Mary, Full of Grace

Mary, Full of Grace, is with you. I greet you, I bless you, I thank you because you have joined this cenacle.

My dearly beloved children, the clock is ticking its last, then all will finish according to the will of our Father. I will be with you until the end. Fear not, because in the moment of sorrow I will be with you.

If I did not help you, you would not succeed in overcoming the trials that await you. You know well that your evil behavior calls down upon all humanity the judgment of God.

My Son and I are still holding back the hand of the Father, who will act. Therefore, live serenely. Think about that the end of all the evil that afflicts you is not far. Jesus offers to God all your prayers and I intercede for you uninterruptedly.

You have understood that prayer is the key that opens the heart of God. Be shrewd; pray day and night and your Father who is in heaven will reduce the penalties that you merit with your numerous sins.

Your prayers do not go unheard. We are preparing for the Passover of my Son. He has suffered immensely to reopen the gates of Paradise, but it seems that the majority of his children have forgotten all of this.

I, therefore, come to find you who believe in Easter. I rely upon you and your offerings for your non-believing brethren. May you be blessed, children of hope, you and your families.

Never miss out on the nourishment that you have in life; only Jesus can nourish you for eternal life. Evangelize without shame because the Word of God, being truthful, will punish those who are ashamed of announcing his Kingdom.

My dear children, love one another, because only in love and for love will the plan of God be accomplished. Courage, I tell you. You are all under my maternal protection.

Mary, Full of Grace

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

My children, why do you doubt? I am always with you. I always urge you when you lie down too much. These are not the times for rest. You must act, you must build, you must spend your energies so that a tomorrow, not long from now, the second coming of my Son, may be accepted, desired, wanted by all his children.

I need your help, this is why I do not leave you for a moment. Even if you do not see me physically, spiritually my place is near each one of you. I ask for prayers without ceasing; only with prayer can we make amends for the many sins that are committed on this troubled earth.

There is no more breath for your planet and its inhabitants. Too many distractions carry you where my Son would not have you. The churches are empty, but the places of false entertainment are filling up day and night. This is why the offenses against Jesus and against my Immaculate Heart increase day by day.

Dear children, there will come a day in which you be will informed. You will be able to see and feel how much our hearts are suffering. Make sure that it is not too late for your conversion.

Believe me when I tell you that your Father is offended beyond measure. His hand will act. His justice, then, will triumph and each of my children will have that which he merits, eternal prize or pain.

If I ask your help it is only because I cannot allow that so many of my beloved children be damned. Pray with greater conviction. Be more attentive when you mention the name of God. Your lips should be pure when they utter this most Holy Name.

Prayer will heal many souls, and you will be able to enjoy many merits. I bless you, my children. Be obedient and joy will enter your hearts.

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

Mary, Mother of Sorrows

My dear children, ascend Calvary with me – do you see the Crucified on that cross? He is my Son, my only Son. They have crucified him, but worse is happening now. You, my children, continue to crucify him every day. Mothers can understand my pain, more than all my children. My Jesus had struck no one. Innocent, he wanted to undergo that supplication for your sins. In total obedience to his Father, he made himself a victim on the cross. When you affirm that you love a brother, remember that cross. Love, above all things, is offering, self-offering. Then is it prayer to the Father, because he hears your supplication through that brother. Only then can you say, “I love you.” This word is widely used, but it says nothing at all if not accompanied by offering and by prayer. Remember always my words when you say “I love you.” Otherwise, limit yourself to saying “I care for you” (ti voglio bene). The Father has accepted the offering of Jesus because his love for you is complete; he has given his life.

My dear children, if you are true followers of Christ, follow him above all in love. The world will change only if you love like Jesus has loved you. In this time of favor, because it is the season of Lent, try more often to love like your Master has taught you. Imitate him; only in this way will you feel satisfied in love. The true Master is he who gives witness with his life and the true disciple is he who obeys and imitates his master. I love you, dear children, because at the foot of that Cross I accepted becoming the mother of all of you, sharing the passion of my Son.

I bless you. May my example be a stimulus for all of you to be able to love unconditionally.

I still love, I suffer, and I offer for you.

