Your Good God

If you do not become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, my children, you see the spontaneity, the joy, the grace, the goodness of little ones, all the riches that belong to one who has a pure heart.

I tell you again, blessed are the pure, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Dear children, grown up now, even though you have learned to be more perfect in love, you let yourselves be taken by jealousy, envy, wickedness of every kind. You do not resist temptation and, therefore, these weaknesses of yours make you lose the good and healthy habits that allow you to live in peace amongst yourselves and, above all, with God.

In these dark times, then, seek to put God back in first place. I am reserving a place for you. Do not lose it because of your disobedience to your Creator and to His Word.

My dearest children, be humble, because humility is the virtue that will make you rich. Not with the riches for which you aspire, but with that which pleases God, Creator and Lord of all the earth.

My such beloved children, then, from now on begin to turn a bit into children and I will hand over to you that joy that you have lost in spending your days. I want you all to be children, trustful only of the goodness and greatness of your Father.

Pray and make others pray, so that your brethren return to desiring the virtue of humility. I bless you from the height of my goodness. Be worthy of my salvation.

Your Good God

Your Father, Who Is in Heaven

Why, my children, do you doubt? Do you not know that only the Trinitarian God is your creator? How many doubts, how many uncertainties are in your hearts; is it so hard to believe in a Creator God?

Dear children, faith is not made up. I have filled your minds and your hearts with my Holy Spirit. Then, it is up to you to multiply love or to disobey the laws of God and frustrate my plans.

Only in love can you realize your belonging to God. My blessings accompany you, my hand guides you, my Spirit fills your life with every joy.

Why is there so much suffering and disobedience in your hearts? You will find no response if you close your heart and your mind to Him who has given you life. The things of the world will never satisfy you if first you do not ask with faith.

Prayer can do more than every other thing. There is no money that can buy your true happiness. Do not be deluded: if you remain far from my laws, you will fail in everything.

Repent of your sins, of your acts of disobedience, and then you can call up and ask for what you need and to have it in abundance, from food to health, joy, true friends, and love.

I invite you once again to do my will. If you continue on the path of disobedience, you will lose all that you need to live in my Word. I love you, but my justice is drawing ever closer. Too many of my children are suffering from the gratuitous evils of their brethren.

Convert and believe in the Gospel; time is pressing. Draw near to the sacrament of reconciliation. Put peace in your hearts and in those of all the human race.

I will employ all my mercy, but all will be accomplished in my justice.

As a good Father, I bless you and forgive you.

Your Father, Who Is in Heaven

The Father, He Who Is

Your Father is here, among you. Do not wonder about this, because a Father can do nought but visit his most beloved children. It is good for me to be with you. The prayer that fills this house is what I love most.

Dear children, continue to thank Me for all that, in my love, I have willed to give you. I remind you to be salt of the earth because, without you, all would become insipid. Call upon your God and ask for Faith for yourselves and for your brethren.

Unfortunately, on your earth one no longer believes enough. Be evangelizers; bring my Son to your brethren. Never tire of calling upon the Most Holy Trinity and you will be saved.

It is easy to believe in what one sees, but I tell you, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my Word will never pass away.” It is not hard to believe in God, but it is hard for you to entrust yourselves to One who is greater than you.

Why, my children, do you want to take my place? Do you not know that there is only one God? Only one Lord who has made everything from nothing?

I love you. I have given my Only-Begotten Son for your salvation. What else do you need for believing? I tell you: return soon to my arms, or you will be lost forever.

The sun rises in the morning to draw down the evening. Do not let it be that your hearts no longer see the Dawn. Entrust yourselves to Me; you will be safe forever.

You believe only in what your eyes can show you and in what your hands allow you to touch, but I tell you, that when you finally “see the Glory of God,” you will taste the fullness of joy.

Come to Me, I will give you rest and my love will bring your living to perfection in blessed eternity. I love you, my children. I bless you and protect you until you have conquered the world.

Peace, love, consolation forever.

