Jesus, Love

My dear children, if I am here to remind you of my commandments, it is because I love you and I do not want to lose any of my children. I say to you mothers: Do you speak to your children about respect? You are living through one of the most difficult moments also because the word “respect” has been placed in oblivion. If one speaks of friendship, of love, every definition is inexact. You no longer call persons, animals, or things by their proper names. You call animals by the names of people and vice-versa. You love animals more than my most beloved children. You treat things, very often, as if they were more important than your very own life. Therefore, let us give the word “respect” its proper meaning. “To respect” means to give value to that which we must respect. My commandments, then, are to be respected in their essential value.

Let us speak, now, of the sixth among my counsels. If I say to you, “Do not commit impure acts,” it means that I desire from you the respect of that body, holy temple of God, that I have given you. Start speaking, therefore, to your children about how to treat that which I have given you. In your clothing, take greater care, remembering not to make others sin through impure desire. In the feeling that you define as love, place all your attention.

Love, first of all, comes from the heart, and if it comes from the heart, give your brethren pure love. In matrimony, for more reason, leave behind unrestrained sex in order to recuperate that most pure feeling that leads to true joy and completeness.

Dear children, leave behind material things and pay more attention to satisfying your spirit. I bless you in purity and chastity.

Jesus, Love

The Madonna of All Peoples

I, the Madonna of all peoples, am with you. You have given me this title, and now my children often do not recognize me even as their mother. I assure you that “of all peoples” is like saying Only Mother. Listen to my voice so that it is certain that each of you understand my speaking. Saying “all” or saying “each” is the same thing. I am your mother. I love each of you in the same way. For me there do not exist good children or bad children; you are my children. It depends only on you if you feel more or less loved by Me and by my Son.

Your heart is the center of love. If you let us enter more or less easily, this depends on you. In the mind hide thoughts that are more or less good; it is for you to elaborate upon them in such a way that they arrive in the heart in the best way. One should combat and correct distractions, just like the feelings. Sometimes even in thought there are good intentions, but if you let yourselves fall easily into temptations, see how every good intention changes and worsens totally before it comes to fulfillment in your hearts.

Do not say: “But I do not feel the love of our Mother,” but say instead, “I do not give my Mother a way to be able to penetrate within.” I am truly the Madonna of all peoples, she only who has the same love for each of you. Pray with more conviction, if you do not believe thoroughly. You close the gate of your heart, and I can put no pressure on you. Jesus has freed you with his passion, death, and resurrection. Seek to merit such freedom. Dear children, be my only people.

The Madonna of All Peoples*


*It is not clear if this refers at all to the apparition of the Lady of All Nations, in Italian, la Signora di tutti i popoli.

Mary, Joy and Love

My dearly beloved children, do not bask in your own behavior. Do you not understand that these times that you are living through are times of reflection? I love you and console you, but you: listen to me, or my coming among you will be of no help to you. Open your ears and your heart such that I may place upon you all my love and all the awe necessary to begin to live a life pleasing to my Son Jesus. Do not get lost in chitchat. Seek to enjoy taste of silence. Only where silence exists can Jesus work, give, purify, and instruct.

I still advise you to desire the life that awaits you. Do not fix your efforts and your dreams on that which passes. True existence, true good, and happiness can you savor only in heaven. It is true that the things that you can see and touch satisfy you momentarily, but that which is worth the most you can neither see nor touch. The spirit is the same air that you breathe but you do not see it; however, you know and understand well that without oxygen you cannot live. This is enough for you to understand the value of the world to come and that even without seeing it, it will be your true existence.

I am here to teach you the things of heaven. It is important that you listen to me and then live it concretely day after day. I repeat: chitchat serves nothing. Retire into silence as long as possible, and then you will begin to rejoice in the spirit. I am always near. Listen to my words in the silence of your hearts and I will hear from each one of you.

I bless you and wait for all of you where you can enjoy true joy.

Mary, Joy and Love

The Lord and Master

My dear children, I am at the gates, and are you ready to open to let me enter? The angels of heaven are already with you to prepare you for my second coming and my Mother finally will free you, with her love, from the snares of the ancient serpent. Be ready; stocking up on food will not help you, but only that you prepare yourselves on the spiritual level.

If you want to do me homage with your prayers, I will do for you all that I have promised. Stocking up will not help you in any way, I repeat, but I want hearts open so as to be able to fill you with my Spirit. Only with my Holy Spirit must you do any kind of stocking up, because you will need much of him. Your hearts will finally be able to rejoice, your ears will be able to hear my voice, your eyes will see the glory of God.

Prepare yourselves in order not to fall into the coming temptations, which will be the strongest of all time. Satan does not lose a moment; he is beside you day and night to be able to make as many souls as possible fall. For this reason, I recommend you stock up on my Spirit. Only with Him can you feel secure.

My Mother is fighting for each of you. Be shrewd, obey her calls, receive Me in the Eucharist daily. Only in this way will you be safe. The gloom of darkness will never succeed in covering my Light. Fear not, I tell you, because I Am the Lord and no other.

My Mother knows well what helps you to confront these times, and I send her to you such that you do not feel alone. You have urgent need of her presence. I am with you all the days of your life and no one will be able to do you evil, next to Me.

I bless you.

The Lord and Master

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit

My dear children, pray that the Church once again shine with light itself. You cannot affirm that you are true Christians if you serve both God and the abiding enemy. I tell you that my Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The rest has nothing to do with you.

Dear children, if I have offered my life on the cross, it is so that, reconciling you to my Father, you might return to take part, in the Spirit, of my progeny. Do not commit the error of joining your “Creed” to other forms of belonging. I Am the God of your fathers, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God who is One and Three. Do not worship other gods besides Me. The other one will still seek to sow tare in every way, but at the end of the harvest, the weeds will be burned and there will remain the good part of my harvest.

My dear children, I will not permit that even one comma of what my apostles have written be changed. I repeat: my Word is One. Whoever is respectful and puts into practice what is written will be my faithful servant and I will open to him my Kingdom for ever. Be aware that what you are living through in this moment is, fearfully, a deviation from everything that is spiritually divine. Draw near to your daily bread and eat of it in abundance. Secure yourselves against everything that is negativity and betrayal.

I am concerned for my flock, and I will defend it until the end. Fear not: if you do not draw far from my law, I will remain at your side. I am that Good Father of whom the Sacred Scriptures write amply.

I bless you in my Trinity. Be united in my word and you will arrive at the Summit. Dear children, only my love is true love.

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit