The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

My daughter, I inundate you with the wind of my Holy Spirit. Now you can tell your brethren how strong the presence of the Third Person of the Trinity is.

He who never leaves you, he whom you do not feel, but without whom you would lack breath, he who is almost always Unnamed but who gives you the Word continually, he who Is your spiritual life.

Dear children, without the Spirit your body would be as dead. How many corpses walk around you, perhaps dressed in fine clothes, but internally empty, without spinal column, incapable of breathing true life!

My dear children, you understand when I speak to you. Only I am Infused Knowledge, only I feed your soul, only I am your life. Without the Spirit you are whitewashed tombs, empty and without value.

You are thinking that I am too severe. My daughter, this is not the case; it is you who do not know any more what is true life, the true way, the true eternal truth.

I heal you more than any earthly medicine, I cure you with my love. I burn your hearts to purify them and adorn them in preparation for the coming of the Second Person of the Trinity. One sole God, one sole Truth, one sole Life.

Bear witness, dear children, that your God is the Only God. There are no others apart from Him. One sole God, one sole Lord. I illumine you always. Pay attention to my suggestions, because all that comes from without is not truth. I am the Way – the Truth – the Life.

I know you, I know your needs and all your necessities. I do not want to be severe but just. I will never sugarcoat your pills. You will have true life only if you know how to listen to my teachings. Then my Light will be your strength – your truth – your true life.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and in My Name.

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

She Who Loves You

Dear children, you wait anxiously for my messages, you read them, meditate on them, speak about them among yourselves, and then? I ask you this evening, remain in silence so as to assimilate my words and make them your own. Only putting into practice what you hear will you satisfy the will of God. I come to you with joy, because I obey my Beloved Son. It is he who sends me to you. He desires to carry all of you to his Father.

I identify with the will of the Most Holy Trinity, and I want for you the best. I want to find all my children for eternity. Too many of you live poorly, contenting yourselves with the things of the world but not thinking about tomorrow, doubting the Word of God.

Your spirit is in suffering because it remembers its origin, but your flesh seeks satisfaction in the senses believing, in such, to have quenched the thirst that comes from within.

Dear children, you will never find complete satisfaction in the senses. Only the spirit knows and recognizes well all your needs. Prayer is your strength, your salvation, the certitude of living in eternity.

Someone says he believes only in what he sees, but I tell you, if you want to see well, open the eyes of the heart. My Son manifests himself to every one of you, but your resistance hardens more and more each day.

Let yourselves soften up, and let yourselves go completely to his love. As you may not be able to understand, all the difficulties that you are living through are the fruit of your acts of disobedience. Each of you seeks to make for yourself a tailor-made faith, but far from the will of God.

When you understand that that which serves you is and will be the love of God, then you will make that leap of spiritual quality that will fulfill your desire, your living, your true freedom. Do not let yourselves be cheated by easy things. You will attain eternal life only in satisfying the will of God.

Do not frustrate your life with worldliness.

She who loves you

Mary, Mother and Spouse

The Holy Spirit is upon you and has consecrated you with his anointing.

My dear children, never let yourselves lack the anointing of the Spirit. The Father will give it to you until the end of your earthly days. Rest secure; with his presence he will preserve you from every calamity.

Always be submissive to his authority. Only with the Holy Spirit can you drive away satan and his evil spirits, who are always ready to raid upon your souls.

Rest secure, you who believe in the work of the Third Person of the Trinity. Entrusting oneself to God is to have power over every kind of demon. Dear children, call upon the Holy Spirit every time you find yourselves in trouble.

If I tell you this, it is because the Third Person is not known and invoked enough. Your God is infinite love and for this reason he is the Watchman that guards every child who calls upon him.

I am with you but if you turn to the Spirit of God, you will be protected and loved in the most perfect way there is. Do not be afraid of the one who cannot take away your eternal life. He is doing all that he is allowed, but soon will come even the moment of arrest for him and all his followers.

Be patient and humble, and you will succeed in moving mountains. Your witness is truthful, because it is Jesus who speaks through his Word. Be efficacious instruments and all the world will return to being obedient and grateful for the love that the Creator has for his creatures.

Be attentive, persevering, obedient to the Word of God and no diabolical creature will be able to disturb you with its temptations. You are the children of a King, the King of Kings, and of his Queen and Mother of Jesus. I will console you every time you run to me. I will intervene in every situation. Nothing is impossible for God. I love you, I bless you, I console you.

Mary, Mother and Spouse

Mary, Your “Friend”

My dear children, so beloved, I am sending you all the angels that are making my crown, because your solitude is too strong.

Even if you encounter many people along your journey, you will not succeed in feeling affection, love, understanding, charity for your brethren. For this reason, you feel alone even standing next to many people.

I am sending you my angels so that they may make merry among you. One no longer speaks, one no longer converses and among brethren you remain strangers. This is not good, dear children. You suffer loneliness even while standing together.

My angels will help you in bringing you together. Each one of you needs to give and receive affection, but no one of you takes the first step. I will gather you. Remember that friendship must be reborn in each of you. This feeling will fill you with the joy of life.

Leave your shells where you feel secure, and give your hand to your neighbor. Greet the people you meet. Draw close to those brothers and sisters who, because of family strife, suffer in silence.

Resume conversation between adults and children. Your children still need advice, love, sharing. Even in public do not feel yourselves a “number.” Each place must resume its vitality.

You, my children, who animate your parishes, give the first example. Make yourselves known as children of the one God, loving and compassionate, toward those most in need of affection.

You will overcome your solitude in giving to others all the time necessary for recovering the love that is missing. My dear children, you cannot live by yourselves, because you are born to live and share all the gifts that the good God grants you abundantly.

I love you. Call upon me and I will make you more tender and happy in giving, and even more, in receiving reciprocal love. I love you, dear children. Remember every day to ask the help of the angels of heaven.

May Jesus be your closest friend.

Mary, Your “Friend”

Mary, Queen of Peace

Children so dear to me, but you do you believe in the next coming of my Son? I speak to you and communicate to you the things that will come, but are you ready to accept my word? My Son sends me to you, and do you understand how important this is?

I love you and will continue to disclose to you the coming events; do not be unbelieving, but believe. I assure you and I will assure you while it is permitted me. Fear not, because I am and will remain next to all my children who have opened to me their hearts.

Speaking clearly is truth. I cannot and will not sugarcoat your pills, but I want to assure you of my presence. I will sustain you, I will be close to you so long as I can, but the coming times are not, however, desirable.

My children, then, the earth is handing over and will hand over all that you have forced into it for a long time now. You cannot have that which you call biological; the earth has been poisoned. You do not ask to purify it, but the one who represents you continues to shun his own responsibilities.

Dear children, now you have together the poison of the body, and worse yet, of the spirit. My Son, in his infinite goodness, will allow you a complete purification. He will act for your good, but to free the body and the spirit requires suffering and total abandonment to the will of God. Dear children, the earth is suffering, heaven is suffering, and you continue not to understand, not to put into practice the commandments of God and the precepts of the Church.

Dear children, begin to draw close in total humility to He who will be able to take you from the pains that you bring upon yourselves with your “do-it-yourself” mentality.

I bless you, because I speak well of you to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Merit, my children, this interest that I have for each of you. Peace – peace – peace.

Mary, Queen of Peace