The Father, He Who Is

The Father Almighty

My daughter, remember: no one is a prophet in his own country. I tell you this so that your sufferings not be an obstacle to you. These times, without you, my new apostles of peace, would never again see the Light.

Pray, my children, and put into practice all that you learn from our Word. I, your Father, prompt you from heaven to follow my ways. You remain but few; We are those “emeritus” unknown by so many of your brethren.

We can count on a small number of obedient children. For this reason, like in the times of Jesus, you will be persecuted and derided. Be strong; We will always be with you. We will suggest to you the words that your brethren must hear if they want to merit eternal life.

For this reason, we pray you listen very attentively to that which we will suggest to you in the times to come.

Let prayer always be on your lips and in your heart. Let charity not ever be lacking for all those whom we will place before you on the way. Let your steps always serve to help those whom we will draw near to you along the voyage.

Be obedient to our teachings, encourage those who live in the fear of tomorrow, help those who do not profess your faith to take up our ways. We from heaven will not abandon any of our chilren but we count on you and on your help.

If they do not listen to you, do not lose patience and do not become despondent. Remember, you are only our little hands on the earth. Whoever listens to you will be saved, not by your merits but by our mercy.

Awaken those who are sleeping, because these times are to be lived intensely. Let our blessing descend upon you.

The Father Almighty

The Father of Your Savior

My daughter, “I Am” and I am speaking to you, and many other children of mine, like you, are divulging my Word. Stop playing with fire, you can burn yourselves. These are times of total confusion and you do nothing to change these ways of life.

I am coming to you, I send you Mary and my Son but you continue to turn a deaf ear. I am the Good Father, but do not continue to provoke me, or I will be forced to act in all my justice.

You no longer fear your Father, but, acting thus you do nothing but make matters worse. My Church is demonstrating its failure and you, what are you doing to help my consecrated ones?

You do nothing but subject them to trial, but they need your help now more than ever. Have you not yet understood that Satan is playing all his cards? You are falling like dry leaves under his power.

Be more shrewd, candid like doves but cunning like serpents. This is the last moment to show Satan how strong your faith in God is. Do you not understand that he is intelligent and crafty and puts all his being into making you fall?

Dear children, gaze upon the one who lies helpless in that manger. Jesus has made himself small, humble, and poor for you, to give you his richness, his true love and, for eternity, his Kingdom. And you, how do you respond to his call?

Be more welcoming toward my Son. He, the Son of God, has willed to take upon himself your sins to free you from eternal shadows but you have not understood how great has been his sacrifice for you.

I implore you, see that these last times not be fruitless for your eternal salvation. I bless you.

The Father of your Savior

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit

My dear children, pray that the Church once again shine with light itself. You cannot affirm that you are true Christians if you serve both God and the abiding enemy. I tell you that my Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The rest has nothing to do with you.

Dear children, if I have offered my life on the cross, it is so that, reconciling you to my Father, you might return to take part, in the Spirit, of my progeny. Do not commit the error of joining your “Creed” to other forms of belonging. I Am the God of your fathers, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God who is One and Three. Do not worship other gods besides Me. The other one will still seek to sow tare in every way, but at the end of the harvest, the weeds will be burned and there will remain the good part of my harvest.

My dear children, I will not permit that even one comma of what my apostles have written be changed. I repeat: my Word is One. Whoever is respectful and puts into practice what is written will be my faithful servant and I will open to him my Kingdom for ever. Be aware that what you are living through in this moment is, fearfully, a deviation from everything that is spiritually divine. Draw near to your daily bread and eat of it in abundance. Secure yourselves against everything that is negativity and betrayal.

I am concerned for my flock, and I will defend it until the end. Fear not: if you do not draw far from my law, I will remain at your side. I am that Good Father of whom the Sacred Scriptures write amply.

I bless you in my Trinity. Be united in my word and you will arrive at the Summit. Dear children, only my love is true love.

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit

The Eternal Father

Dear children, I am with you now and always, but where are you? Few of you seek me, very few pray to me, but when difficulties arrive, they insult Me even without knowing me.

