Mary, Mother and Tenderness

Dear children, you ask for mercy in prayer but do you know the meaning of this word? I continue to repeat to you the words of Jesus: be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful.

If you ask, with the same measure you must be ready to give. Here is what this term means, so little in vogue among you. Be understanding with your neighbor, above all with those brethren who are less generous.

Your God is merciful, but above all just. With his justice he measures, first of all, your mercy: to love your neighbor, to teach within the family to behave with fairness and goodness, to go out to meet the brethren who have difficulty in using mercy.

Be loving and forget if your have suffered for evil received. Precisely in forgetting the actions that leave negative signs does one acquire that positivity that leads to forgiveness through mercy.

My dear children, you are confronting uncomfortable and difficult situations, especially if you demonstrate with your actions a preference for fairness to cunning, honesty to cunning. Remember that cunning and mercy are found at antipodes.

Do not make use of cunning, but live in fairness, synonymous with honesty. Be more welcoming. Mercy goes hand in hand with forgiveness. Be patient and never take back when you forgive. Feel yourselves victorious in love, forgetting deeply the evil received.

Jesus has been your master. Imitate him and you will receive from Him that mercy that forgets through excess of love. I love you, children. Be generous.

Mary, Mother and Tenderness

Mary, Infinite Love

Let my blessing come down on all of you, my children, who still pray with love. The most important thing is to show love for one’s neighbor. The commandments record it for you but many of your brethren turn a deaf ear.

Love does not consist in sex or, even less, in speaking and not accompanying words with works. Remember, my children, that that which is of the world remains of the world. Only by listening to the Holy Spirit who is in you can you love with sanctifying love.

I always counsel you to love your brethren, above all those who are fare from the love of my Son. You know well that far from God true love does not exist. Love often means sacrifice. It means denying oneself for his brethren, suffering even for them just to bring the into the Heart of God.

I love you and will continue to suggest all that enriches you more on the spiritual level. Be loving like my Son has been loving with you and for you. Giving the life that passes to reach eternal life is the maximum of love.

Demonstrate love by sacrificing your own life and not only with words. Be always present with those who suffer because of desperation because, if one does not believe in God, sooner or later he ends by no longer feeling anything good and beautiful in life and for life.

The world sooner or later disappoints. One only is the Creator God. On earth all will be imperfect and often disappointing. Entrust to me those dear to you and all those who need to believe in love. I will bring them to my Son in a way that they can know True Love.

I bless you. Be loving children.

Mary, Infinite Love

Mary, Your Help

My daughter, how can you think: You are not coming today? How can I not come to my Cenacle?

Do you not know that the things that are born of the Spirit resist every storm? I am here with you, like always. I will defend you from Satan in every moment of the day and of the night.

Only those who decide to draw far from me will no longer hear me. Without my help, you would quickly fall into “his clutches.” I love you and my Son lets me help all those who want it.

You have not yet understood that the times in which you are living you cannot live out in peace if I draw far from you. Dear children, prepare yourselves to face the battle that will change your life.

My Son is been put far from the life of most of your brethren and, therefore, humanity finds itself still more confronting the enemy with weapons not suitable for this kind of war.

Pray for these brethren of yours who are not aware of the risk that they are taking. So many of my children live in most total darkness and therefore urgently need your prayers.

I am always ready to intercede for you. I am with you continually and without interruption. I guide you, I suggest to you what is best for you, I counsel you about what is best for you in certain moments.

Remember that without my help you would no longer be able to face your enemy who in these times is prevailing over my children precisely because they themselves let him.

Dear children, pray – pray – pray. Never tire of asking my intercession. I bless you, I promise you that I will listen to your supplications.

Mary, Your Help

Mary, Merciful Love

I, the Mother of Jesus, Most Holy Mary, tell you: do not be afraid of the things that you will see, but cling to your faith like never before.

You see how much confusion reigns on your planet because of the evil one, but you should keep in mind my words when, because of uncertainties, you feel yourselves in danger. Remember that Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity, will not allow Satan to put your faith to the test more than you can handle.

I, his Mother, will be with you and will protect you from his insistent temptations. Be sure that all those who continue to nourish themselves every day with the Body and Blood of Jesus, Lamb of God, will be safe, they and their families.

Pray, my dear children, and be calm. Whoever is with God cannot and must not fear. You will be able to face trials with serenity, that serenity that you will make others touch with their hand, all those who still have faith in my Only-Begotten Son.

Use your weapon often. I have been repeating for so long that praying the rosary is and will be your strength, the only weapon of yours capable of combating and defeating all the temptations of the devil.

Pray, my such beloved children, and bear witness often, that wherever there is prayer there will always be the certainty of victory. Whoever is with God must never fear, but the certainty of victory will always and ever be there.

I bless you, I love you, and now, more than ever, I preserve you from every evil. Call upon your Mother of heaven and you will live in serenity and peace. Let hope never be lacking in you, because the Cross of my Son is certainty of salvation.

Eternity will be your eternal prize. Jesus loves you infinitely.

Mary, Merciful Love

Mary, Queen of the Rosary

My such beloved children, let praying the rosary help you to make choices that are suited to and in accord with your Creed. Dear children, time is growing shorter every day and most of my children are not aware that the second coming of my Son among you is drawing ever closer.

Pray with fervor so that even those brethren of yours that are farthest from God might draw near to He who will change so many of your situations.

Dear children, be strong, so that the enemy not play tricks on you. He, in this moment, is at the center of all your situations. He is manipulating you sinisterly and most of you obey his invitations.

I pray you, help your those brethren of yours who are deaf to the Word of God, who risk their lives with sin. Speak to them, say that joys cannot come from the devil because all that he gives is always against the will of God and, therefore, without love.

I love you and do not tire of warning you! Satan is submitting you to himself. With his lies he implicates you in his wickedness. The world needs love. My Son has shown you amply what true love means.

Love each other and help each other. Chase away the thoughts that lead you far from the Cross. Accept even sufferings, since they make up part of your spiritual kit.

I am near you. Let us seek to walk on the uncomfortable road of earthly life if you want to come to eternal salvation. The things of earth pass away, but the love of God is eternal.

Pray and get others to pray. The holy rosary will serve you as a key for opening the lock that leads you to the heart of Jesus, your salvation. I bless you, I pray with you and for you.

Mary, Queen of the Rosary