follow my counsels even in the most difficult moments, you have the certitude of overcoming every obstacle that Satan puts in your difficult path. Only those who live in Jesus will succeed in overcoming the most tiring moments.

I love you, and for this reason I will not draw far from you, not even for a moment. With this certitude, continue to live in daily obedience to Jesus, your Savior. Every day that passes, you draw closer to your eternal liberation from the evil one.

I love you and will never leave you alone. Call upon me. I am there to help you. My children, be strong and courageous. Pray and fast and soon you will be freed from every evil.

Mary, the Virgin of Consolation

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  1. If you want to know your predominant fault ask Our Lady of Sorrows. She will reveal it to you, her heart “pierced by the sword of sorrows so that many hearts may be revealed” will expose it for you and then ask her help to eliminate it and do your part in that work

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