Mary, Mother of Sorrows


From Valeria Copponi:

To those who read these messages, I would suggest they open their hearts with humility to Jesus, so that He might do the rest. I often repeat that that which makes me write is not my property, but that I must share “His Word” with all my brothers and sisters, especially with those who have the most need of his Love. In counsel with my spiritual father, he has suggested that I divulge these messages through the Internet in such a way as to break down the distances and reach and share this gift with as many hearers as possible. Whoever reads the “message” must feel it as his own, in the sense that Jesus in this precise moment speaks personally to “you.”

I am an instrument of which Jesus makes use to make us, in our time, taste his Word. While I am not worthy of this, I accept with great fear and responsibility this great gift, handing myself over totally to his Divine Will. This extraordinary charism is called “locution.” This involves interior words, coming not from the mind in the form of thoughts, but from the heart as if a voice “suggested” them from within.

When I begin to write (let us say, under dictation), I am not aware of the sense of the whole; only at the end, rereading, do I understand the meaning of the all of these words “dictated” to me more or less quickly, in a theological language that I do not understand. The thing at which I marvel the most at the beginning, is this “clean” writing without deletions or corrections, more perfect and more exact than an ordinary dictation, without any fatigue on my part; all comes out smoothly. But we know that the Spirit blows where and when he wills, and so with great humility and, ackowledging that without Him we can do nothing, we dispose ourselves to listen to his Word, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


The purpose of this site is to provide English-language translations of the locutions received by Ms. Valeria Copponi. She herself gives a “Premise” for the messages, given below.

Ms. Copponi is a married laywoman and mother, who has been guided by Fr. Gabriel Amorth until his recent passing. Her messages are available in the original Italian here: www.gesù

For us, these messages, from our Lord Jesus, our Blessed Mother Mary, and even from the Holy Spirit and God the Father, have encouraged us in this current time of trial. The messages are full of the “tough love” that come from true parents, our heavenly God and his saints.

Jesus, from the Garden of Olives

I bless you, my children, so that you can be stronger in temptations. Pray more often the Our Father, asking not to be abandoned in the most difficult moments.

Satan is very strong in this time, where sin reigns supreme. Pay much attention not to succumb when he puts you to the test. Know that he recognizes very well your weaknesses, and strong in this, he incites you to sin, to fall.

Seek, then, the help of your Father who is in heaven. Pray to him to hold fast your hand, at the very moment you get back up. Pray always: “Do not abandon us, Father. Remain with us. Only with your help can we lift ourselves up.”

Once you have the help of my Father and your Father, go take refreshment in your spirit at the Table of the Eucharist. Remember, children, if you do not nourish your spirit, you will fall so many times that you risk not being able to get up again.

My love for you is great, but you, for your part, seek to live in purity of heart and to recognize that, without the help of heaven, none of your actions will come to right fulfillment. Never be ashamed of your weaknesses, but see that they be occasions of revenge against sin. I love you as you are. I know your hearts and I await only your responses to my invitation. Your “yesses” allow me not to satisfy your requests, but to give you all my graces necessary to limit your falls, so often very painful.

Never congratulate your brothers in sin, because sin brings you to death and can be a cause of no return. My dear children, love one another as I have loved you from the Cross.

Let my blessing descend upon each of you abundantly in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, from the Garden of Olives

Mary, Co-Redemptrix

Dear children, you are my joy; where there is prayer, where my Son is praised, where there is unity, there is my joy.

On this day that looks forward to the Passover of my Son, be more united than ever. Remember how great is the love of Jesus for you, who has been scourged, crowned with thorns, crucified for you – for you who, in these difficult times, do nothing but offend and blaspheme his Holy Name.

My dear children, make these forty days support your prayer, that prayer that will free many souls from the pains of hell.

I will help you, but you must be courageous evangelizers, not so much with your tongues, but with your good works. As your heavenly Mother, I instruct you: love unto giving your life for your brothers.

The greatest gift that Jesus has given you, use it in the best of ways, or your life will be a true and utter failure. In order to arrive at the joy of the resurrection of Jesus, you need to strike a path of true conversion of heart, living in love, in charity, in fraternity.

Life is that gift that carries in itself all human frailty, but also the abundant strength of the Spirit. Do not live only by those things of the world, but enrich your spirit with all the good actions that, every day, you can offer to your Father who is in heaven.

Love also your sufferings; only through them can you enrich the baggage that you will present at your arrival in heaven. Love life; live in the grace of God, ready to give over your life rich in good works, earning the eternal prize.

I bless you, my children, in the joy of the expectation of the resurrection.

Mary, Co-Redemptrix