The Child Jesus, True Life

If you respond to my invitation, it means that you have understood what “salvation” means.

My dear children, I love you and I will not allow you to face any evil. It is true that the times are not the best, but the demon will not win. He is certainly sowing much confusion, but do you know why? Because he knows that, for him, these are the last acts of wickedness.

My children, do not be frightened, do not allow him to enter your hearts. Entrust to me your families, your priests, your politicians, because the evil spirit is very tricky and shows you evil as if it were good.

Holy Christmas has passed, but so many of my children have celebrated something else entirely. I watch over you from that manger, but those who look upon me are truly few. I want to tell you this because each of you has the power to see and hear me.

Let my Word never be missing from your homes. Without my Word, you would remain in total ignorance. I suggest to you all that serves you to be able to live like Christians. If you do not follow Christ, how can you call yourselves Christians?

Follow me, dear children, in these last and difficult times. I will restore you. Fear not, you daughter of Zion, accept my teachings and let them transform into Daily Bread for all souls, whom I continue to place in your streets.

It is difficult, I know, very difficult, but in the end my children will understand that Salvation is only in Me. I know that you suffered much some days ago, but I was with you. You know that you must not expect to gather but when you, all of you, are close to Me, your return will become a true oasis of peace.

I want all of you with me. For this I ask you to offer me the sufferings that are consuming you. I love you very much. I will give eternal life, and for those who will believe only at the end, I will reserve sweet and tender surprises.

I am here with you. My poverty is all in that manger. Your riches will begin as soon as you understand that your God is a God of love. I am watching over you. Give me your hearts – I will fill them with eternal life.

The Child Jesus, True Life

Your Heavenly Mother

My dear children, I love you, and for today I want to place between your arms my Child. Welcome him and make Him your Lord – Redeemer – Savior. I say this to all my children so that you might share my words with all who believe in Him.

His birth means salvation for you, but too few of my children take this joyful news seriously. Christmas is becoming a pagan festival. One thinks about material satisfactions. It is important to celebrate, but how?

My Child has entered into your lives on tiptoe, in poverty, in silence. Your celebrations are realized exactly the opposite way: in the rowdiness, in the luxury, in the confusion that the world offers.

I pray you, my dear children, teach your loved ones to love the Child Jesus from the bottom of their hearts. Only in the intimacy of the heart can you feel the beating of his heart. Learn, in these time of darkness, to carry the Light. You cannot continue to live in this negative atmosphere much longer.

Your sins, your acts of disobedience build up in an impressive way and you do not understand that all the calamities that you are undergoing come directly from your denying the presence of God, of my little Child, humiliated in every way and in every moment by those who owe him their lives.

Carry your witness wherever you go. I entrust you today with this duty. My children are deaf to my appeals and your sins carry you to eternal perdition. The goodness of my Son does not succeed in shaking loose and opening your hermetic hearts.

I wish you would live these days in the silent expectation of the great event of salvation. I bless you. Let my Child be your anchor of salvation for you and for your loved ones.

Your Heavenly Mother

Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

My Spirit is upon you, my Mother is in your midst, my ardent Cenacle is complete.

My dear children, what joy when my Son looks upon you with all his love. There exists no greater love. He has given his life to the Father for all of you. I am here, among you. I bring you peace, that peace that the world cannot give you.

Be happy about belonging to God. He has wanted you for His total will. He did not need you, but his will is fulfilled in you. Trust in Him. You belong to him totally and in this belonging he will sanctify you, after the purification, in order to return to that Kingdom from where you have come.

I am here to gather the sheep that are lost everywhere. Be strong in temptation, seek to resist, seeking and asking my help. Otherwise, by yourselves, you will fall without being able to rise up again.

You are in a time of struggle. Satan is buying up my most fragile children. For this reason I ask your help, your sufferings, your prayers. Your sacrifices are all in behalf of these souls that otherwise would be lost.

How many of my children are living in worldliness, in luxury, in false light, and do not think about eternal life! Poor children of mine, I love them and ask you to think a bit about their salvation.

All together, we can stop wars, famines, pestilence, phenomena like earthquakes, tsunamis, and other forms of destruction. My dear children, we still have time. Do not abandon me just now, at the culmination of satanic temptation.

I love you so much, and I want to hand you over to the Father, all his children, above all those most needy. Give love, do not skimp on good works. Teach all those who do not want to know the love of my Son. With love one can move mountains. Nothing is impossible for God, and God is making use of you.

I never go far from you, and I counsel you and guide you at every step of the way. Ask me, I always listen attentively and then intercede for you before my Son.

I bless you. I draw next to each one of you.

Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

Mary, the “Handmaid” of the Lord

Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.

Dear children, isn’t it true that for you to call yourselves “servant” is to devalue yourself? It is not so. Pejorative would be to call yourselves “disobedient.” I have been very happy to be able to submit to my God.

My children, we are born to do his will. When I called myself “servant,” my heart exulted for the choice that had fallen upon me from the Most High. I was very happy in submitting myself to He who is Omnipotent.

Feel humble; by yourselves you will not be capable of completing even the least action. The sooner you understand this, the better. The Author of life knows well the works of his Hands. You are born from an indescribable love, than which nothing could be more just and perfect.

I am the servant of the Lord. This has been and will always be a great honor for Me. Do not be proud, but humble and meek of heart. I give you the word that comes from the Father and the Son. May you know how to appreciate it, guard it, use it in the way most suitable for being able to live in the Truth, in the Most Holy Will of God.

A servant is one who can offer herself to her Lord, with love, in total freedom, satisfying every demand. My dear children, even today I am totally available to the love of God.

In this time, my “service” is for you, for my beloved children. In the hour of trial, call upon my Name – I will be quickly with you. I am at the service of being able to recover that which you have squandered.

The servant knows well the needs of the master and, for his love, she gives herself. Love carries one to God. I hope that each of you understands the importance of making yourself a servant for your own brethren.

Learn from Me, who am humble and meek of heart. You will reach the love of your loved ones and, above all, the love of God. Let this “Servant” lead you to obey He who has given his life for you.

I bless you. Be humble. Only as little ones will you be able to pass through that door that is eternal salvation.

Mary, the “Handmaid” of the Lord

Mary Immaculate

I, Mary, the handmaid of the Lord, desire to be close to you in this day of preparation for the feast of my Immaculateness. I have said “feast,” dear children, just like you say. I would prefer, even appreciate, fewer feasts but more prayers.

You have many days for celebrating, but few for remembering the prodigies, the miracles, the graces that your Lord Jesus Christ gives you without measure. If presents have great importance, all the more must you understand the greatness of the gifts that come to you from heaven.

Dear children, do not subject yourselves to the offers of this world. Think, instead, that all that you love most one day will vanish. There will remain only the works that you will have done as gifts for your brethren, above all for the most needy of your heart and of your charity. Be generous, persevering in love, in prayer, in faith.

When you understand that the essential things are not those that satisfy your body, but those that feed your spirit, then you will be on the right road. I can give you advice, words, that come from my Son and such love, but the rest you must decide yourselves, in total freedom.

Tomorrow, how many of my children will celebrate me, drawing close to the Eucharistic table? Don’t you know who you are to receive the gift of life, welcoming Jesus into your heart?

Seek then, dear children, to celebrate tomorrow my Immaculateness by loving each other. If you love yourselves first, you can love your neighbor and in your neighbor you will love my Son, who has given life for you.

I ask you to remember the eighth of December as a rebirth: in purity, in chastity, in love. I bless you. My Son blesses you. Remember to live by the Spirit as I have taught you by example.

Mary Immaculate