Mary, She Who Comes from Heaven

My dear children, do you have faith? Well, soon you will see the glory of God.

Your earth is infested with demons and you do not yet understand that things are changing for you. I am with you and will never leave you, especially in moments of struggle with the evil spirits.

I will repeat to you ad infinitum that my love will defend you from all earthly evils. I am very sad for what is waiting for you but am certain that in the moments of discomfort you will profit from the well-being that will gush forth from the angels and the saints of heaven.

My Son will allow no more than you can handle. Always have your gaze fixed on high. Only from God will you be able to have the strength that you will need, especially on the spiritual level.

Be ready, always with my weapon in your hands. Only the holy rosary will be able to help you and defend you from every attack of the evil one.

Continue to transmit to your brethren my messages. No one must be caught unawares of what will happen, no one must say, “But I did not know.” Remember that for this you will have great responsibility. If I come again among you it is because you still have great need of the Word that I bring you.

My dear children, Jesus will protect you but you must be worthy of our love and of the dedication that we have for each one of you. Let prayer always occupy the first place in your hearts. Let charity toward your brethren be its fruit.

Remember, the Most Holy Eucharist is the only food that will be able to satisfy your hunger in the times to come. I press you to my heart and I bless you. Be obedient and you will live.

Mary, She Who Comes from Heaven

Mary, the True Christian Mother

I am waiting for you like I waited for my Son. Yes, my dear children, Jesus prayed with his disciples like you pray and I waited for them; I waited with joy and worry for their return. My children, even if you are not many, as sometimes happens, I am waiting for you to speak with you like a mother to her child.

Always be attentive and, moreover, keep your eyes open and attentive. Open your hearts all the more to the voice of your Mother, the person who loves you the most and waits for you in the dwelling that Jesus has prepared from all time for all those who have chosen him and continue to choose him.

You know well that only in Him can you live eternally. Your earthly world will never give you what you desire to live with joy. I am near you precisely to give make you note the difference between the earthly and the heavenly.

If you try to imagine a totally perfect life, you could understand a tiny bit of totality and perfection.

Now, I tell you, put all your diligence, your mind, and your heart into our hands and all will change for you into love, but that love that you will know only when you are secure in our dwelling full only of divine love.

Dear children, believe me, I would never descend to you to make you know all this if I did not love you like I do. Listen more to your heart; only from within the intimacy of your heart comes perfect love.

Do not lose any more time; offer all your heart to my Son and He will fill it with the Holy Spirit.

Pray and make others pray and soon you will see its fruit. I bless you, I intercede for you, and I present you to the throne of the Most High.

Mary, the True Christian Mother

Jesus, Trinitarian Son

Dear children, the Second Person of the Trinity is with you. Let prayer always be your strength. The times in which you are living bring only confusion and obscurity. My light will always shine for you. Fear not; it will not be lacking for you even when all is fulfilled.

I love you and cannot leave you to the mercies of the ancient serpent. I pray you to listen with much attention to what my Mother continues to remind you. With her you will always have the certitude of living in my Light. Understand well that when darkness comes, it will not be thus for you. My Blessing will reinforce your spirit and you will be full of truth and personal strength. No one will be able to penetrate your spirit to do you evil.

Continue to behave correctly. Never lose trust in faith because only by not distancing yourselves from the creed of your fathers will you be able to remain steadfast in the trials that you are going to face. You are my children on whom my favor rests. Continue to love your brethren, especially those who do not love you.

Be always attentive not to give bad example. Help those who do not have faith like you, because the demon will try them until the end, until he lead them into the depths of hell. Dear children, if I tell you these things it is so that you not find yourselves unprepared for the time of shadows.

May the Light be always with you and with all those dear to you. Your prayers will bear fruit more than you can imagine. Be always ready to welcome our counsels even if they seem, sometimes, inconceivable. I bless you; be always united in my Name.

Jesus, Trinitarian Son

Mary, Mother of the Church

Dear children, I have called you and you have responded with joy. I thank you and continue to speak to you as only a mother knows how. My joy in these times is minimal, but thanks to my Son, I still have so many dear children who listen to my counsels and put them into practice.

My such beloved children, always follow my counsels because in these sorrowful times only that which comes from God can console you and grant you that holy and celestial joy.

I love you and will not leave you alone, otherwise I could lose you. You need my support and my help and I will always give it to you. Be coherent with your creed and your faith, because in these times confusion reigns supreme.

Do not let yourselves be tricked by the “ifs” and the “buts.” The faith is one and let no one dare change its meaning. My Son, as I often remind you, “Was” not and “Will be” not; He “Is.” Therefore, there exists no before and after, but only today.

Do not change, therefore, the meaning of the words of the Gospel but continue to pray to that God, Eternal, Merciful, and Just. I speak to you today in this way because you will be tempted to modernize the Word of God.

My dear children, I am with you even to put you under advisement as to what is happening. Be obedient and do not turn back; recite the Creed as you always do. The Holy Mass and the Eucharist must be your daily support if you want to live in serenity and in truth.

I will always speak to you and only in the Truth of God. If you listen to me you will walk with agility and security toward the kingdom of God. Thank you, my dear children: you are my sentinels of the dawn. I bless you and intercede for you.

Mary, Mother of the Church

Jesus, Infinite Love

Dear children, whatever you do, do it with love and for love. My obedient children are recognized only by this. In this times of worry and bitterness, you and your brethren need sweetness and truth, that truth that always comes from love.

My children, one cannot live for himself or for his own wants and fulfillment. I have taught you with the example that love can be shown and then given only in one way, by giving oneself.

It is not easy to actualize what I am telling you, but precisely for this reason have I given you prayer. I myself have called upon my Father in the moment of suffering. Be imitators of me; never forget my example.

More and more every day do you need love. The fulfillment of the world is fleeting but my love will never pass away. Even for you will it be this way: love, sacrificing yourselves for others; love with the heart, that is, with spiritual love.

Remember, not the one who says, “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father. And his will you know: to love your neighbor as yourself.

Dear children, I tell you even this as well: love yourselves first and then you will be able to love others as yourselves. Respect and obey my Word means to love oneself and to love.

My Mother always brings you “the Word”; make use of it, contemplate it. Make use of it more than your own will. Love – love – love; all the rest doesn’t count. Without love, all would become bitter and useless and impossible.

May my blessing fill your hearts with tender love.

Jesus, Infinite Love