Mary, Immaculate of the Blue Roses

You call upon me as “Immaculate of the Blue Roses” and I want to inflame your hearts for Jesus, in this time you dedicate for celebrating me on the 8th of December.

I am your Mother and, in these times, which precede your memorial of the birth of Jesus, I counsel you to recommend to Him all your young ones.

These youth are being lost. They are acquiring only what the world offers them materially. They no longer know what is fundamental for saving their lives.

I pray you, help me bring them to Jesus. He will put them back on the right road in order to be able to acquire, one day not far from now, true happiness.

Only if they return before the Tabernacle, where Jesus waits for them day and night to bless them and bring them to Himself, will they be able to say they have acquired true happiness.

I thank you, my children, if you are able to bring these dear children of yours back to the true Father, He who will offer them eternal life full of true joy.

Be obedient in these last times. Follow Jesus and Me every step of the way and you will have the joy of living forever in the Paradise that awaits you in the name of Jesus and Mary.

I continue to pray for all my children, above all for those who are furthest from the Eternal Father. I love you and want you in my arms, to hold you tight against my sorrowful heart. Pray, I implore you, that all the young return to the Father.

I bless you and promise you that I will keep praying to Jesus for you.

Mary, Immaculate of the Blue Roses

Sorrowful Mary

My daughter, I am with you and help you in asking my Son for his protection. You are living through the last times and most of your brethren are not yet aware of it.

Tell them to ask forgiveness for all their sins, because when they do understand, it will be too late. But you do not see that your churches are emptying, while wherever one is entertained, far from God, great spaces are being filled.

My dear children, you who are aware that you are living through the last times, make friends and young ones draw as close as possible, so that they convert and return to the Good Father, who waits for them with such great love.

The devil is pillaging all our weakest children and they are falling into the diabolical trap, as if they were going to a feast. I assure you, they will not find any entertainment, but unfortunately it will be too late.

I pray you, help me to snatch from Satan my beloved children, who no longer feel how great is our love for them.

Dear children, I pray you, seek ways to speak with these disobedient young and Jesus will give you a hundredfold. I am near you and help you. Ask you will not be disappointed.

You are at your last gasp. I pray you, convert hearts that are far from God and you will have your recompense. I love you and am near you. Be children worthy of the love of Jesus.

Sorrowful Mary

Mary, Your Mother

The peace of Jesus be always with you. I, your Mother, am with you. I will not leave you, not even for a moment. The children who follow me grow fewer, but I, Mary, Mother of the Church, will not leave you, not even for a moment.

You understand that the devil is pillaging my weakest children, but he knows well that even for him these are the last times. Dear children, draw ever nearer to Jesus, your indispensable Food. Without Him you will perish.

I am near you, but most, above all the young, draw far from Me and Jesus. They do not know that the devil rejoices and becomes their absolute master.

Me dearest children, you know very well that the times are coming to a close. Your earth will no longer give the fruit you have had up to now. You will lack bread and all that you consider necessary. Then, perhaps, some of your disobedient brethren will reform their ways.

Jesus is ready to forgive. Draw close to Him, who will still give you his divine help. I pray for you and support you. Do not let my prayers become poor in the eyes of God.

Help me, my children. I count on so many of you and on your prayers, with which I intercede for all of my children under diabolical temptation. Take courage, because your salvation is near. Jesus loves you, and still counts on you.

I bless you and support you in difficulties.

Mary, Your Mother

Your Most Holy Mother

My daughter, I love you so much, above all you who call upon me for all your brethren.

I no longer want to weep. As you know, the times are drawing near by leaps and bounds and, for my Son, there will come from your brethren only praise and thanksgiving because they will feel, in the depths of their hearts, that only in and to God can they trust and entrust themselves.

Your world is ceding to the evil one. My children have come to him and it will be almost impossible for them to shake him off their backs.

I know joy only from my children who pray, who offer prayers and sacrifices for all my children who have drawn far from their Father.

You know well that your earthly days are about to end and no one thinks about saving his own soul. My children, I thank you because many of you offer prayers and sacrifices precisely for these children of mine who have made a pact with the devil.

I love you, my children, who do not forget to adore God and console Jesus when he receives only curses and blasphemous words.

I love you, my such beloved children. Continue to pray and offer sacrifices for these children of mine who are far from their Creator.

I am with you. I bless you often during the day, above all in moments of temptation. The times are coming to a close and your God will give to each, according to his merits, the prize or eternal pain.

Be always obedient.

Your Most Holy Mother

Mary, Mother of the Church

My dearest children, there are few of you who remain to sing Hosanna to Jesus and Me. As you have seen, most of your brethren have chosen the way that will lead them to hell.

Yes, dear children, they have not yet understood that one should sing Hosanna only to Jesus. They, instead, have chosen the devil, even if they have defined it Halloween.

One cannot have fun and be content with entertainment if Jesus does not occupy first place among you, dear children. Leave behind these diabolical figures and pray and fast, because many of you have chosen for their eternity the devil, that is, hell.

Dear children, pray that many of these children of mine return to me, their true Mother! Times are drawing near precisely because of these disobedient children of mine. The Father does not want to lose any more children to become disobedient and thus choose hell, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.

I cannot lose any more children this way. The Father will shorten earthly times. Pray, my children, be obedient to the laws of God. You can still choose: God or Satan.

The Father leaves you free, but do not let freedom become eternal suffering. Ask forgiveness for all yours and their failings, because you will not have much more time to convert to your Father.

I bless you, I love you, and I pray for you.

Mary, Mother of the Church