Most Holy Mary, True Mother

My dear daughter, pray for all your non-believing brethren, because there remains little time for their conversion. I always pray for all my children, but like every mother, I pray for my neediest children.

You cannot imagine how many young no longer cross the doors of the church. They are wasting their time with so many stupid things; they even go out in the streets of the world by night to blaspheme the name of my Son.

They do not think far ahead, that soon they must render an account of all their failings toward Jesus and Me, Most Holy Mother of Jesus.

I urge you, believing children, draw close to these young people. Speak to them about the goodness of Jesus for them and how much suffering they are causing him. They do not understand that all the evil that they are doing with their acts of disobedience to God will fall back on them abundantly, so much so that they will lose their lives for eternity.

I am always near them, but they are so tempted by Satan that they no longer listen to our voices. My dear children, you who live under our protection, pray, pray, pray, because your times are truly drawing to a close.

These poor young ones are not aware how great will be their sufferings in hell.

Pray—pray—pray, so that all my dear children, far from God, return to the priests to enjoy, in the confession of their sins, the forgiveness of God.

I love you so much and want you all with Me.

Most Holy Mary, True Mother

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  1. Thank You for sharing the words. I felt to share with you a total confirmation. This evening, I wrote to my friends and asked similar matters. But, your words express so many of the same thoughts I found in my heart and concerns today.

    Nei anni passati, ho parlato in Italiano. Pero, domentico molto oggi. Se c’e bisigno, sono capace a capre e communicare.


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