Mary, Humble of Heart

I am your Most Holy Mother. Today and always I will take you on the way that leads to my Son, your Lord Jesus Christ. My children, pray—pray—and have others pray—so that the times you must face might not be too difficult.

You know very well that I am always near you, but if you do not hear my calls, I will not be able to help you. My dear children, you know well that the times to come will be most difficult, but if you entrust yourselves to the arms of your Mother, you will not have to worry.

I always pray to the Father for all of you, above all for those children of mine who do not know the love of Jesus. You who love my Beloved Son, pray above all for my non-believing children.

They do not know what is waiting for them in the times to come. Satan will be freed and these dear children of mine who do not know the love of God will fall into hell, without being able to free themselves from that horrendous place anymore.

My children, you who love me, help me to convert these disobedient children of mine. These are decisive times. Each of you must begin to ask God, with all your heart, for that forgiveness that will let you cross over the gates of eternal Paradise.

Pray and fast for your non-believing brethren, so that they, too, may enjoy eternal life. I thank you, my children. I love you and want you with Me in eternity.

Mary, Humble of Heart

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

I am with you and will never leave you for a moment. You mothers understand me. In the most difficult moments above all, you know well that she who loves her children would be ready to give her life for them. And I understand well how much we mothers would do for the well-being of our children.

I have shown you first how strong I have been at the foot of the Cross of my Only Son. Dear children, seek to speak to your children about Jesus, about his love, about his faithfulness.

He would have been able to live without passing through all these sufferings, but he has offered himself, unto giving his life on the Cross, precisely to bear witnes to how great a love he has for all of you.

I, your Heavenly Mother, invite you to walk your path without fear of what you could encounter along your way.

Remember that with love all the obstacles one encounters on the earthly path are overcome. Offer your sufferings always with love and Jesus will reward you upon your return from the frigid earth with His infinite love.

Dear children, draw near to Holy Communion. You will receive Jesus with your heart and pray to Him above all to save yourselves from all the dangers you encounter on your earthly journey. Your return to the Father will be the Eternal Reward.

I am near you, fear not. The times are drawing to a close and you will be rewarded with true life, eternal life before your Father.

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

Jesus, Your Redeemer

My dearest children, ask yourselves this question: why is the climate turning against us? The answer is simple: have you respected nature? No, you believe you have become masters of this world and nature is making itself felt by responding with the climate—above all, with these disasters.

Now you understand that what you want to change with your hands will never give you what you set out to take. Nature is rebelling against you and you, before these catastrophes, no longer know how to respond.

My dearest children, say “Through my fault, my most grievous fault.” Your heart will give you more just responses if, in your hearts, you enter into my will.

I am your Good Father. I know what you need for living your life comfortably and in mutual accord. If you let Satan enter your hearts, you will quickly realize that the good you need will flee far from you.

My dear children, return to praying to your Good Shepherd. Ask with love and you be answered with love and, above all, with justice. You have lost everything only because you have placed your “I” in the place of God.

Convert, my children, otherwise my Father will respond to your requests in the same way in which you ask them. If you return to Him with a true conversion, everything good and just will return to earth.

I will pray to the Father to obtain the conversion of all your hearts.

Jesus, Your Redeemer

Jesus, Your Redeemer

My daughter, I am your Jesus and I come again to you to encourage you to go forward, especially with prayer. Without prayer you are like sheep without a shepherd. You see how your life is becoming all the more difficult. I can only urge you to go forward with prayer.

Your existence on earth will never become the same as it was. You have forgotten prayer and, with prayer, even the Holy Mass.

How many of my children no longer turn to Me for their needs! They even make use of fortune tellers and, in this way, make their existence worse. The world has not been created by people but by God, He Who Is Creator and Lord of heaven and earth.

I implore you, my children, you who listen to my Word, strive to give the good example. Speak of your Lord Jesus Christ. Remember that he has let himself be crucified for your good.

I love you and know your needs well. I am always ready to help you. I pray you, turn to Me in every circumstance and I will always be ready to help you.

Pray, pray, pray. Come often to find me in the tabernacles of your churches and I will not disappoint you. May my blessing be always upon you and your families. Love even your enemies and I will preserve you from their acts of malevolence.

Jesus, Your Redeemer

Jesus, Crucified and Risen

My daughter, you are in my hands. Always remember that the negative voices, just as they are born, will come to an end. As for you, continue to obey your Creator and continue to live in peace and love.

These times of yours are like storms and this is the most turbulent part. These last times are hard for all of you, but whoever is under my protection must never fear.

Am I not the Son of God? And you, those so dear to my heart, you are protected spiritually. Let my children furthest from me and your Father live like they want—but then, they will have to render an account to God, however, for all their actions.

My favorite children, continue to live in prayer and obedience to your Father and at the end of your live you will be able to live in joy and happiness, where there will be no more struggle and sorrow.

I love you so much. I listen to your prayers. Continue to feed on my Body and leave fears to those who live far from eternal Light and Peace. I love you, dear children. Continue to bear witness to the Son of God and nothing will be able to do you any harm.

I love you. I am always with you. In difficult moments, entrust yourselves to Me and to your heavenly Mother, and nothing and no one will be able to do you harm.

I bless you. Remain united under my blessing.

Jesus, Crucified and Risen