Mary, Suffering Mother

My daughter, you know very well that in these days there will come much suffering that will have to be faced. I offer myself to my Son and his Father for all of you, above all for those children of mine who have lost faith.

I ask you, my chosen ones, to pray and offer sacrifices in these times of Lent for the priests who suffer because they no longer feel the presence of the Holy Spirit upon their person.

I pray you, my dearest children, offer during this Lent prayers and sufferings for all my priest-sons, so that they find again the presence of Jesus next to them day and night.

So many of them have drawn away spiritually because you, my children, do not pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for them. I implore you, be aware that your prayers bring the Holy Spirit back to reign over his consecrated ones.

These are hard times for you, but if you do not let go of prayer, soon you will see the glory of God on all his people. So many of your brethren will return to church, above all to reconcile with God.

I count on so many of you and my Son will give you the strength to face these last difficult days. Be aware of the times in which you are living. Most of my children, above all the young, are far from God but Jesus prizes your prayers greatly because he loves his faraway children and desires that each one of them return to love and bless Jesus and the Eternal Father.

I love you.

Mary, Suffering Mother

Mary, Your Advocate

I am with you, my dear children. I love you so much and hope that you do the same for Me. You see how time is flying and you must count the days more than the hours.

It is true: everything in the world is shortened; everyone goes around in a hurry and you have no more time for prayer and meditation.

My dear children, I no longer know what to say to you. The things of the world, there will come a time in which you must abandon them. Then, I ask you: are you ready to face the judgment of God? Prepare yourselves, because time is coming to an end. Too many of my children are letting themselves be taken only by the things of the world.

I recommend that you listen to what I have been counseling you for so long: let the Holy Mass be the most intimate moment with my Son. Ask of Him and you will have the certitude that you he will give you what is best for your spirit.

In this time of Lent, pray and fast, above all from speaking ill of your friends and relatives, from whom you do not receive what you need.

I am with you. Count on Me, pray to your Father, let my intercession for you be of help and comfort for your souls.

Do not squander these last times for ephemeral things, but commend yourselves and your families to Jesus, who will give you what you need spiritually. I am always with you. Ask of me and I will ask eternal life for your from Jesus.

Mary, Your Advocate

Jesus Crucified, Your Savior

It is Jesus who speaks with you and blesses you. My dear children, you know very well that you are living in the last times, and I will not hide from you that they will be more difficult and anguished.

I have suffered so much for each of you, for your salvation, because I want you to be able to choose what is best and right for you.

You call this time a “time of suffering, a time of Lent,” but I assure you that few of you remain to offer your sufferings for the salvation of all your brethren.

My such beloved children, my Spirit will never leave you; otherwise, Satan would make you his own. Pay close attention to your manner of speaking all the more in your action. The devil uses all his trickery to make of you his initiates.

I will never leave you, but as for you, seek prayer and participation in my sacrifice at Holy Mass. Receive me into your heart, because only in this way can you drive the enemy away.

In these last times, give me your time, your offerings to your brethren, and your sacrifices big and small.

I am with you, my dearest children. Ask help from your Heavenly Mother. Pray and fast, above all from sinning with words, works, and omissions, and I will always be in your hearts.

Pray and fast, above all from offensive words.

Jesus Crucified, Your Savior

Mary, Consoler

My dearest children, remember one thing: “Obedience is holy.” Perhaps this saying has disappeared from your memory in these last times, but I want to remind you of it in these modern days.

Obey first Jesus, then your parents, then those who lead you to honor the Holy Spirit. I love you, but how many of you recognize the validity of the word “love”?

In these last times, everything is changed on your earth. No one loves anymore, no one forgives anymore, no one respects each other anymore. Everything is owed to you; unfortunately, that is not the case. One must merit before receiving.

Jesus, first of all, has merited the good of his children by giving his life for all of you. I advise you, seek to remember that my Son has given his life on the cross for each of you. He has offered himself, without “if” and without “but.” His infinite love has conquered all.

He has not picked out those for whom he has given his life; every child of his has been able to make use of his infinite love. My dear children, what can we yet do to show you how great our love is for you?

Do you not understand that as soon as you ask forgiveness for your sins, the Father is happy to give you his forgiveness? Confess again, then, all your failings and Paradise will open for you.

Mary, Consoler

Your Heavenly Mother

I am here with you, a mother who cannot leave you alone when you, most beloved children, call upon her. Dear children, the times to come will be, unfortunately, still more complicated but you: do not fear. I will never leave you alone.

Your world is growing worse every day and my Son is suffering too much. I believe that you will not need to wait much longer, because He loves you and does not want it to happen that anyone suffers and dies because of the wickedness of other brethren.

Enough now! You do not merit, some of you, to suffer too much for the wickedness of some. Continue to pray and intercede for these young ones, who no longer know what evil is.

I pray you, you who still pray to your Eternal Father, continue to make sacrifices in order to offer them for the young, who, losing faith, are killing each other.

Always give them your good example, because too many young are losing life because of the temptations of Satan. Not believing leads my children only into doing evil to each other.

I am suffering much. I pray to Jesus for these disobedient children of mine, but Satan keeps them bound strongly in his fist, because they let him.

My dear children, I count so much on you. Do not tire of praying and fasting to make these dear young children of mine find the right road again, that road that leads to Jesus and, therefore, to their eternal joy.

I thank you for these intercessions of yours. I bless you and protect you.

Your Heavenly Mother