Mary, Co-Redemptrix

My such beloved children, my presence among you is living and true. Believe and you will see the glory of God.

You are all so tired that I no longer recognize you. I tell you: never let prayer go missing, otherwise, you will lose all point of reference.

Dear children, how can you live without us? Do not let the Eucharist go missing, otherwise you will die. Your life depends on your Father but if you draw far from Him more every day, it could be too then too late.

The church is showing what ‘agony’ means. Help me, children, otherwise there will come days that are too hard. I do not want to see you suffering too much.

Do not bind my hands with your ‘no.’ If you do not strengthen yourselves with prayer, you will no longer be able to regain peace and liberty. You cannot live without God – let this be clear to you – do not waste more time with ephemeral things. Afterward, it could be too late.

Jesus listens your hearts. So many of you live already in tears. Do not turn a deaf ear. Repent, I tell you. Help each other in prayer. Offer your sufferings if you still want to receive gifts and graces from heaven.

Help each other. This is the time of trial and you cannot overcome it without prayer and goodwill for your brethren. Love each other as God loves you and then you will be able to hope in his forgiveness and his graces.

Dear children, I bless you. Bring my blessing and that of Jesus to your dear ones.

Mary, Co-Redemptrix

Mary, Consoler

My dearest children, I advise you, never lose hope.

The days that are coming will be difficult to face, but you, think always that you have a Father who has thought you up forever. He has created you and given you a land in which to live in his peace.

My children, time has passed quickly, but not all have obeyed the counsels of the Heavenly Father. Not only have you not sought to better your way of life, but you have worsened it in every way.

Not even now, when you have lost your liberty in every part of the world, do you succeed in distinguishing good from evil. My children, be bearers of peace. Give good example to those who have done nothing but distance themselves from the things of God.

But how can certain brethren of yours live, uselessly losing time and peace. They have not yet understood that, far from their Creator, they turn off every switch that brings them true “Light.”

Darkness brings only fear, wickedness, cruel intentions, accompanied then by behaviors totally far from God. Give the example of charity, of goodness, and of faith. Dear children, only faith in God will bring a bit of peace to your hearts.

I intercede for you, above all for your non-believing brethren, so that my Son might convert them and bring them to the Father. Without conversion, they will be lost forever. I beseech you, pray even for them and with good example so many will be converted.

Jesus loves you, but the ancient serpent does not give up his prey.

Choose the Kingdom of God.

Mary, Consoler

Mary, Lady of Love

Peace to you, my dear children. I often ask myself, do you all know the true meaning of the word “love”? You must not confuse human love with divine love. My Son has amply demonstrated to you what it means to love.

If you do not accept all that you are living through as a simple trial, you will not be able to understand what the true meaning of love is.

Suffering is never separated from joy precisely because, by accepting suffering in the name of Jesus and as He himself has shown you in the most difficult trial, suffering itself becomes a proof of love in its most total and concrete meaning.

Dear children, accept all trials that come, emulating your Savior. In suffering, seek always an offering, because it is in offering that one demonstates true love. These times offer you thousands and thousands of possibilities to demonstrate true love.

Do not let yourselves ever be taken in by fear. Live every trial in the name of Jesus and from this you will gain the opportunity to demonstrate how great love is on the spiritual level.

It would seem impossible, to most, that from the height of that Cross, hate is transformed into the greatest proof of love.

Dear children, never forget the example given to you by Jesus. I pray for you, so that you might be able to confront every trial in the joy of offering.

My dear children, pray more with ardor, and ardor will bring you to prove true love. Never doubt our love for you. I bless you.

Mary, Lady of Love

Mary, Always Present

May my blessing descend upon you. My cenacle today burns with love for Me and for Jesus. We are with you and we implore the Father, so that our children be able to recuperate after having gone through difficult days.

You know very well that only with prayer will you be able to take your lives in your hands. You prize liberty more now. You have understood that everything comes from God, even if they would want to make you believe exactly the opposite.

God has made you free, and free to choose between good and evil. I believe, my children, that these limits that have put your quiet living in jeopardy serve, at least in part, to make you understand how much your Lord loves you in giving you freedom.

I repeat: do not waste this gift, now that you have proven how difficult it is to live as the heads of the world impose and pretend. Be strong in the conviction that only God, who knows each and all, can offer true, holy, and just liberty.

Pray, my children. Be strong in the certitude that Jesus is always with you and will bring you into his Kingdom, where you will be able to enjoy the most precious good, pure and holy liberty.

Pray that these sinister trials might end soon. Your Father hears you and will make of your pains joy, delight, liberty, and forgiveness.

I promise you that I will still intercede for you. Do not grow anguished, but believe in the love of God. Enrich your life with prayer and joy will take its place in your hearts and fill your souls.

Mary, Always Present