Jesus, Son of Most Holy Mary

My dearest daughter, in the person of my priest am I here present among you today. I protect you and guard you in these difficult times but, for you, my children, the difficulties will not exist.

I am always with you, be sure of it. Have no fear, because wherever my Mother is, there am I. I will never leave you alone. I will be near you in all the most difficult moments and will guide you until the end, when I will present you to my Father.

Pray and live always as if that day were the last, that is, in the grace of God. My Father will cure you and heal you and you, finally, will live in the glory of your Father.

My dear children, you know well that only prayer, surrounded by good works, will open the gate of Joy of my Father.

Do not let yourselves be found unprepared, but be always ready to enter with Me into the Kingdom of my Father. Your earth is stained with the blood of your brethren. It is up to you to cleanse it again from all the offenses and blasphemies against God.

You see how the earth has become still darker and more difficult for you. It is up to you to care for it with your prayers, to give it again a bit of healthy spiritual vigor.

I love you and will not allow Satan to do any more evil than necessary. Dear children, pray and have others pray and I, with my Most Holy Mother, will return among you in the glory of my Father. I bless you in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

Jesus, Son of Most Holy Mary

Jesus, Risen and Merciful

Your Jesus of Mercy has been killed and crucified, but now, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, he is in the highest of heavens.

My dearly beloved children, I love you so much. Unfortunately, you remain few who fulfill my will, but I entrust to you all your non-believing brethren. I desire to bring all my children into joy without end.

Those who do not believe signal, with their sins, their eternal life in darkness, in suffering, in the most incredible bitterness. Dear children, for a little while longer you have time to preserve from eternal death this poor brethren of yours.

The riches in which you live earthly life often open the gates of hell. I have given my life for your salvation and I tell you that, if it were possible, I would return to give my life for them.

I pray you, in these times, signaled by wickedness and wars, the only thing that you can do for the salvation of my perverse people is and remains only prayer, sacrifice, and penitence.

Dear children, you can never understand how great is the sorrow that my non-believing children cause me. They simply cannot lose true life, that which is eternal. Such children, in these last times, have many reasons for returning to Me. Wars must put [them] in their hearts, in addition to physical and even spiritual pain.

Pray, my beloved children, for those who do not know what they are doing! I thank you because your love grants me the joy has been taken away from me by Satan. I love you and bless you.

Jesus, Risen and Merciful

Mary, Mother Most Holy

My children, Easter is drawing near, but if I were to ask each of you what it means, most of my children, the youngest above all, would not know how to respond. Or, they would respond: it is the holiday where we find Easter eggs.

You understand, my dear children, where my youngest children have arrived. This is not to lift blame from the young, but their fathers and mothers will pay dearly this sin that offends my Son in his crucifixion.

I entrust to you to bear witness with works, especially with Sunday Mass and confession of grave sins, especially against the Most Holy Trinity.

I ask you: how many of you would sanctify this umpteenth crucifixion of my Son? Never before as in these times, which you call modern, is my Son offended in his Passion.

My children, you who understand how great is out suffering in these Easter days, offer us all your sacrifices. Pray, above all, for those who are without the grace of God.

Those who do not take stock of how important it is for their eternal life to sanctify the holidays, especially in this period of passion, will weep bitter tears.

You, dear children, pray this week, in particular, for the conversion of my beloved children who are crucifying Jesus for the umpteenth time.

I love you, my children, and will shelter you under my mantle from the wars of these times. Let the blessing of Jesus, crucified and risen, be upon all your families.

Mary, Mother Most Holy

Mary, Beloved Mother

My dear children, I do not count the days or the hours. Learn from Me, because times are coming in which the passage of time won’t even count for you. Instead, be ready for every eventuality yet unknown to you.

I follow Jesus. Do likewise if you would not be taken by fear and discomfort. Pray with fervor. Make it so your praise reaches God!

You know well that the earthly world is fleeting, but Heaven and hell will never pass away. I advise you from the bottom of my heart, wounded by your sins, to pray day and night. And the dark days that will come will be dark for non-believers, but not for you.

I am with you and you will be with Me for all eternity. Pray for non-believers, that they feel my presence and that of Paradise.

Fear not. The war will come to an end like every other earthly thing, but peace will have eternal duration. Near Jesus there exists neither sorrow, nor wickedness, but only goodness and peace.

I tell you: believe, pray, fast; you will not regret it. I am always with you. I take you by the hand and sustain you in every need. My such dear children, now as never before will I make you feel my closeness.

Be serene. Turn to your Mother in every moment and in every need. I bless you from heaven and from the bottom of my Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Beloved Mother