Mary, She Who Wins

My such beloved children, my Cenacle, thanks to you, burns with love. To me you give that joy that so many of my children are no longer capable of giving me.

So many of you ask yourselves what will happen next, but then they do not succeed in making a more decisive step toward God.

They are still not able to understand that all that they are living through comes from Satan, precisely because so many children, having drawn far from God, give to Satan all the malevolent power that then falls back on themselves.

Children of my love, you who understand what I say, bear witness that only with the power that comes from God will you be able to bring love and truth back to your earth.

You are drawing farther and farther from He who has given you life. If you do not return to feed on the “true Life,” how will you be able to continue to bring about all that you need?

My dear children, I know that I can count on you. Continue to pray in the silence of the night, like some of you are doing. Only by offering prayers and sacrifices will you be able to regain the freedom that your Father has given you from the beginning.

Sons and daughters of mine, I ask you to bear witness with your life that only with obedience to the Father will you save many lives from the malice of Satan.

Cleverness does not help. Be humble. Only with patience and love toward the weakest will you be able to bring a bit of hope to those who have lost faith.

I am near you. Give me the possibility to be able to help regain what you have lost. Courage, I tell you. You will still be able to get up again from this most sorrowful fall. Your Mother blesses you and thanks you.

Mary, She Who Wins

Jesus, Risen from the Dead

My daughter, it is your Jesus and I come to you to give you strength and courage in these last times. I will certainly not cause you fear. I am He who loves all his children without distinction.

You have been created to return to He who has thought of you forever. Why does all this fear invade your heart? I am with you in particular when you are taken by fear. I pray you, think about the love that I have shown in Creation. I want the best for each of you.

Pray to the Father, so that He put an end to these difficult times and open the new world to all his children worthy of peace, joy, love, and sharing of what has marvelously existed for all eternity.

If you are coherent with your creed you will be safe. The certainty that there exists something more durable must take from your heart and your mind this fear that has taken possession of you and no longer lets you live in the freedom that I have given to each of you.

In prayer, only in prayer, will you find that strength that will not abandon you before every obstacle. The devil knows that these are the last times for him to tempt my beloved children and he inculcates fears and concerns in order to make you fall and lose eternal life.

I pray you, draw close to My Body and Blood. Feed on the Eucharist, which satisfies in every moment. I want you all with me and will not let you be tempted for much longer. I have given my life for you and will not allow you to be taken by tricks.

I love you, I console you if you ask me and I will save you from all diabolical traps.

I bless you in the Name of my Father and of the Trinity together.

Jesus, Risen from the Dead

The Queen of Peace

My such dear children, I ask you: but do you believe in my apparitions on your earth? In these last times I am still coming to you to teach you the love and the glory of God. If my Son, together with the Father, permits me to come to you, it is because you absolutely need it.

Do you not understand that the more your draw far from the love of God, the more the evil one takes possession of your hearts? I am the “Mother” and until your last day I will be near you and will sustain you in the last temptation of the evil one.

I have appeared all over the world, I have given each of you the possibility to listen to my counsels, but only the smallest part of you have heard me and put into practice my maternal counsels.

Dear children, I implore you, draw near to the altar often and nourish yourselves with the Body and Blood of Jesus, because only under these conditions will you be able to acquire the strength necessary to overcome the evil one.

I am there, in your midst. I implore you: pray, offer sacrifices, do penance, and ask Jesus often to forgive all your guilt. But are you not aware that without our help, you are losing all your strength?

The devil, in this time, is raiding my weakest children in temptations. Be strong. Only by feeding on the Body and Blood of Jesus will you be victorious.

I am with you in the same way in which I showed myself to the little shepherd children, pure and humble of heart. I love you. Listen to me. Time is drawing short. I greet you with a great embrace around each of you. I love you and protect you.

The Queen of Peace

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

I am that Immaculate One of the blue roses and will always be with you. Let us pray with great love for all my adorable children, so that your Father have mercy and free each of them from every evil.

My dear children, you know every worldly thing. You study for so many years all that surrounds you: the light, the darkness, what is good and less good. You believe you know all that surrounds you and you do not respect the laws of God.

Not in this way, my children, not in this way. Entrust yourselves to He who has created from nothing all things and pray to Him to act as a good teacher, that is, He who knows well what has come from his own hands.

You no longer know what the word “respect” means and therefore what you touch with your inexpert hands will not give you what you expect from it, that is, what you ask in the name of science, what you make with your poor heads and brains.

Be more obedient to the laws of God. Only then will what you ask for be given to you. I await your requests, to present them to my Son, but you no longer know the prayers to obtain what you desire.

Stop a moment, reflect on how much you have destroyed with your hands, ask forgiveness for how much you still are not able to love your earth.

Remember that only with love and respect for all that surrounds you will you be able to regain that little bit of good that you have not succeeded in destroying.

My children, make a mea culpa from the bottom of your heart and Jesus will forgive your faults. I bless you. I will continue to protect you so long as you allow me. I love you.

Your Most Holy Mother Mary