Mary, Mother of Help

Write. I could never not love my children, even if they don’t want me, don’t love me, don’t consider me their mother, I love them. My such dear children, a mother suffers and offers herself for each of her children.

I have suffered much for my Son but I have never abandoned him. Not only this, I have shared his sufferings. Mothers, I tell you, a son is loved more particularly when one sees him suffer.

This is true love, this is giving oneself, this is living for our neighbor. Seek to love more; it is easy to love those who love you but one gains more, on the spiritual level, when love is not reciprocated.

My Son accepts your prayers above all when you are not repaid and reciprocated on earth. Giving is not expecting to be returned to you. Freely you have had, freely give.

I always bring you Jesus. I love all of you in the same way and desire your joy and your salvation. You will have all the more a tomorrow, if today you give without being given to in return.

Pray for your families, whom Satan has put to the test with fury. Your children need your prayers more than ever. Offer them for their salvation. Resist temptation, pray, do penance. Each of you possesses my weapon; use it, remove every possibility to Satan.

I love you. My Son is with you. Do not look for the goods of down below, but aspire above all to the love of God. I bless you. I am your Mother and my Son is your help. Remember this when you are in temptation.

Mary, Mother of Help

Mary, Most Holy Mother and Teacher

Do you now believe? Did I not tell just tell you, “I will astonish you”?

I have brought you, unexpectedly, my priest – do you now believe that it is I, myself, who speaks with you? It is true that for my children it is easier to believe in earthly lies, but believe me, my daughter, my Spirit speaks, and even much so, but most of you do not set your ear to such a voice.

My daughter, I have been conceived without sin, but I have never doubted but have said, “Thy will be done.” I ask you now to believe; it is I who speaks with you.

You wanted proof, now you have had it for umpteenth time. Believe, and you will see the glory of God. I am always with you. A mother always puts her children first, and you moms, at least in this, do believe.

Do you know why you are living through these difficult times? Because of your little faith, the churches are emptying and my Son remains in the tabernacle all the more alone. Dear children, take up again the way that leads you to Jesus, or you will not be forgiven your sins.

You say, “But it is not a fault if I spread out my visits to church”, and yet I tell you: whoever loves desires to be more often with the beloved, and do you love my Son? He has given his life for you and you reciprocate with solitude, indifference, little love.

My dear children, do not leave Jesus in solitude in his house. He needs you in order to be able to save you. Listen to me, if I come to you it is because I see the danger, the dangers which you are living through.

I do not leave you. I cover you with my mantle but you, believe in the Father, praise him, in the Son, love him, in the Holy Spirit, call upon him at every moment.

I bless you, dear children. Believe – believe – believe.

Mary, Most Holy Mother and Teacher

Mary, Queen of Peace

My favored Son sends me again to you and I obey. Be yourselves also obedient and all your worries will vanish in a breath. Dear children, we are still far from the will of the Father. I seek to inculcate in you good intentions but too few of you listen to me.

Be more attentive, realize that your times are shortening. Day by day, seek to realize the plan that God has for each of you. Be aware that these are particularly difficult times. Seek to face them in the light of God, or you will find yourselves living them with difficulty.

The world has changed all the systems that the Father had pre-established for you, for your living serenely and in fraternal union with each other.

My dear children, it is no longer thus. Everything has changed and many of you are in a state of suffering, be it physical or spiritual. Pray, pray, pray, or you will no longer be able to replace what you have destroyed by your doing apart from the will of God.

I offer to God all your requests, but you, seek to merit his love. Man has become too proud and no longer accepts advice like he once did. You cannot bring anything about without the will of God. Seek to realize, as soon as possible, that, on your own, you will never come from anywhere.

I listen to you. Ask, above all, for the peace that you have managed to put in danger in every occasion. Without peace you will no more be able to live long.

Call upon my help and I will intercede for you, my such beloved children. Seek, first of all, the love of God and peace will return. Be sincere and understanding toward your brethren.

Mary, Queen of Peace

Jesus, Son of God

My daughter, I am present in your midst in the person of my priest. I bring you peace, I give you my peace. Love my priests, because only through them can you have me always with you, through the Eucharist.

Let your prayer always sustain them and my Church. These are difficult days, but there will comes times in which you will thank me for the love that I have offered you from the Cross.

For now you have come to understand certain mysteries, but in the times to come I will open your eyes and your ears as I have never done until now.

You will come to me in repentance and in all humility and I will give you what you need. Man has disobeyed from the beginning, but there will come the moment and then I will pull back the reins and you will able, if you want, to come to Me.

My Mother is calling you back with all of her patience. You know well that a mother would give her life for her babies. All the more She, the Mother par excellence. If you obey her words you will be in joy for eternity.

I am always with you, but my Mother will never leave you for a minute. She cries with you and for you when you are sorrowful and rejoices with you when you love each other as brethren.

Love will win on all front. Your prayer will bear fruit and the whole world will rejoice in the goodness of God. Be always of service to your neighbor, especially with those most in need.

Let the example that I have given you spur your hearts in giving and giving abundantly. Dear children, this cenacle is divine providence. Ensure that it always be a fire that burns with love for me and for my Father.

Let my benediction, through my priest, be with you all.

Jesus, Son of God