Jesus, Man and God

May the Holy Spirit flood this little church, and all of you, in order to purify your hearts, your minds, and all of you yourselves.

I, Jesus, Son of God made man, come down into your hearts because now, more than ever, you need my true and holy presence.

I am made man like you. I worked on earth. I sought to speak and teach your fathers the Word of God but, unfortunately, man has always desired to take the place of his Creator.

Dear children, the time has come in which you must think again. Of God there has always existed “Only One.” Always remember that this word, “always,” means “without time,” without your time. Therefore, from the moment you are all mortal beings, begin to think that you must leave this earth behind, whether it pleases you or not.

You are mortal beings. None of you can enjoy this earth eternally, but I tell you: begin, in all humility, to realize that your life will be brief and that you must render an account for all your works to He who Is greater than you.

My Father will forgive only those who, from the bottom of their heart, recognize their own guilt. I don’t want to do you violence today, speaking in this way, but I want to clarify this to each of you, in order to prepare you for my second coming among you.

Don’t let these words of mine frighten you, but let them draw clarity in such a way that no one can say he didn’t know, that all that you are living through on this earth will soon have its true end. My Word is Truth and as such you must, for your own good, accept it and meditate on it deeply.

My children, my love for you is so great and I will not let you damn yourselves. The Holy Spirit is upon you. Let him show you the True Way. Let him lead you to heaven.

Jesus, Man and God

Jesus and the Spirit of God

May the Holy Spirit descend upon you, your families, and upon all the cenacles of prayer. You know very well that without the presence of the Spirit, your prayer would not bear its fruit.

My dear children, never tire of calling upon the Spirit, because his strength alone can change your life. Fatigue will leave you to let enter within you his strength, his love and holy fear, his joy, his life.

The times are coming to fulfillment. Be true witnesses of faith, now more than ever does the whole world need my help. What do you think you can do without my support? Man, in himself, would collapse at every dash of his foot.

The power to go forward, amidst suffering and sorrow, you can only find in Me. My help strengthens you, enlivens you, sanctifies you. You know well that my presence is infinite power. None of you could live only by material things.

How often, even in suffering, do you feel serene and happy? And why, instead, enjoying the things of the world, are you never fully satisfied? You are born from the hands of God, and for this reason you can never live fully far from Him.

Dear children, the Trinity fills you in every moment with true life, gives you counsel, sanctifies you, and totally enlivens you. Do not distance yourselves from your God. You would be like sheep without a shepherd. All the things of the world that you possess will never be enough to full your voids.

I show you the way. Fear not; no one can do you wrong or diminish your faith – I will not allow it.

I bless you, my such beloved children. Be always ready to listen to my voice.

Jesus and the Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit of God

In the beginning, all was perfect. Heaven and earth praised the Holy Spirit, who had created them. My dearest children, even today my Spirit acts uninterruptedly, but man, with his wickedness, has destroyed all that he has touched.

Not in this way, my children, not in this way. The Father, with all love, has touched the whole universe. Love overflowed in the universe and man became the absolute master of such beauty, such goodness, such love.

Then, unfortunately, the most intelligent angel presumed to take the place of God and all fell down like a heap of evil and sorrow. Man, after the temptation, knew wickedness; with disobedience he suffered all the evil that it brought him in sadness and distrust.

Today, my children, you must put right all the sin that is in the world if you want to recover the good you have lost. You understand that the hands of man cannot create; without the Spirit who acts in each of you you are like cymbals that do not sound.

Wake up, ask pardon for all the evil that you have brought upon yourselves with your arrogance. Recover a bit of that humility that will lead you back to love your creator.

“I Am”: you will never be his equal. Pray that your heart return to beat in unison with that of Jesus, who made himself man for you, to teach you obedience to the Father and to the Holy Spirit who is in you.

Your Lord has been relegated to your oblivion. Your heart, having become ice, can no longer recover the warmth that the love of God transmits. Make room for the Holy Spirit who dwells within you. Only then will you be able to recover the love of God, infinitely good.

I bless you and illuminate you with my Vital Light.

The Holy Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

My Spirit is upon you, upon your families, upon all people for whom you are praying, and upon all my Church. Yes, my dear children, without my Love you would be as if dead. So many of your brethren are deluding themselves, that they can do everything by themselves.

Unfortunately, humanity has many limits and it would be a great thing to seek to “downsize.” My most dear children, I never leave you alone. Without your Creator to guide you, counsel you, enlighten you, you would be truly empty bodies.

My Spirit is life. Your heart knows this very well, but your intellect, at times, leads you far away, makes you dream, and in these moments, in which you feel like masters of the world and of yourselves, the evil one makes you his own and draws you far from Me.

