Your Good God

If you do not become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, my children, you see the spontaneity, the joy, the grace, the goodness of little ones, all the riches that belong to one who has a pure heart.

I tell you again, blessed are the pure, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Dear children, grown up now, even though you have learned to be more perfect in love, you let yourselves be taken by jealousy, envy, wickedness of every kind. You do not resist temptation and, therefore, these weaknesses of yours make you lose the good and healthy habits that allow you to live in peace amongst yourselves and, above all, with God.

In these dark times, then, seek to put God back in first place. I am reserving a place for you. Do not lose it because of your disobedience to your Creator and to His Word.

My dearest children, be humble, because humility is the virtue that will make you rich. Not with the riches for which you aspire, but with that which pleases God, Creator and Lord of all the earth.

My such beloved children, then, from now on begin to turn a bit into children and I will hand over to you that joy that you have lost in spending your days. I want you all to be children, trustful only of the goodness and greatness of your Father.

Pray and make others pray, so that your brethren return to desiring the virtue of humility. I bless you from the height of my goodness. Be worthy of my salvation.

Your Good God

The Lord and Master

My dear children, I am at the gates, and are you ready to open to let me enter? The angels of heaven are already with you to prepare you for my second coming and my Mother finally will free you, with her love, from the snares of the ancient serpent. Be ready; stocking up on food will not help you, but only that you prepare yourselves on the spiritual level.

If you want to do me homage with your prayers, I will do for you all that I have promised. Stocking up will not help you in any way, I repeat, but I want hearts open so as to be able to fill you with my Spirit. Only with my Holy Spirit must you do any kind of stocking up, because you will need much of him. Your hearts will finally be able to rejoice, your ears will be able to hear my voice, your eyes will see the glory of God.

Prepare yourselves in order not to fall into the coming temptations, which will be the strongest of all time. Satan does not lose a moment; he is beside you day and night to be able to make as many souls as possible fall. For this reason, I recommend you stock up on my Spirit. Only with Him can you feel secure.

My Mother is fighting for each of you. Be shrewd, obey her calls, receive Me in the Eucharist daily. Only in this way will you be safe. The gloom of darkness will never succeed in covering my Light. Fear not, I tell you, because I Am the Lord and no other.

My Mother knows well what helps you to confront these times, and I send her to you such that you do not feel alone. You have urgent need of her presence. I am with you all the days of your life and no one will be able to do you evil, next to Me.

I bless you.

The Lord and Master

Your Lord

I, your Lord, do not lie; my creation yet responds to my commands even if man tries to destroy that which I have created. Man will not be deluded, since all will unfold on earth as I have planned it from eternity.

You can do nothing, my children; pay attention to my counsels, obey my laws, I tell you for your good in view of the moment in which all will be accomplished according to my plans.

I have created all with love, and the first thing that my children must accept and imitate is love itself. Do you not understand that all can be resolved in joy if you do not continue to put limits on my work?

Man must not dare to separate that which I unite. It is from this point that you must start again, if the family is reconstituted in my light, all the rest wil return to splendor, to work in the best way, to work in a sustained rhythm.

You lie down, believing that you enjoy that which is around you, but this is not so. Submit to my will and then you will enjoy all the good that is possible, and in eternity. The earth will no longer be able to satisfy your demands if I do not bless it, but only if you ask it of me.

Bow your heads if you want the best. I Am the Lord and no other. You can put together all of your knowledge, but you will come out with nothing. You have destroyed that which I have created; now it is your turn to ask, with humility, the renovation of your earth and, above all, of your poor souls.

You walk in darkness and yet you are not aware, but the day of your reckoning is closer than you think. Children, meditate on my words, pray to the Master of the harvest if you still want to have and enjoy a good harvest.

I bless you in my Holy Trinity.

Your Lord