Jesus, the Son of God

My dearest daughter, I am your Jesus and I want to speak to you about these times in which you are living. I am very understanding, but you, dear children, are going too far in your every thought, in your every work, and still you do not understand that your planet will no longer support the evil that you are causing it.

My Father created this world of yours for your joy of living but none of you thank God, not only as soon as you open your eyes but not even for the rest of the day.

Everything is owed to you, but what do you do to merit the “best”?

Prayer is no longer the first thing to do. You feel like lords of the world. You never again think of saying a “thank you, Father.” For all that you give us, you have become, even amongst yourselves, devoid of love, of charity, and above all, of forgiveness.

How can you ask my Father only for well-being? My children, your times are coming to a close and so many of you will not live happy in the infinite heavens.

The Father is very offended by your behaviors. You do not love and, above all, you no longer forgive your brethren. How can you ask for well-being when you hate each other first?

Repent, my children. Forgive each other and, only then, will you be able to be forgiven from your sins by the Omnipotent God.

Jesus, the Son of God

Mary, Consoler

My such beloved children, pray much, so that your brethren find again the way that leads to Jesus. You know well that I never leave you alone, but many of you no longer want to know anything of what is divine and powerful.

My children dedicate their lives more than ever to useless things, not thinking anymore that only what belongs to the Divine can change their life for the better.

The times in which you are living are certainly not the most good and beautiful, but you, my children, what will you do to make them better? I can draw near only to so very few of you. The cursing that many of you add to your conversations will surely lead you into the depths of hell.

I ask you, pray much for these children of mine who are far from their Father and from Jesus. Prayer, for many, has become unknown. Everything in their life will change, then.

Help me, obedient children. Intercede with the saints of heaven, so that they help these children of mine, who have done away with prayer toward Jesus, Me, and the saints.

Dear children, the times will soon change. Draw ever nearer to Jesus, who is your true salvation. I thank you, because you listen to my words and put into practice what Jesus proposes to you with his Word and in his Holy Gospel.

Dear children, I love you and soon I will be able to show it to you face to face. I bless you and thank you.

Mary, Consoler

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary

My daughter, I am with you. Call upon the help of Jesus, that he come quickly to free you from the enemy, from he who wants your eternal death. I never leave you alone, especially in these sad times.

Yes, dear children, perhaps you are not aware, but your enemy is pillaging souls like never before. Call upon the help of God, day and night. Pray to your Eternal Father, that He do justice and free my many children from Satan and his followers.

You cannot imagine how many of your brethren on your earth are dying only to suffer eternally in hell.

Pray and call upon the goodness of God, so that he send my Son Jesus among you soon to recover the many souls in danger of eternal death. I am suffering like in the time Jesus offered himself to the Father for the salvation of so many children.

Pray that the dark times on your planet pass quickly and that you, my most beloved children, come to enjoy the eternal love of Me, your Most Holy Mother, and of God the Eternal Father. I will keep praying, so that many of your brethren convert.

Thank you, my dearest children, for your prayers. Jesus loves you very much.

I press you to my Immaculate Heart.

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary

Mary, Mother of Jesus

My such beloved children, help me this week, which recalls the passion and death of my Jesus. One never feels suffering so strongly as when one dear to us leaves us.

So many of you understand me, above all those of you, my such beloved children, who have lost a child. For Me, it has been the greatest suffering of all my life.

You, mothers, can sense my suffering, but for me the death on the Cross of Jesus has been terrible. Even today, in this period, the intense sorrows are repeated like in the days of Holy Week, as you call it, my such beloved children.

In these last times, pray, so that they pass quickly and not be as sorrowful as they have been for Me. The death of a child is terrible, but like that on a cross, it breaks one’s heart.

I urge you always to pray, especially today, so that wars end quickly, too. I pray for you, but you: help me, so that your heads of state become aware of how many errors they are committing.

Pray, my children, above all that in the world there reign peace, and have others pray that this be an Easter of Resurrection for each of you. I am with you and in the memory of the Resurrection of Jesus, may you be able to rejoice together with Me.

I bless you and thank you for your prayer.

Mary, Mother of Jesus