Jesus, the Christ, the Only Love

My dear children, you will soon remember my apostles Peter and Paul; may they be your guides. Martyrdom is considered the true profession of faith. Are you ready to give your life for those whom we love?

Are you ready to give your life for your brethren in my Name? These are extreme times. There no longer exists the true Christian. Faith has become weak. You are little convinced in all that you do, especially when it comes to doing good.

My apostles have borne witness to me with their lives unto the ultimate gift. Behold what it means to be faithful, to give what is dearest, to offer our life, with true, great, and heartfelt love.

Every day, for you, I offer myself on your altars, but how many of you, who attend Holy Mass, really understand what you is happening precisely for you? Yet I continue to offer myself for you, precisely for you, more or less aware of what is happening on that Table, stripped of many appearances.

My dearly beloved children, bear witness, even at the cost of your life, that I, Jesus, am alive and present on all the altars of the world in order not to leave you alone to battle the ancient serpent.

Saints Peter and Paul, call upon them above all in these days, they who did not turn away in the crucial moment in order to demonstrate how much love they had for me, their Jesus.

I invite you to be true apostles in these last and difficult days. Bear witness to me with all of yourselves and you will be among my true witnesses. I bless you and wait for you upon the altar.

Jesus, the Christ, the Only Love

Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Holy Rosary

My dear children, if I ask prayers of you, it is because you need them urgently. I intercede for you as soon as you entrust yourselves to Me. You have entered into a tunnel and you will no longer be able to exit from it. My Son is the only Light that can illuminate your path.

Let us make one group of ourselves. Together we can obtain from God freedom from all that binds you and clouds your vision. Let us pray: entrust to me your families, your parishes, and the whole Church.

This is no longer the Church that my Son has instituted. Satan is destroying what has been created long ago and for ever.

We need to rebuild what has been destroyed. It will not be easy, but your Father who is in heaven can be moved by your good will, helping you to rebuild what has been destroyed.

Pray for my intentions. I know well where to go to repair. Pray incessantly, because that the time that remains for you is truly short.

Do not lose hope. With Jesus you have the right weapon, that which can disarm Satan forever. Never let there be missing from your heart the desire to intercede for your enemies.

I am with you and I want to help you all to be able to present yourselves to your and our God. The time is ripe, all will be fulfilled in the glory of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. It could not be otherwise; the wicked one will be destroyed.

I am here to give you courage. Do not give in. Jesus and I are always with you. Believe in my words, you will be victors over the world. I bless you with the rosary in hand. Imitate me.

Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Holy Rosary

Jesus, Merciful Love

My most Sacred Heart overflows with love for you. But you, my dearest brethren, do you respond to my calls? I have given my life for you, I have believed in you, children of my Father, I have allowed that some of my children crucify me – what else could I have offered?

But you are not aware of my sacrifice and do you know why? Because, my brethren, you have never loved as I and my Mother have tried to teach you.

Wake up from this deep coma into which you have fallen, call upon my second coming from the depths of your heart and I will again shorten your sufferings.

The world that I have redeemed does not recognize me. A few thank me even for the air they breathe, but most of you avoid me as one avoids the evil one. But why do you make friends with the devil, do you not understand that he is destroying you?

Think about how much you must suffer for having offended me with your behavior. You humiliate me with every kind of thing that you do and say. Do not offend any longer my Mother, who still intercedes for you, otherwise the Father will no longer send her to help you.

I plead with you, open your hearts. It is I, the Son of God, who repeats to you again – sin no more. You have trespassed every limit.

I love you and would be ready to offer, once again, my life for you. My mercy has no limits, but my Father will soon act in all of his Justice. Be ready, love one another, and intercede for the brethren who find themselves in this extreme danger.

I bless you, the Second Person of the Trinity is with you.

Jesus, Merciful Love

Mary, Woman of the Yes

My most dear children, you are my fragrant flowers. Continue to travel down the road that my Son has shown you and do not be afraid. Nature is in the process of rejecting the evil that has been done to it and for this reason, very soon, you will have to deal with so many kinds of food that will be lacking on your tables.

Pray, my children. Only in prayer will you find refuge and consolation. Be always near to Me, because your Mother will have the power to alleviate your sufferings.

Be always loving with all your brethren even when they offend you and do not recognize their own limits. Entrust yourselves always to the Holy Spirit, your trusted listener. On your own you will never succeed in getting where you want.

The road down which you are traveling will become more and more tortuous, but you, with our help, you will always succeed in overcoming every obstacle. I promise you my presence next to each one of you. Call upon my name and your heart will fill with joy.

Use my weapon every time you are in difficulty. Pray for my consecrated ones, that they be strong in temptation. You need them greatly, above all when you have to unload your faults.

Prayer never disappoints. Temptations sometimes seem insurmountable, but always have the certainty that you have a God who loves you. He will never let his children lack his blessings. Ask and it shall be given you. Have this certainty and your life will go forward with greater ease.

I bless you in the name of my Son with the promise never to abandon you.

Mary, Woman of the Yes