Mary, Your True Light

My children, what can I yet tell you? If you do not change your speaking and your thinking, you will resolve none of your problems. Begin to pray to your Father, but do so from the heart.

Prayer that issues from your lips, you know it is the power and the strength that will make you overcome every obstacle. But how is it possible that you do not understand that only God has the power to change evil with good?

My children, bend your knees and ask for peace among you and in your hearts. These times will become all the darker. Light will vanish and you will remain in total darkness.

Decide to change your life. Return to prayer in your empty churches. Make adoration before that tabernacle that contains all the good that you need.

Do not deceive yourselves into finding peace and love far from He who is peace and love. I will never leave you. I am near each of you, but a great part of your brethren are unaware of my presence.

Dear children, so dear to my heart, pray for all my children who are far from Me and who are unaware that only by praying with My intercession they can reach the heart of God.

Your earthly days are shortening more and more and Satan is becoming the true victor over so many of you. Wake up from this sleep. Draw near to the altar and pray before the tabernacle, earthly temple of God.

I still urge you, but seek to follow my footsteps, which lead to my Son. I bless you and protect you. Do not forget that your days are drawing short.

Mary, Your True Light

Your True and Only Mother

Dear children, may the peace and love of Jesus be with you all. Dear ones, never before have you needed love like you do now.

But tell me: without Us, how will you find it? Our children, up to now, think only about the things of the world, unaware that, far from God, they can never reach the true goal.

If you do not find again the door that leads to Jesus of the Sacrament, you will keep drawing farther from true life.

The Eucharist is the Only food that can feed you, but if you keep drawing farther from Him, you will come to eternal death. Convert, I tell you. Time is drawing close and you will not be able to turn back.

Take care of your life. You know well that there exists only One Food that can feed you, for which, decide to feed yourselves. Otherwise, you will lose the life that is true, eternal life.

The times are coming to completion and in the worst of ways. Do not let your days pass without feeding on Jesus. You see how human life is always difficult; it has become fearful living on this earth, which the Father has created for your joy.

My such dear children, decide to welcome all the good that God has created for you. Do away with destroying your life. Draw near to the Eucharist if you want to live eternally.

I pull you close to Me. Seek not to draw far from my maternal arms, which desire only to lead you into eternal life.

Your True and Only Mother

Mary, Trinitarian Lady

Let your speaking be “yes–yes,” “no–no.” The rest comes from the devil. Never speak insincerely; you know well that gossip brings only separation and suffering.

Pay attention when you open your mouth. Even if you must bear witness, first make a good examination of conscience, a little prayer that Jesus be among you. Then, you can speak even of your friends, of neighbors, of acquaintances, because you are safe hands.

You know well that speaking negatively of brethren will return only sorrow, sorrow, sorrow. Dear children, Jesus preferred the Cross so as not to betray the Father and then all of you.

Take example from Him and peace and serenity will never abandon you again. These times in which you are living, face them always with prayer from the heart. Your guardian angel knows well your needs and will do all to teach you love.

I do not leave you, not even for a moment. Seek to live in purity of heart and of spirit and then you will be able to face all of life’s difficulties, present and future.

With Jesus in your heart, fear will leave you and serenity will accompany you in every situation and in every moment. Pray and have others pray. Only prayer can defeat the ancient serpent.

Do not let yourselves be scared by any difficulty that begins to come more often. Remember that your Heavenly Mother is your guardian of body and of spirit.

I embrace you, bringing you the blessing of Jesus, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Trinitarian Lady

Mary, Mother of Hope

Meditate, my children, meditate. The wind can carry away a word itself, but if you stop a moment, you can understand better what you are saying.

At times, words become useless precisely because you open your mouth not thinking, even with your heart, about what you are saying.

Remember, my children, that the mouth is very important but if what escapes from it does not come from the very depths of your being, it loses all the deep meaning that you want to propose to others.

Recall the discourses that Jesus held for his disciples; every word was full of meaning. Jesus never wasted a word. All that issued from his mouth was the Word of life.

Dear children, imitate your Savior. Do not follow the earthly word but read and meditate on the Word of the Gospel if you want to give primary importance to your earthly existence.

For you, the word is very important, but accompany it always with love. You are in the times in which everything will be fulfilled. Seek to give importance only to the Word of God and you will have the certainty of not being disappointed.

Unfortunately, sufferings do not end here, but thanks to your offerings they will acquire so much importance in the eyes of God.

I am with you and will continue to urge you in prayer and offering, because only this will help your salvation. I embrace you all and hold you close to my heart. I love you. I want you all to come to the blessed, eternal dwelling.

Mary, Mother of Hope