Immaculate Mary

My dear children, I have gathered you here so that your prayers rise to heaven and that my Son, Jesus, hear you and bless you because, in these times, you need His Presence all the more.

I tell you, indeed, I urge you: pray all the more for my children who are disobedient to the laws of God.

They do not understand and, unfortunately, are not aware that, these being the last times for you, poor sinners, you will have to draw near more often and with more love to the altar of redemption.

I want to help you, but you must seek to understand that, never before as in these times, do you need forgiveness. Your Father shows you all the more how your life would be without His help.

You no longer seek the help of God, and your Father leaves you to the mercy of Satan. I am always ready to welcome your supplications, to present your needs to God, but you, my children, you forget all the more often that only from heaven can true help come to you.

Pray and fast if you want the recompense that will open the gates of Paradise to you. I implore you to pray and have others pray, because time is drawing short. I bless you.

Immaculate Mary

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

Your Jesus is here with Me and with you. Pray, my dear children, that the times to come bring your non-believing brethren a bit of faith in Jesus and Mary.

I am with you, but I cannot convert my children if so many of you are not helping me heal the many wounded souls in the Spirit.

Pray that the times to come, together with the chastisements, bring many conversions. Most of my children have lost faith, but I want to convert all of you and bring you into eternal joy.

My dear children, believe in eternity and repent of all your faults, so that the Eternal Father can forgive all your sins.

It is I who, for so long, have been speaking with you about your earthly life precisely to convert your souls from evil to eternal good.

I want all my children to return to the Eternal Father and to enjoy the good of Eternity. I, your Mother, am coming to earth to convert many disobedient souls. My dear children, pray and fast, so that all my children return to the eternal joy of Paradise.

I bless you and thank you for your spiritual help. Be true children of God.

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

Your Most Beloved Mother

Yesterday, you celebrated my Assumption into Heaven, but how many of you came to find me in the house of my Son?

I was waiting for all my children, to fill them with graces, but unfortunately most of you celebrated with binging of body and spirit. But how can I keep recommending you to the Lord is most of you do not even know Him?

You celebrate only in an earthly way and do not think about heaven, not even on the day of my Assumption. Can you tell me how most of my children have celebrated? Whoever does not believe must not even celebrate!

How many of my children will go to hell, among eternal flames. Pray, dear children, for these brethren of yours, who will remain for eternity in the greatest sufferings, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.

Pray much, my dearest children, for these brethren of yours, who are not aware of what awaits them. My dear children, I love you so much and I always recommend you to my Son and to your heavenly Father.

I am with you, who love Jesus, and I promise you that I will not let you be lost in the flames of hell. Thank you, my children. Continue to pray for your unbelieving brethren.

Your Most Beloved Mother

Jesus, Son of God

I am the Lord your God; you shall not have any God besides Me.

In this moment, so many things will happen that most of you will not understand. But whoever is aware of my plans will not fear for all will happen in the last times.

My dear children, no one will love you like God and your Jesus of Mercy love you. Do not believe those who could lead you on the way that would not lead to your Father. Only through his Will things will change.

You know well that you are near to the heavenly changes. No one could change even a comma from the purpose of my Father, who is in heaven.

No one, for the moment, knows my Father, but in the last times, those who love God above all else will come to know the plans of God for men.

My children, you who have always walked the road of God’s justice, continue to teach your brethren who live in ignorance, that the only Way to follow is that which leads to God.

I am always near you and will lead you to the only Way, that is, to my Father who is in heaven and who loves you above all things. I bless you, my dearest children. Continue to teach the truths of God.

Jesus, Son of God

Mary, Mother and Teacher

Here I am again among you, to urge you to walk along the way of life. My such beloved children, these are the days that will lead to God the many souls that will help convince many men and women on earth to change their hearts from being cold and unbelieving to warm and believing.

If you do not begin to do battle on earth for a true conversion, it could then be too late. Jesus loves you and wants to see all his children clean up their own souls.

My dear children, I will still come to you to make you understand how important the cleanness of your souls is. Whoever will not follow the Word of God will lose eternal life. I will continue to come among you, to bring you my Word. But, unfortunately, many of you still turn a deaf ear.

I count so much on you. Help me to bring back to the good road your non-believing brethren, otherwise, it could be too late. Let the Holy Mass become your Daily Bread, and Holy Communion your Strength.

Listen to what I am saying to you and put into practice my counsels, which I am giving you with such maternal love. I bless you, I love you, and I want to bring you to Jesus, in order to enjoy his Heavenly Paradise.

Mary, Mother and Teacher