Your Lord

I, your Lord, do not lie; my creation yet responds to my commands even if man tries to destroy that which I have created. Man will not be deluded, since all will unfold on earth as I have planned it from eternity.

You can do nothing, my children; pay attention to my counsels, obey my laws, I tell you for your good in view of the moment in which all will be accomplished according to my plans.

I have created all with love, and the first thing that my children must accept and imitate is love itself. Do you not understand that all can be resolved in joy if you do not continue to put limits on my work?

Man must not dare to separate that which I unite. It is from this point that you must start again, if the family is reconstituted in my light, all the rest wil return to splendor, to work in the best way, to work in a sustained rhythm.

You lie down, believing that you enjoy that which is around you, but this is not so. Submit to my will and then you will enjoy all the good that is possible, and in eternity. The earth will no longer be able to satisfy your demands if I do not bless it, but only if you ask it of me.

Bow your heads if you want the best. I Am the Lord and no other. You can put together all of your knowledge, but you will come out with nothing. You have destroyed that which I have created; now it is your turn to ask, with humility, the renovation of your earth and, above all, of your poor souls.

You walk in darkness and yet you are not aware, but the day of your reckoning is closer than you think. Children, meditate on my words, pray to the Master of the harvest if you still want to have and enjoy a good harvest.

I bless you in my Holy Trinity.

Your Lord

Mary, your leader

My dear children, do not let yourselves be taken over by anger, do not get agitated; I, your Mother, give you peace. It is right to defend my sons the priests, but do not get agitated, do not expose either them or poor sinners to trial.

Leave judgment to your Father who is in heaven, and let your speaking always be of consolation and forgiveness for all your brothers. Let mercy enter into your hearts and then all will become more acceptable.

No one is perfect, and for this reason, do not let yourselves be taken over by agitation and judgment. Do not judge, children, for as you judge, you will be judged.

Be amiable, seek to understand your brothers. Each of you is unique in the eyes of God; for this reason, do not put limits on anyone. Seek always to be understanding and charitable and your Father who is in heaven and who knows your hearts will put in you the spirit of love.

I advise you, limit your speaking. A river of words is not necessary to be able to understand what is said and to respond adequately. Sometimes a nod, a smile, is enough to put another at ease.

I have given you the example, each time, before the trials of life. Think about my situation, my annunciation, about that mystery that was changing my life. I trusted in God; I did not need so many explanations. I responded, leaving the rest to God.

Therefore, when you find yourselves in discussions, do not get agitated, but seek and listen, before all, what Jesus is asking of you in that moment. Trust in Him; place your doubts, your worries, your uncertainties in his hands and rest in silence.

Do not judge, but pray, because the Lord takes care of his children. All will seem less complicated and more resolvable.

I bless you. Pray for all the priests, the consecrated, and the laity.

Mary, your leader.

Jesus, Son of the living God

No one should dare touch my holy temple to make of it a massacre.

My dear children, to kill one of my creatures in the maternal womb is an offense against God and eternal punishment for those who are responsible.

I decide whom to call to life and whom to return, from He who has created unique works. Do not kill man, since you will pay your guilt for eternity. Every creature that sees life is exclusively by my will.

Man should no longer dare decide if one of my children should or should not die. The things of the world will pass, will finish, since they complete their life on the earth, but my children, all will return to me and for those who will not repent bitterly of the evil done to their own brothers, there will be eternal suffering.

Justice will be fulfilled for each of you. Do not judge my Word, because it is the Word of God and is not debated; rather, make a mea culpa before it is too late. Too many offenses are directed to He who has given life for you, too many sinners against his Mother, too many sins against the purity of the holy temple of God.

Repent, my children; the hand of God is about to strike.

Is it possible that you are not able to understand without Me that you are no one? Be humble and obey my laws, or you will render an account in the presence of God, where you will no longer be able to lie or find justifications.

Enough now, you have destroyed that which God the Father had created for your joy, and you will no longer succeed in repairing that which you have destroyed. I exhort you: repent, ask pardon first of your brothers and then of God. Nature is no longer able to contain the poisons that, without the least respect for that which it gives you, you continue to inject into it.

My dear children, you who understand my speaking, solicit your brothers to offer prayers to obtain pardon. I bless you.

Jesus, Son of the living God

Merciful Jesus

“Not whoever says, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does the will of my Father.” My children, words, while beautiful and good, are not enough; works must always accompany saying, if you want to fulfill the will of God.

I exhort you, in these difficult times, to match your Master. Be always coherent with what you say. Your works can thus demonstrate to your brothers that the example of your Master has been imitated completely.

Do not fear sufferings, be they physical or moral. Know that the times are difficult and for you who follow in my footsteps, all will become more difficult. You are my apostles of the last age; from you I want witness, especially where satan is working and destroying the most.

The good is more and more confused with conformity (il benismo) and love with pleasure. My children, you are my voice, my hands, my will.

How much hunger in the world! But my children prefer to poison themselves with food that certainly does not come from my creation. You see this in medicine and in every invention. All results in your detriment.

Creation is perfect because it is willed by my Most Perfect Father, but you will never be able to create anything. You will be able to discover that which God wants to put at your disposition, but without his help you can do nothing.

My children, pray so that all of your minds be open to the will of my Father. If you obey, your earth will be able to be purified and will be able to give you pure fruit, otherwise all will turn into poison and you will thus be subject to harsh trials.

Hunger will return to this world. You will have incurable diseases and will no longer be able to breathe the oxygen that you need to live.

Make haste, I tell you. Recover your senses and decide to obey the laws of my Father. You have yet little time: repent and believe in my Word.

Merciful Jesus