Mary, Queen of Peace

My children, listen to my voice, which guides you in the right paths. I know that you are all unhappy and worried, but I tell you to accept the great trials that you are experiencing. Offer them to my Son in expiation for the sins of all men who do not accept the will of God.

Today, most of children believe they know how to create all that they need. Dear children, it can never be this way. Take a step back, use your poor intelligence to welcome the goodness of God.

Goodness, magnanimity, courage, forgiveness, mutual comfort will bring you to accepting the laws of God. Be more humble; without Him who has given you life, you will lose yourselves in the meanderings of sin.

I am your sure guide because I have know and experienced in all my earthly life that the only thing to make happen is obedience to God. You are little and will never allow things greater than yourselves.

As soon as you have understood and experienced that only humility will make you great, will you be able to rejoice in the greatness of God. Embrace sister humility and peace with yourselves and with the whole world will be accomplished.

Wars are always born because man wants to take first place; he wants to command; he wants to place his brother under submission at every cost. My children, do what God wants and not what man demands, making use of bullying and wickedness.

Only God knows your needs and only He can satisfy them. In all humility ask and it shall be given. Ask first and foremost for peace, peace, peace.

I bless you and protect you.

Mary, Queen of Peace

Jesus, your Savior

My dearest children, have I not told you that if you pray you will see the glory of God? Yes, dear children, prayer gives you joy of heart, that perfect joy that can only give you your and only your Sole God.

If you are born from his thought it is logical that you cannot find happiness elsewhere, far from Him. Continue to enliven your Cenacle, never tire of praising God for the life that he has given you.

Be perfect like your Father is perfect, assuring yourselves thus eternal life. The days in which you are living on earth are poor in joy and full of ailments but if you live in my love you will find that joy that you cannot find otherwise.

The majority of your brethren do not find joy, even less peace, because that have lost the true meaning of life. You are born to enjoy heaven and your passage on earth must serve for your purification, not for losing your soul through drawing far from the Creator.

My children, pray and adore Him, who can give you peace. The world will disappoint you infinitely if you do not place, in your path, the Creator in first place.

My Mother is sorrowful for these children who have lost the way. I pray you to help her with your prayers, so that she can ensure salvation for all of her beloved children.

Always remember that Satan knows well your hearts and your desires and if you do not react against his temptations he will make you prisoners forever. My children, may my blessing strengthen your defenses every day.

I love you and want you with me. Resist temptations.

Jesus, your Savior

Jesus, the Liberator

My dear children, I bring you my Mother and your Mother today, on the day of one of her feasts. Dear children, you have the joy of having a mother who loves you indiscriminately. She loves all her children in the same identical way.

Just as she went to find her cousin in the incredible moment she was living through, for the difficult wait through advanced age, so she runs to you in your moment of need. Love her and listen to her in these dark times. She brings you my light, my commandments to make you overcome these difficult moments.

Your combat against the forces of evil will be less hard if you do what She tells you. If the little John leapt in the maternal womb at hearing the voice of Mary, all the more should you exult, you who for yet a bit longer will have her in your cenacles.

You will be able to win the final battle only with her help and her love – she, who at the foot of the Cross has suffered for all of you. Only the one who offers his own sufferings for his brothers can understand the sorrow of my Mother.

Only with love and for Love will you save the world, just like in those times my Mother contributed – Mary, the woman clothed with the sun, the woman who draws man near again to God, with her total gift to the Son, the woman who will again help her beloved children to defeat the demon who would like to take with himself so many, too many of my children.

Listen to her voice, respect my commandments in the joy and the certainty of meriting eternal life. May Mary protect you. I bless you.

Jesus, the Liberator

Mary, Trinitarian Love

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. My dearest children, the next time you recite this prayer, think well about what you say. Do not glorify the Most Holy Trinity with levity, but do it with all your heart.

During the day, dedicate all that you do to the glory of God. So many of my children mention the name of Jesus only with swearwords. In that moment, then, pray the “Glory be” in reparation!

During the summer months, one has more time to praise the Blessed Trinity. If for you it is a time of rest from work, this means that there remains more time to dedicate to prayer. Perhaps you have never thought about it, but your Father gives you this time to dedicate precisely to the Most Holy Trinity.

Your God thinks about your spiritual health and especially with joy. This therefore is the most propitious moment to dedicate to the praise of the Father who has created you, of the Son who has saved you, of the Holy Spirit who is always with you, even in the least thing you are doing.

Dear children, let joy be in your hearts. If you learn to praise the Most Holy Trinity with all your heart, you will discover that all your life is joy; you will always be just as if on vacation.

Vacation from sin, vacation for loving your neighbor, vacation for assisting those in need of your help, vacation for prayer that satisfies you precisely because it is made in freedom and in joy.

May the Blessed Trinity give you a spiritual vacation for all your life. I bless you, my dear children, your families, the whole world.

Mary, Trinitarian Love