Mary, Mother of Sorrows

My dear children, some of you think that you have been abandoned, but it is not so. A mother would never leave her own children, especially in their time of need. I am your heavenly Mother. I know your wants and urgent needs, therefore how could I draw far from you?

I carry all of you in my heart and I suffer for you. Your life is becoming more complicated every day but you must not worry excessively. Your Father who is in heaven sends me to you, knowing your wants.

Press close to me, call upon my name, speak to me and I will listen attentively because I desire to bring peace and serenity to your hearts. Do not leave prayer behind but put it first. Be sure of this, that one Hail Mary can do more than the many recommendations made by your leaders or your politicians.

Have faith in Me. My Son has offered his life for you and I continue to recommend you to Him, who does not abandon any of his children, above all those most in need.

Nourish yourselves daily with his Most Precious Body and entreat him in that moment, he who is part of you. Have faith in Him and you will obtain every good thing. How could he not listen to you?

You are always in danger and you risk your life without even realizing it. Dear children, your life is in your hands and your Father respects your freedom, but on your own you will never succeed in fulfilling what is best for you.

With humility, in this Holy Week, make yourselves closer to Jesus. Help him to bear all your sins and He will reward you with all the graces that you need. Make yourselves small and his Kingdom will be yours.

Pray and offer your sufferings; they will be perfumed flowers that will surround the Cross of Christ. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of Sorrows

Mary, Mother of the Crucified

My children, so dear to me, when the Consoler comes trials will cease and each of you will finally have what you merit. Seek to live in the law of God and you will not have anything whereof to complain or suffer.

The law of God is truth. Let the laws of the world claim their victims. Do not listen to the word of men. There is no perfection on the earth.

I educate you with the Word of my Son and if you would listen to me, things would change and all would resolve itself in the best way. However, too many of you do not entrust yourselves to the Holy Spirit and prefer to place their lives in the hands of sorcerers and charlatans.

Do you not understand, my dear children, that only the Creator knows your needs? Why is it easier for you to believe in the word of charlatans?

I am your Mother; I can help you because I console you and guide you with the Word of the Gospel. Do not submit to what humanity teaches. Not even scientists can know that which God has created for you.

Be more attentive and trust only those who live in the law of God. Be more attentive, for evil is taking the place of good and the laws of God are taking second place. Only if you are faithful to the Word of God will you find the door of the Kingdom of God open for you.

Pray, dear children. I am with you. Those dear to you need your witness; they cannot content themselves with mere words. Bless your God and give thanks from now on for all that he promises to all children of good will. Be firm in the faith. I bless you; may the sign of the Cross always be your standard.

Mary, Mother of the Crucified

The Father Almighty

My daughter, remember: no one is a prophet in his own country. I tell you this so that your sufferings not be an obstacle to you. These times, without you, my new apostles of peace, would never again see the Light.

Pray, my children, and put into practice all that you learn from our Word. I, your Father, prompt you from heaven to follow my ways. You remain but few; We are those “emeritus” unknown by so many of your brethren.

We can count on a small number of obedient children. For this reason, like in the times of Jesus, you will be persecuted and derided. Be strong; We will always be with you. We will suggest to you the words that your brethren must hear if they want to merit eternal life.

For this reason, we pray you listen very attentively to that which we will suggest to you in the times to come.

Let prayer always be on your lips and in your heart. Let charity not ever be lacking for all those whom we will place before you on the way. Let your steps always serve to help those whom we will draw near to you along the voyage.

Be obedient to our teachings, encourage those who live in the fear of tomorrow, help those who do not profess your faith to take up our ways. We from heaven will not abandon any of our chilren but we count on you and on your help.

If they do not listen to you, do not lose patience and do not become despondent. Remember, you are only our little hands on the earth. Whoever listens to you will be saved, not by your merits but by our mercy.

Awaken those who are sleeping, because these times are to be lived intensely. Let our blessing descend upon you.

The Father Almighty

Mary, the Blessed among Women

My dear children, I am in your midst to help you pray for all my children. Bless often those who are near to you and do not curse. Cursing comes always and only from Satan.

Bless first your Father, since only from Him can you receive all that you desire. Then, bless the Son; from that Cross you are all blessed and saved. Finally, bless the Holy Spirit, who never leaves you for a moment.

Blessings are precious gifts. Make use of them without measure, enrich those dear to you but also those who, because of your faith, do not love you. I am She who blesses in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit dwell in Me and I bring them to you.

Bless, my dear children. Never before as in this moment do you need to be blessed. In the name of Jesus you can invoke all the graces you need. The best way to enrich your family and all those dear to you are blessings, which you receive freely from God.

I bless you at every turn, I enrich you with all the graces that can profit your salvation. Curses are ways that lead to hell.

Do not curse, dear children. At times you do not realize how much evil such a curse can do, but I assure you that it is an evil that in the long run becomes incurable.

Therefore, multiply your blessings, beginning with your little ones. Be merciful, love, bless, call upon the name of God. For Him, nothing is impossible. Entrust yourself to Him with great faith. Only by believing in Him, and blessing with his love, will you be sheltered from satanic attacks.

I squeeze you all in one embrace.

Mary, the Blessed among Women