Mary, Queen of Peace

Dear children, I thank you, for you have responded to my call.

It is not you who have chosen to come here, but I who have called you. Your prayer is helping so many children to make a fruitful discernment toward being able to choose and distinguish that which is good from that which is evil.

In a world where disobedience and sin abound, only prayer can make ideas clear to my children who are the farthest from the love of my Son.

Thank you, for with joy you have chosen this hill to recite the prayer of the holy rosary. I am always with you, and I defend you from temptation. Be strong, because the enemy, his days counted, will do everything to make you fall.

Use often my weapon, which will defend you from all his attacks. I love you so much, you are my new apostles, ready to defend the law of God.

Never despair, but live in the certitude of having final victory in hand.

I bless you. I am here before you. My smile and my love is for all of you.

Mary, Queen of Peace


My Lovable Heart

Hail Mary! How often do you greet my Mother each day? It is she who intercedes for you every time you call upon her. I can deny her nothing, since she is the “Co-Redemptrix” of all humanity. My angels make up her crown and she leads them where your needs are the most urgent. You have a heavenly Mother who knows how and can place satan in difficulty. Only by calling on her name will you be able to cast out temptations from the ancient serpent. I pray you, however, to entrust to her, in this moment, all of your families. She who is Mother par excellence has the power to drive away the devil every time you call upon her name.

Dear children, you see how your times are, each day, more and more, destroying all that I had entrusted to you, handing over to you the entire universe. It is you who, drawing far from the font of living water, are subjecting to hard trial all the goods that surround you.

Dear children, your voices are becoming still more feeble, courage is abandoning you, fear is taking over, and thus your works are becoming poorer, less truthful, and worse. Your love leaves something to be desired, reason makes her a mistress, and hearts are closing with ever greater ease to the needs of your brothers.

Open to me, indeed, open wide to me your hearts so that I may change them, enrich them with my Holy Spirit, and so that you be able to come out from darkness and enjoy my Light. I keep you from many errors, I help you in decisions, I suggest to you only what is best for living a more satisfying life for you and those who surround you.

Let prayer be your sure guide for reaching my Father, who for yet a bit longer will hear your calls. I exhort you not to abandon my Sacrifice, where it can feed and quench the thirst of your Spirit.

My Lovable Heart

Jesus, with the Holy Spirit

I inflame your hearts with my Holy Spirit, but who among you listens to my calls? You doubt even my Commandments, but how can you do this? Your God is Certainty. You cannot be confused, because my counsels are counsels that only a Father God can give.

You believe in such balderdash, in a thousand lies, in false words and false witnesses, and then you object to that which comes from heaven; you need great explanations. You go to magicians and witches, but do you not yet understand that your future, your tomorrow, no one knows it outside of Me? And yet you entrust yourselves to charlatans of every kind, and there, where infinite doubts ought to rise within you, you believe without any explanation; there, you do not need clarification.

I tell you that the times of my Second Coming are approaching by great steps. Do not let yourselves be found unprepared. Pray that the evil pass soon and that the Immaculate Heart of my Mother may finally triumph in my glory, surrounded by all the angels of heaven.

But you do not understand that, in this world, you can never satisfy your spirit? The things of the world are passing and will never give you that which you truly need. I refer to peace, if not accompanied by forgiveness, to joy if you do not confess your sins, to eternal life if prayer is not the cause and bearer of conversion. Only thus, after conversion, with faith will you recover peace, joy, true happiness, eternal life.

My dear children, I bless you, pouring into your hearts the Spirit of Holiness. Welcome Him and seal in Him your tormented hearts.

Jesus, with the Holy Spirit

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

My dear children, I want to remind you of two of my Commandments: Do not take the Name of the Lord in vain and remember to keep holy the feast days.

I am not asking of you anything that is not the will of my Father. However, they blaspheme the Name of the Father and of my Immaculate Mother, above all those children who forget me in prayer.

They do not think that the love of God is life and that without the intercession of my Mother so many of them will experience the eternal pains of hell. I pray you, dear children, assiduity at Holy Mass; you have six days for work, but spend at least one day of the week for giving thanks to the Father for having given you his Son.

The Cross has been your salvation and you can relive it in the Holy Eucharist. In these last times, do not let holy Sunday go unobserved. If you take up again true contact in Holy Communion, the blasphemies will no longer issue from your mouths.

Nature, first of all, no longer respects your absurdities. You think you can decide everything; you have not yet understood that nature is a creature of God and respects, first of all, the rules of her Creator. Take example from her, entrust yourselves to the Father, ask with prayer for that which you need and you will see that you are immediately heard.

It is not good for you to take the Name of God in vain, but much prayer, with greater vigor, and above all with more certainty of being heard, will do you good.

Let the holy Name of God rise from you hearts onto your lips for reasons of thanksgiving. I assure you that all will change as soon as your hearts open to the graces that we grant you from heaven every day.

Remember, so that the Holy Eucharist be, “become,” your daily bread.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Mary, Bearer of Truth

My dear children, you are my ladies and my knights. I am leading you on the way in order to draw my children close, who do not know Jesus, my Beloved Son. Be kind and thoughtful toward all, but at the same time, be truthful.

The Word of God is one and is not up for debate. His suggestions are to be followed to the letter. Help me – the laws of God are precious, indispensable for following his ways.

My daughters, ladies are always gentle. Do not raise your voice with your sisters. Be sweet like your Mother and you will see that your word is heard and respected even by those more indisposed to dialogue.

Speak with love, without inculcating fear over the times that are coming. My Son wills to save all, but do you see how many young are drawing away from Him? It is for this reason that you need my presence among you.

And you, sons, be brave knights. Follow and lead your brothers on the most uncomfortable paths. You know well that satan is opposing all of you in order to carry more men into his kingdom of sorrow and suffering.

Help the young to become true men. Lead them, above all in the way of truth. It is useless to hide difficulties. One needs to speak about them in order to confront, at the opportune moment, all the temptations that are gaining strength.

My children, often that which is good is hidden and that which opens the gates to hell is publicized without measure. Pay attention to distinguishing that which leads to God from that which leads to he who is pure lie.

I am in the truth and it is precisely I who am leading you to heaven. Follow me and make me follow, with your example and your dedication to the things of God.

Mary, Bearer of Truth