I want to recommend to you all these brothers of yours, whom nothing and no one succeeds in bringing to Me. My farthest children have more need of your prayers. No one brings them to me with true heart, but I need requests accompanied by the love of the hearts of those asking.

Children, console me: I have sent you my Only Divine Son and what have you been able to do? You killed him miserably. Even today those days repeat. Men seem to have lost their sense and the awareness of being able to do very little has not yet made them decide to turn to Me.

For this reason, they have such need of your loving intercessions. I will give you yet the necessary time to be able to gather as many souls as possible, and blessed are you if you know how to sow well, because you will reap exactly what you will have known how to give of the good to your brothers

I am your Father, your Good Father, and I will not allow yet much longer the evil one to sow discord. The harvest is drawing ever closer. I love all who honor my Son and his Mother and who with love trust in their intercession.

May the Precious Blood of my Son purify all of you, giving you, for the second time, the possibility of salvation. After the scattering of his blood, his coming on the earth will complete the work begun on the wood of the Cross.

Blessed are you if you are able to welcome my Son and his Most Holy Mother, ready to crush the head of the ancient serpent. My blessing be upon all of you, on your priests, on your Holy Father.

The Eternal Father

The Father of the Crucified Son

You are all wrapped in one embrace by your Father.

Now do not do like Philip. I, the Father, can allow myself to embrace you, and for the response of Jesus to the disciple you is valid: “Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father, because I AM in the Father and the Father is in me.”

Dear children, Easter is approaching and my Son will have you revive his Passion. Do not be afraid before some additional suffering in these days. If you help Jesus to carry his Cross, you will have fulfilled my will as well.

And my Will is that of bringing to salvation all my children. The Cross is a sacrifice, but it is also an offering. I have offered you eternal life, but your disobedience has deprived you of the return of my Kingdom.

Thanks to many dear children, right there in helping Jesus carry the Cross, salvation is assured to those who desire it. Be compliant with my requests. I need your Yes, your accepting with joy the sharing of the heavy wood of the Cross.

I assure you that not even the smallest part of your offering will go lost.

Now you feel tired and oppressed, but do not forget that after the passion and death, there is the Resurrection. I want all of you with Me and my Son has offered himself in joy for the salvation of all.

Now, reinvigorate your strength, in particular your spiritual part. In this Paschal Triduum, be true followers of Christ and I will not forget your total obedience to my Divine Will.

I am your Father, I am your Creator, I give you my Spirit, so that you can face all the trials of these days. My love for you is eternal salvation. Remember this at every moment.

My blessing is upon you, apostles of peace.

The Father of the Crucified Son

God, your only Lord

I am the Lord your God, you shall not have any other god besides Me.

Thus it is, my daughter, even in this moment the gods are at the center of attention for too many of my children. My Church is in confusion. There no longer exists laws to respect and each seeks his own profit.

Dear children, only I am your God, He who has made heaven and earth. Man cannot reach true peace if he seeks it outside of Me. There are the commandments left to Moses, which are always current. There never go out of style like your insignificant human laws.

I Am your God. There is no money that can make you rich like my love for you, and there is no power that can give you all, that is, materially, to make you feel better.

I Am your God. Turn again to respecting my laws and I will give you what you need. You are no longer happy. You no longer smile. That feeling you call love, and which in appearance satisfies you, is only a base human passion. I counsel you to find again humility, which opens every door.

My dear children, be more humble. Do not ever say, “I am,”, “I have,” “I can.” You do not even know how and when to figure out recognizing the day and the hour in which you will leave behind all that you have set aside.

Do not worry about tomorrow, but seek to love me, respect me, and adore me “today,” so that I can give you what you ask of me.

I Am the Only God, you do not have others: too many “religions,” too many “creeds,” too many “laws” that are not mine, but that you respect more.

Dear children, remember: there is only one commandment, that of Love. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all of yourself. Love and adore, therefore, your Only God. Be certain that He who has made heaven and earth is the Only Master and Lord. There are no others.

I, your Only God, bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

God, your only Lord