Jesus, Risen

Alleluia! Alleluia, my dear children. May my Resurrection be salvation for all of you. As I have already told you, I do not leave you orphans, but my Spirit alights upon you and upon all those who do my will.

Today, with the advent of material wealth, no one recognizes true wealth anymore, and that is, spiritual wealth. Children of my Cross, do not let yourselves be deceived by that which cannot give you true joy, true freedom, true well-being.

Do not draw away from my Word, which is Way, Truth, and Life, and let yourselves be enlightened by my Holy Spirit. How many of you believe themselves to be “luminaries,” but are nothing more than poor deluded people. If my Spirit did not alight upon them, filling them with wisdom, the science that they study for their whole lives would serve very little.

Be humble, you children of my Cross and of my Resurrection. Never forget that without faith in Me, you are like cymbals that do not give sound.

I alone can give you all that you need to live already today, in the joy and in the freedom that comes from God. I am with you, my Spirit is your strength. Arm yourselves with his wisdom and you will be informed of all that will serve you for living in my light.

Walk under his guidance and even if you stumble over some obstacle, He will help you to overcome it without too much difficulty.

Invoke my Spirit. Help all those who desire to live according to my divine will to know the power and strength of my love.

I suggest you place prayer to the Holy Spirit before all your needs, and you will always be heard. Rejoice in my love, arm yourselves with my Holy Mother, live in my divine will, and be certain of meriting a place in heaven.

I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, Risen

Most Holy Mary of the Rosary

Let prayer be your flag. Greetings, my dear children. We are gathered here to pray to the Master of the Vineyard so that he send bountiful fruits. My priests are lacking and no longer take care of my children as they once did.

Let us pray today, my children, so that new vocations may come. Today more than ever do souls need a good vintner. The vine has been pruned. Now if the Master of the vine sends good workers, he will have a good harvest.

Let us pray for this, so that my children, after the pruning, bear abundant fruit. The purification is in progress. Sufferings are the offerings most pleasing to God. Do not lament your trials, but accept them with joy in the certainty of doing something pleasing to your Father.

I am always beside you and I help you to overcome the trials. My dear children, be close to each other, help each other and all will be happier and more acceptable. The price to pay for your wicked deeds has risen, but this does not mean you cannot do it.

You are not helpless before the difficulties, but accept them with eyes wide open and without fear, and in the end all will be overcome. Do not lose your mind. This is the moment before the harvest and there are so many uncertainties among you, but dear children, think of what joy you will experience at the moment in which you will have “merited.”

You know well that after childbirth one forgets the pains and rejoices in the new creature who has just arrived. Thus it will be for you. Your Father will hand you the prize you so greatly desire and you will forget the sorrows of this valley of tears.

Be courageous children. I will protect you and defend you and together we will enjoy the prize that you wait for. I bless you. Do not fear, but entrust yourselves to my love.

Most Holy Mary of the Rosary

Jesus, Savior of the World

Dear children, Holy Easter! I am with you. Dear daughter, do not fear, I ask you to share with Me this days in preparation for my passion. I need your help, your prayers, your sufferings. If you love me, respond affirmatively.

I love you, my dear children, and I know that I can count on you, who are ready to give me your Yes. If I, who am your Lord, have suffered all the humiliation, all the evil, all the wickedness of my children, I pray you, do not pull yourselves away, not even you who are before the difficulties that you are very soon going to face.

Remember always that I am with you and I will not allow that you not be able to bear it. My children have drawn far from my love each more every day. For a little while longer my Father will listen to my prayer, as he heard me in the Garden of Olives, then all will be accomplished. My Mother will crush the head of the ancient serpent and you, my beloved children, will finally be able to enjoy True Love, because temptations will have drawn to an end. My salvation is for all those who accept my Holy Will. New heavens and new earth will be your tomorrow.

Now, be strong, fear not, because the devil will be beaten, but the days to come will be yet more difficult and full of thorns. Look upon my Cross when you feel lost. Only in accepting the Cross can you come to the eternal goal.

My Mother is with you, she intercedes before God for you, she suffers with you because she is certain that sufferings ultimately give way to infinite joy. Remember always that my children are born for joy and satan can do nothing without your permission.

I bless you, I love you.

Jesus, Savior of the World

Jesus, Sole Head of the Church

You have called me, invited me with your song. Behold, I come.

My dear children, may my passion, in this period of the year, be your passion. I certainly do not wish suffering but I tell you, for your good, not to avoid the sufferings that I permit, but offer them to Me from the depths of your heart, especially for the salvation of my suffering Church.

You know and recognize well what my sorrows were, but I was not able to say No to my Father. There was a moment, that as a man, and through temptation, in which I would have wanted to avoid those atrocious sorrows, on the physical and spiritual level, but the love that I have for you made me overcome all the trials of my Passion.

I tell you, my children, be strong. Accept your “passion” so that my Church regains unity, love, sharing. Pray that my priests not forget that my Church must continue to live in unity.

I alone am the Lord, I alone am He Who Is, I alone have instituted my Church: catholic, holy, and apostolic.

Unite yourselves in order to keep my Church alive “in unity” because only in this way will you be my people, those who love the Blessed Trinity and She who is a living part of the Trinity itself. Therefore, just as the Blessed Trinity is “united,” so, dear children, should you yourselves also remain united.

There do no exist “religions,” but there exists only my Church, mother of all humanity. Dear children, only in the hands of my priests comes my death and resurrection, and only if you eat of my Precious Body and Blood will you be redeemed. Only in me will you be reborn.

I bless you and strengthen you, so that you may overcome trials. Find again lost peace and recover your dignity as sons of God. Amen, dear children.

Jesus, Sole Head of the Church