Most Holy Mary, True Mother

My dear daughter, pray for all your non-believing brethren, because there remains little time for their conversion. I always pray for all my children, but like every mother, I pray for my neediest children.

You cannot imagine how many young no longer cross the doors of the church. They are wasting their time with so many stupid things; they even go out in the streets of the world by night to blaspheme the name of my Son.

They do not think far ahead, that soon they must render an account of all their failings toward Jesus and Me, Most Holy Mother of Jesus.

I urge you, believing children, draw close to these young people. Speak to them about the goodness of Jesus for them and how much suffering they are causing him. They do not understand that all the evil that they are doing with their acts of disobedience to God will fall back on them abundantly, so much so that they will lose their lives for eternity.

I am always near them, but they are so tempted by Satan that they no longer listen to our voices. My dear children, you who live under our protection, pray, pray, pray, because your times are truly drawing to a close.

These poor young ones are not aware how great will be their sufferings in hell.

Pray—pray—pray, so that all my dear children, far from God, return to the priests to enjoy, in the confession of their sins, the forgiveness of God.

I love you so much and want you all with Me.

Most Holy Mary, True Mother

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Yours

Dear children, how I love you! You look forward to the commemoration of Jesus’ birth from the bottom of your hearts. It is very beautiful for a Mother to see how much love you show for her son, Jesus.

You give me such joy and I will pray for all of your prayer groups, so that all your distant brethren, at least in this commemoration, remember my Son’s coming among you and pray to Him from the bottom of their hearts.

I count so much on group prayer. You cannot imagine how important this mode of prayer is for Me. It is true that personal prayer is important, but that in a group represents total love for me and my Son.

We are listening to you and we are happy to satisfy all your requests. Dear children, so many of your brethren will have salvation through your insistent requests before Jesus.

I love you so much, and for this reason I share your requests for the conversion of so many distant children of mine. Continue to intercede, on a spiritual level, for all your friends and acquaintances and I will present all this to Jesus.

In this time, in which you recall His birth, be more lovable toward my most distant children, and I believe that my Son will be, toward you, the Child of tender heart.

Thank you, my dear children. Continue to love those children of mine who are farthest from God.

I bless you, I thank you, and I love you evermore.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Yours

Mary, Mother of Jesus

My such beloved children, pray for my sons, the priests, so that they be examples of life. I follow them all the time and everywhere, but most of them do not let themselves be guided by my Son.

They have become men of weak faith. They think often about the things of the world and do not entrust themselves totally to Jesus Christ, who has had himself crucified for their good and for the example of his priest sons.

Pray for them, that with their personal example they become true “Christians.” The sacrifice of the Cross has become an unspeakable suffering for all, but for my priest sons, it must become the primary example.

My children, if you are able to give your life for your children, give them to Jesus. You will truly be priests of Christ and authentic children of God. Call upon your Mother day and night so that it be easier to imitate her most beloved Son.

In the confessional, be truly worthy of absolving all my children who want to receive Jesus into their hearts. The time is drawing near by leaps and bounds and, then, each of you will have what he merits.

I am with you. Host me in your hearts and you will have the peace and love of my Jesus. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Dedicate your time to forgiveness and true and sincere love for my Son Jesus.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, the Immaculate Conception

I am your Most Holy Mother, and I come to you to celebrate my Immaculateness. Dear children, tomorrow you will celebrate my special day and I will pray with you to my Son, that he bring peace back into your hearts and into the whole world.

My immaculateness teaches you purity of heart. I am the Immaculate One. I have become the Mother of Jesus. I have suffered in his birth and then in his death on the cross!

Do not lament your small and great sufferings. Always remember that I, your Mother, have given you the example, above all in my great sufferings. I will suggest that tomorrow you celebrate me above all with the purity of your hearts.

Love each other as I have loved my Jesus. You, spouses and mothers, remember the purity of my heart, but above all physical purity. I am the Immaculate one, since the birth of Jesus is purity and chastity.

I have suffered and loved like no other human being. Remember that love is born by giving what one has and I have given Christ to you, He who then will give you, for the whole world, his life through the Crucifixion.

My dear children, so beloved, live out your days on earth like Jesus and I have taught you. Remember that by giving one’s life for others, it is the greatest gift of love that there is.

I love you so much. Tomorrow, show your love for Me by loving your brethren as much as possible. I bless you by praying to Jesus for all of you, my beloved children.

Mary, the Immaculate Conception