Jesus and Mary, Renewers (of Humanity)

Dear children, behold my family. Jesus, new Adam and I, new Eve, we have generated all the children for the New Era. Yes, dear children, there will come new times where there will be no more tempter and my children will finally let themselves go into our arms. Take care of the family that has been entrusted to you. Love your children like my Son loves the Church. It is from the God-fearing family that your society will be able to change. Each of you is responsible for the failure of the family nucleus.

My dear children, I am with you and I will never abandon you, but you ought to be more responsible. Speak in the family of the things of God if you want to confront the trials that will come, in serenity and above all without losing hope. You understand that the family is the cell that carries society. If the family lives in unity, even society will be united in confronting difficulties, certain of overcoming every obstacle. Jesus and I are close to you. We desire that you living on the earth not be reduced to a bad way of living, but that it be the anticipation of that eternal life that waits for you and that he will give to each according to merits.

My family, here gathered, is following me, entrusts itself to my care and then I will give them all that is best for them and the strength not to fall in the ultimate temptations, which will be the strongest. Satan wants to destroy the greatest work that Jesus has produced, the family, but I assure you that he will not reach his goal.

I love you, Jesus loves you and will not allow that so many children be damned. We only ask that you entrust yourselves with all your strength to our care. Love each other because stronger in love is faith, and in faith you will walk with sure steps toward the great family, that formed by the New Adam and the New Eve.

Dear children, in these news I bless you in the certainty that your families are safe with us. Love will conquer the world.

Jesus and Mary, Renewers (of Humanity)

Mary, Mother of God and Your Mother

Convert and believe in the Word of my Son.

How many distractions fill your life, how much time you are losing running after the poor things that the world offers you, and I come to you, without tiring, to remind you in every moment that Jesus has given his life for you, to save you from eternal punishment.

No one thinks anymore about eternal suffering. You give yourselves so much to do so as not to lose your health, and then with such facility you risk losing true healing, that healing that will bring you to health forever.

I love you, my dear children, but you, believe in what I tell you. Hell exists, like purgatory exists, but while in purgatory you will have hope, if you cross the doors of hell you will never leave again. Perhaps a little fear would help you reflect on this thing of vital importance.

Dear children, what good does bodily health serve you if you lose the health of your soul? Do you not understand that eternal punishment will make you the slaves of evil forever? I do not know what to tell you anymore to bring you to conversion. Reflect deeply on my recommendations.

Would you like that a child of yours, disobeying your words, risk his life?

I, who am your mother, am seriously concerned about your health. Listen to me, I pray you; I do not want to make you afraid, but if you do not obey the commandments of my Son, you risk your life and no one will ever be able to help you change that horrendous situation.

Convert, dear children, before it is too late. You mother, you can understand my suffering. Help me save the life of your children.

I advise you to speak clearly to your kids, not so much to make them afraid, but obtaining from them a healthy fear of God. You are living in difficult times, but for this reason you must not forget that you have a Father who loves you, who has given the life of his Only Son for your salvation.

I count on your help. I bless you with my maternal blessing.

Mary, Mother of God and Your Mother

Jesus, Priest Forever

I pray you, my dear children, pray in this Marian cenacle for all my consecrated. They have in their hands many souls in confusion and must clarify, to these children of mine, what is truly the “Word of God.”

The Gospel speaks clearly: one cannot serve two masters. Either they listen to one and leave the other, or they love one and disobey the other. There are not two measures. This is the time for clarity. For what is clear and truthful you have only my Word. One cannot “correct” that which issues from the mouth of God.

I am with you, my little disciples, my dear followers. Be always truthful in speaking. All will appear more clearly, your eyes will open and that which you hear will be of help, of guidance, of comfort for each and for all.

I, your God, have called you friends and true friends share the goods entrusted to them. I love you; in love, all is more clear. Be attentive. Do not say, “this is the Word of God” when it is born from your heart. Do not say, “one may do this” when the Commandments affirm the exact opposite. Do not say, “This is ancient and this other thing is modern,” because the Word of God is One and is not open to debate.

I desire that you entrust yourselves to Mary, and under her teaching, pray seriously for your priests. Offer the Holy Eucharist so that my Church assume again, as soon as possible, resemblance to Me.

I am the Good Shepherd, I love my sheep and I know them. I will not let the wolf carry them away. Your priests, now more than ever, need your help. Do not criticize, but love my consecrated ones and you will be safe.

Offer and suffer, because these are times of clarification, an announcement of peace. Pray, dear children, for your own good. You need attentive pastors, true leaders, guides to green pastures, true followers of Christ.

My blessing be always a sign of love, of peace, of union

Jesus, Priest Forever

The Child Jesus, Son of God

“I greet you, Mary. Greet Jesus for me.”

Dear children, these few words are enough for that your Mother obtain from her Child all the graces you need. I ask you today, before that cradle where the angels praise Jesus, pray with words that are simple but that come from the depth of your heart.

My children, I am there, in truer and more fertile poverty and humility. Make yourselves small, praise and adore that Jesus, Son of God, who with an infinite love deigned to come in your midst.

Humility is that gift that makes each heart great. Pride will never bring you to fulfilling my works, and your life will slide each day into more total sterility.

The magi have offered me their gifts, but I have come to you to fill your hearts, to give you every sort of grace that can enrich your pilgrimage on the earth. Pray and make others pray. Prayer is the gift that pleases Me the most.

Carry about, in this world corrupted by sin, my Word, which is Way, Truth, and Life. Only my love can save you, only my grace will lighten your load and enable you to carry the daily cross in the light and certainty that your Jesus is walking with you.

May my coming among you be for you a hope for meriting eternal life. Remember that one does not live on bread alone, but on every word that issues from my mouth.

Feed yourselves on my Word and on my Body and Blood, and you will have nothing to fear. The clouds that are on the horizon will pass without leaving a trace on my most obedient children.

In the Light of that poor cradle, I bless you.

The Child Jesus, Son of God