Be docile, humble, respectful of each other. Be truly brothers, children of one Sole Father. My word is truth. Do not fear when you feel confused and helpless, because the ancient serpent discourages you precisely in those moments.

Do not be unprepared. Feed yourselves often with my Body and my Blood, and then there will return to you the security and the certainty that, respecting my laws, you will always be safe. My Church is in danger precisely because it wants to modernize my words, my commandments.

Ensure for yourselves that your path not deviate from my ways, that your thoughts not deviate from my thoughts and that your works be as I myself desire them to be. Remember that my Spirit is your support and rejoice in this, because your God is a God of infinite love.

My dear children, may my blessing descend abundantly upon you and on those who are dear to you.

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit

My dear children, pray that the Church once again shine with light itself. You cannot affirm that you are true Christians if you serve both God and the abiding enemy. I tell you that my Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The rest has nothing to do with you.

Dear children, if I have offered my life on the cross, it is so that, reconciling you to my Father, you might return to take part, in the Spirit, of my progeny. Do not commit the error of joining your “Creed” to other forms of belonging. I Am the God of your fathers, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God who is One and Three. Do not worship other gods besides Me. The other one will still seek to sow tare in every way, but at the end of the harvest, the weeds will be burned and there will remain the good part of my harvest.

My dear children, I will not permit that even one comma of what my apostles have written be changed. I repeat: my Word is One. Whoever is respectful and puts into practice what is written will be my faithful servant and I will open to him my Kingdom for ever. Be aware that what you are living through in this moment is, fearfully, a deviation from everything that is spiritually divine. Draw near to your daily bread and eat of it in abundance. Secure yourselves against everything that is negativity and betrayal.

I am concerned for my flock, and I will defend it until the end. Fear not: if you do not draw far from my law, I will remain at your side. I am that Good Father of whom the Sacred Scriptures write amply.

I bless you in my Trinity. Be united in my word and you will arrive at the Summit. Dear children, only my love is true love.

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit

Jesus, with the Holy Spirit

I inflame your hearts with my Holy Spirit, but who among you listens to my calls? You doubt even my Commandments, but how can you do this? Your God is Certainty. You cannot be confused, because my counsels are counsels that only a Father God can give.

You believe in such balderdash, in a thousand lies, in false words and false witnesses, and then you object to that which comes from heaven; you need great explanations. You go to magicians and witches, but do you not yet understand that your future, your tomorrow, no one knows it outside of Me? And yet you entrust yourselves to charlatans of every kind, and there, where infinite doubts ought to rise within you, you believe without any explanation; there, you do not need clarification.

I tell you that the times of my Second Coming are approaching by great steps. Do not let yourselves be found unprepared. Pray that the evil pass soon and that the Immaculate Heart of my Mother may finally triumph in my glory, surrounded by all the angels of heaven.

But you do not understand that, in this world, you can never satisfy your spirit? The things of the world are passing and will never give you that which you truly need. I refer to peace, if not accompanied by forgiveness, to joy if you do not confess your sins, to eternal life if prayer is not the cause and bearer of conversion. Only thus, after conversion, with faith will you recover peace, joy, true happiness, eternal life.

My dear children, I bless you, pouring into your hearts the Spirit of Holiness. Welcome Him and seal in Him your tormented hearts.

Jesus, with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

My daughter, I inundate you with the wind of my Holy Spirit. Now you can tell your brethren how strong the presence of the Third Person of the Trinity is.

He who never leaves you, he whom you do not feel, but without whom you would lack breath, he who is almost always Unnamed but who gives you the Word continually, he who Is your spiritual life.

Dear children, without the Spirit your body would be as dead. How many corpses walk around you, perhaps dressed in fine clothes, but internally empty, without spinal column, incapable of breathing true life!

My dear children, you understand when I speak to you. Only I am Infused Knowledge, only I feed your soul, only I am your life. Without the Spirit you are whitewashed tombs, empty and without value.

You are thinking that I am too severe. My daughter, this is not the case; it is you who do not know any more what is true life, the true way, the true eternal truth.

I heal you more than any earthly medicine, I cure you with my love. I burn your hearts to purify them and adorn them in preparation for the coming of the Second Person of the Trinity. One sole God, one sole Truth, one sole Life.

Bear witness, dear children, that your God is the Only God. There are no others apart from Him. One sole God, one sole Lord. I illumine you always. Pay attention to my suggestions, because all that comes from without is not truth. I am the Way – the Truth – the Life.

I know you, I know your needs and all your necessities. I do not want to be severe but just. I will never sugarcoat your pills. You will have true life only if you know how to listen to my teachings. Then my Light will be your strength – your truth – your true life.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and in My Name.

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete